File Title
1 Black, Hispanic patients more likely to be brought to safety-net hospital emergency rooms
2 Suicide rates climbing, especially in rural America
3 Disturbed childhood can lead to adult insomnia
4 New compound promotes healing of myelin in nervous system disorders
5 9/11 World Trade Center exposure linked to heart disease among NYC firefighters
6 More time spent standing helps combat effects of sedentary lifestyle
7 Q&A: How the future of medicine looks to the FDA's top drug regulator
8 Spate of clinical trials has scientists hopeful about a vaccine to prevent HIV
9 Speech impairment in five-year-old international adoptees with cleft palate
10 Long-term opioid use has known link to low testosterone but not many men screened, treated
11 Black market cannabis products linked to US vaping illnesses
12 1971 to 2017 saw 32 drinking water hepatitis A outbreaks
13 Sound deprivation in one ear leads to speech recognition difficulties
14 US health officials report 3rd vaping death, repeat warning
15 Preclinical study reveals the impact of age on immunotherapy treatment for breast cancer
16 Mysterious vaping illness characterized by fat-laden cells in the lung
17 Diabetes control has stalled across U.S.
18 Pumpkin pulp, seeds lower blood pressure in rat study
19 Generic drugmaker Mallinckrodt settles 2 opioid lawsuits
21 A swifter way towards 3-D-printed organs
22 Meat-free champions lick their lips as market booms
23 High blood pressure affects young, healthy medical students
24 Heating pads may lower blood pressure in people with high blood pressure when lying down
25 Study locates brain areas for understanding metaphors in healthy and schizophrenic people
26 Player athleticism increases head impact exposure in youth football
27 At least five dead in US from vaping-related lung disease
28 Like meat, but not meat--the latest tech advances
29 N/A
30 Tobacco cessation after cancer diagnosis: Declaration from the IASLC
31 Email: Opioid talks fail, Purdue bankruptcy filing expected
32 Deep magnet stimulation shown to improve symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder
33 One-third of young children admitted to intensive care for sepsis show PTSD symptoms years later
34 Arm cuff BP measurements may fall short for predicting heart disease risk in some people with resistant high BP
35 Native Hawaiians lowered blood pressure with hula dancing
36 No added dizzy episodes for adults on more intensive blood pressure-lowering treatment
37 A Purdue bankruptcy would make opioids cases even messier
38 Share of women seeking out-of-state abortions increases
39 Phase 1 study shows novel KRAS inhibitor well tolerated by patients with adenocarcinoma and non-small cell lung cancer
40 Nivolumab combined with ipilimumab safe as first-line therapy for lung cancer patients
41 New KEYNOTE 021 data shows no association with tumor mutational burden
42 Malaria can and should be eradicated within a generation, declare global health experts
43 Children of anxious mothers twice as likely to have hyperactivity in adolescence
44 Scientists find psychiatric drugs affect gut contents
45 New guideline on Parkinson's disease aimed at physicians and people with Parkinson's
46 Hospital infections declining in Canada
47 Paid family leave improves vaccination rates in infants
48 Tweets indicate nicotine dependence, withdrawal symptoms of JUUL users
49 Fatty foods necessary for vitamin E absorption, but not right away
50 Many older hospitalized patients with cancer experience malnutrition
51 'Clamp' regulates message transfer between mammal neurons
52 High blood pressure among older pregnant women has increased by more than 75% since 1970
53 Video assisted lung surgery reduces complications and hospital stays compared to open surgery
54 Scottish study shows that autoantibody test followed by CT imaging may reduce lung cancer mortality
55 9 Florida students hospitalized for eating 'THC-laced candy'
