File Title
1 How an online test might help identify mental illnesses
2 Expert applauds new draft recommendation for HCV screening
3 Lefty, righty brains count on same area for numbers
4 Do weight loss interventions for children work?
5 Study links body clock to obesity and diabetes
6 A rose-tinted cure: The myth of colored overlays and dyslexia
7 How peer pressure does--and doesn't--influence our choices
8 How do whales fight off cancer?
9 Pole dancing popularity on the rise
10 When a baby is stillborn, grandparents are hit with 'two lots of grief'
11 New best practice approach to resuscitation competence and data management unveiled for hospitals
12 Researchers describe a mechanism inducing self-killing of cancer cells
13 Could more time off for military members provide mental health benefits?
14 Looking to start the school year off on the right foot? Get more sleep
15 The science behind diet trends
16 Decline in mortality rates for cardiometabolic disease slowing
17 As opioid settlements grow, so do questions about the money
18 An easy recipe for healthier back-to-school lunches
19 The 10-cent tuberculosis test that's saving lives
20 Sick and dying workers demand help after cleaning coal ash
21 Scientists find how to block inflammatory molecules in mouse model of multiple sclerosis
22 Signal blocks stem cell division in the geriatric brain
23 Intermittent fasting: 'Fast and feast' diet works for weight loss
24 Could marriage stave off dementia?
25 Moisturizers may be turning your skin into 'swiss cheese'
26 Probiotic use can lead to major economic and health savings related to flu-like illnesses
27 Millennials, think you're digitally better than us? Yes, according to science
28 Third locally transmitted dengue fever case confirmed in Miami-Dade County
29 High-protein bedtime snacks no problem for active women
30 Hurricane evacuation of nursing home residents still an unsolved challenge
31 Blinking lights don't make a better knee brace--fighting cognitive biases in testing orthopedic devices
32 Can you hear what I say? New findings on human speech recognition
33 How blood sugar levels affect risks in type 1 diabetes
34 Personalizing drug development using big data
35 Childhood injuries could decrease with balance training in schools
36 How your brain remembers motor sequences
37 One in nine Australian women live with endometriosis
38 Spanish kids get 'werewolf syndrome' in medicine mix-up
39 Healthy foods more important than type of diet to reduce heart disease risk
40 Teen birth control use linked to depression risk in adulthood
41 Depression linked to costly chronic medical conditions and disability among aging minorities
42 Gout 'more than doubles' risk of kidney failure, according to research study
43 Salvage therapy does not up survival for progressive myeloma
44 Losing 20 lb. improves knee replacement outcomes
45 Long-term night-shift work may up risk for multiple sclerosis
46 Dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors may up pancreatic disease risk
47 The role of a single molecule in obesity
48 Autism rates increasing fastest among black, Hispanic youth
49 Low nurse and support staffing tied to higher inpatient mortality
50 Mysterious stroke at 38 changed how popular speaker connects with a crowd
51 Brain stem cells have a good memory
52 Patients comfortable with postoperative telehealth visits
53 Cancer cells 'corrupt' their healthy neighbors
54 Music-based biofeedback shows promise in improving deadlift technique
55 Exposing how pancreatic cancer does its dirty work
56 Some vaccine doubters may be swayed by proximity to disease outbreak, study finds
57 New sequencing study provides insight into HIV vaccine protection
58 Clostridium difficile infections may have a friend in fungi
59 Behavioral therapy, physical strengthening may prevent disability in minority elders
60 Narrowing risk of preeclampsia to a specific phenotype
61 Addition of growth factors to unique system helps new bone formation
62 Ecopipam reduces stuttering symptoms in proof-of-concept trial
63 Community-based wildlife carcass surveillance is key for early detection of Ebola virus
64 Youth: Transgender people should use bathroom they're most comfortable in
65 US agency sees low risk in contaminated blood pressure drugs
66 AAN issues guideline on vaccines and multiple sclerosis
67 Planned delivery reduces impact of potentially fatal pregnancy complication, trial finds
68 Most-comprehensive analysis of fentanyl crisis urges innovative action
69 Four European states lose measles eradication status as cases soar: WHO
70 Inflammation triggers silent mutation to cause deadly lung disease, study shows
71 Pediatric hematologists introduce a novel way to treat pediatric hemophilia a patients
72 A new drug could revolutionize the treatment of neurological disorders
73 Microbiota in home indoor air may protect children from asthma
74 Prostate-imaging camera captures molecular detail to detect cancer
75 People's initial immune response to dengue fever analyzed
76 New patient test could tell clinicians if infections are antibiotic resistant in under two hours
77 Study finds online salsa recipes for home canning lacking food safety standards
78 Dutch 'Bible Belt' town tries to boost measles coverage
79 There's no evidence caesarean sections cause autism or ADHD
80 Poor water quality linked to sugar drink consumption
81 Blocking specific protein could provide new treatment for deadly form of prostate cancer
82 Epigenetic markers associated with Alzheimer's disease found
83 No, there's no evidence cookies can help with lactation
84 Covert bullying higher among young girls with disabilities
85 Possible protective immune response in the brain may slow progression of Alzheimer's
86 No support for prion hypothesis in Parkinson's disease
87 Study discovers abnormal expression of genes in psychopathy, possible treatments proposed
88 Nerves could be key to pancreatic cancer spread
89 What's the most dangerous day of the year? Watch out on these ones
90 Adults with cerebral palsy about twice as likely to develop non-communicable diseases
91 Protein shakes may not be the answer for post-gym muscle pain, new research reveals
92 Researchers describe a key protein for Epstein-Barr virus infection
93 Vaccine for tick-borne disease SFTS protects against lethal infection
94 Parenting stress may affect mother and child ability to tune in to each other
95 Lower risk for heart failure with new type 2 diabetes drug
96 Estimate of the national burden of HPV-positive oropharyngeal head and neck cancers
97 Doctors encouraged to consider social determinants screening, referrals
98 Machine learning algorithm can't distinguish these lab mini-brains from preemie babies
99 Drug resistance signature discovered in Crohn's disease
100 Cracking the code of a brain cancer that keeps coming back
101 Immortalised blood cell lines enable new studies of malaria invasion
102 New research correlates inflammation in the brain and gut to negative emotional state during opioid withdrawal
103 These common antibiotics could increase colon cancer risk
104 Study links low vitamin D levels in young kids to aggression in adolescents
105 No cure yet, but progress made in managing and detecting Alzheimer's
106 New method could help assess a worker's situational awareness while multitasking
107 Mechanism of epilepsy causing membrane protein discovered
108 Researchers investigate social cognition, mood and fatigue in multiple sclerosis