56 Years later, cancer cases linger over 9/11 anniversary
57 Researchers lead new national guidance on how to stay fit and healthy
58 Reversing muscular dystrophy
59 The birth of vision from the retina to the brain
60 Zebrafish aid effort to regenerate damaged retinas
61 How salt increases blood pressure
62 Zika diagnostic test granted market authorization by FDA
63 High-fat, high-carbohydrate diets affect your brain, not just your physical appearance
64 Behavioral intervention reduces need to medicate kids with ADHD
65 A new treatment option for diabetic cardiomyopathy
66 Research shows puberty changes the brains of boys and girls differently
67 Will the genetic screening of athletes change sports forever?
68 Toddler language learning: Richer and more complicated than you might think
69 Researchers renew obsolete concept by using folate for cancer drug delivery
70 Flu season moderate, not 'mutant'
71 Bigger is cheaper when it comes to intensive care
72 Why accidents and emergencies seem to dramatically slow down time
73 Lollies, vitamins and fish-shaped sauce containers hit the MRI mark
74 How circadian rhythms underlie energy production in the 'good form of fat'
75 Tumor mutational burden not significantly associated with efficacy of pembrolizumab
76 With one suicide every 40 seconds, WHO urges action
77 Soups are the new smoothies
78 The Alexander Technique: what could it do for you?
79 Experts talk bioethics, healthcare in new book
80 Scientists find biological link between high blood pressure and breast cancer
81 Study suggests human growth hormone can reverse epigenetic aging
82 'Superagers' over 80 have the memory and brain connectivity of twenty-somethings
83 The fast and the curious: Fitter adults have fitter brains
84 Study validates guidelines on treating patients with an underactive thyroid
85 Village women prove effective at tackling Indonesia's growing killer
86 Durvalumab combined with chemotherapy improves overall survival in patients with lung cancer
87 Mutations associated with sensitivity or resistance to immunotherapy in mNSCLC
88 BioMILD trial demonstrates lung cancer screening using microrna blood test enhance prevention effort
89 New app offers faster and easier assessment for multiple sclerosis
90 Study identifies first potential biomarker for a debilitating fainting condition
91 World's largest evidence review: Nutritional supplements for mental health
92 Major gaps exist in patient understanding of genomic test results, Lung-MAP study shows
93 Preventing the onset of schizophrenia in a mouse model
94 Can women pause their biological clocks? Worms may hold key to extending fertility
95 Feeling legs again improves amputees' health
96 New study shows why people gain weight as they get older
97 Women's deep belly fat more strongly linked to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases
98 Black sheep: Why some strains of the Epstein-Barr virus cause cancer
99 Use of antibiotics in preemies has lasting, potentially harmful effects
100 A 'super-cool' method for improving donated liver preservation
101 At-home dialysis improves quality of life
102 Using a wearable device to exercise more? Add competition to improve results
103 For better adult mental and relational health, boost positive childhood experiences
104 New research provides hope for people living with chronic pain
105 Bias against single people affects their cancer treatment
106 Juul warned over claims e-cigarette safer than smoking
107 Retinal vein occlusion linked to higher risk for CV events
108 Stop using all vape products during health investigation, New York warns
109 Childhood food insecurity tied to poor health outcomes, developmental risk
110 Primary care physicians outline barriers to managing chronic kidney disease
111 Sound-shape associations depend on early visual experiences
112 Researchers describe the epigenetic fingerprints everyday experiences leave in neurons
113 Are there health consequences associated with not using a smartphone?
114 Watching music move through the brain
115 Less TV, more activity may mean extra years free of heart disease and stroke
116 How brain rhythms organize our visual perception
117 Study: Action-oriented goals produce higher probability of purchases under tight deadlines
118 Offering children a variety of vegetables increases acceptance
119 Protein mapping pinpoints why metastatic melanoma patients do not respond to immunotherapy
120 HIV significantly increases risk for irregular heartbeat
121 Researchers develop custom data collection system to improve health disparity research
122 NIAID officials call for innovative research on sexually transmitted infections
123 Researchers identify negative impacts of food insecurity on children's health
124 Scientists isolate protective proteins that influence outcomes for type 2 diabetes
125 Repetitive impacts key to understanding sports-associated concussions