File Title
1 Making and controlling crystals of light
2 Fermilab achieves world-record field strength for accelerator magnet
3 Making waves with metamaterials
4 Getting a look under the hood of topological insulators
5 Experiments at temperature of sun offer solutions to solar model problems
6 Introducing quantum convolutional neural networks
7 New method for material research gets hundred times stronger
8 Reconfigurable electronics show promise for wearable, implantable devices
9 Solving the longstanding mystery of how friction leads to static electricity
10 Numerical simulations probe mechanisms behind sand dune formation
11 Near misses at Large Hadron Collider shed light on the onset of gluon-dominated protons
12 New method of analyzing networks reveals hidden patterns in data
13 Soft-bodied swimming robot uses only light for power and steering
14 Observing topological magnon insulator states in a superconducting circuit
15 Scientists detect the ringing of a newborn black hole for the first time
16 Probing a nuclear clock transition
17 Students make neutrons dance beneath UC Berkeley campus
18 Metasurface holograms: Fast, compact polarization measurements for spectroscopy and sensing
19 Dynamic charge density fluctuations pervading the phase diagram of a Cu-based high-Tc superconductor
20 Researchers produce synthetic Hall Effect to achieve one-way radio transmission
21 Researchers use metamaterials to create two-part optical security features
22 JILA's novel atomic clock design offers 'tweezer' control
23 New topological insulator reroutes photonic 'traffic' on the fly
24 How fast is the universe expanding? The mystery endures
25 Quantum computers could arrive sooner if we build them with traditional silicon technology
26 New technology gives a glimpse of solar fuel generation in action
27 Testing quantum mechanics in a non-inertial reference frame using a rotating interferometer
28 The first observation of a stable torus of fluid's resonance frequencies
29 Using an optical tweezer array of laser-cooled molecules to observe ground state collisions
30 Paramagnetic spins take electrons for a ride, produce electricity from heat
31 Undergraduate engineers advance shock wave mitigation research
32 New vibration sensor detects buried objects from moving vehicle
33 Chemical and physical origins of friction on surfaces with atomic steps
34 Graphene nanoflakes: A new tool for precision medicine
35 J-aggregate self-assembly on carbon nanotubes for new nanoscale devices
36 Paper filter from local algae could save lives in Bangladesh
37 New 3-D interconnection technology for future wearable bioelectronics
38 Nanoparticle relieved symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease in mice
39 A new way to deliver drugs with pinpoint targeting
40 Researchers realize world's thinnest optical hologram with 2-D material monolayer
41 A new path to cancer therapy: Developing simultaneous multiplexed gene editing technology
42 Crossover from 2-D metal to 3-D Dirac semimetal in metallic PtTe2 films with local Rashba effect
43 Scientists find way to cut nanoparticle toxicity levels
44 Technique could make better membranes for next-generation filtration and desalination
45 Color-changing artificial 'chameleon skin' powered by nanomachines
46 Breakthroughs seen in artificial eye and muscle technology
47 Ultrahigh thermal isolation across heterogeneously layered two-dimensional materials
48 Exploring the interaction of polystyrene nanoplastics and blood plasma proteins
49 Next generation synthetic covalent 2-D materials unveiled
50 New study reveals carbon nanotubes measurement possible for the first time
51 Structure of protein nanoturbine revealed
52 Nano-thermometer takes temperature inside cells
53 Creating textiles and cosmetics of the future with nanotechnology
54 Study models new method to accelerate nanoparticles
55 Can't get thinner than this: synthesis of atomically flat boron sheets
56 Researchers' review paper reveal insights into high quality fabrication of nanocomposites
57 Mosquito incognito: Could graphene-lined clothing help prevent mosquito bites?
58 Nanoparticles could someday give humans built-in night vision
59 Sticker makes nanoscale light manipulation easier to manufacture
60 New technique converts eggshells into bulky nanoporous graphene and pure hydrogen
61 Enhancing materials for hi-res patterning to advance microelectronics
62 Laser printing tech produces waterproof e-textiles in minutes
63 Toxicity screening of cosmetics, sunscreens and pharmaceuticals is made easier with microfluidic devices
64 Biological risk potential of nanoparticles studied
65 Engineers build advanced microprocessor out of carbon nanotubes
66 Nanoparticles 'click' immune cells to make a deeper penetration into tumors
67 New study reveals graphenes now go monolayer and single crystalline
68 Nanostructured material with potential for use in catalyzers
69 Directional plasmon excitation at molecular scales
70 A new technique for making exciting metal oxide frameworks
71 Moving faster in a crowd
72 Direct microscopy imaging reveals details in DNA origami nanostructures
73 Atomically thin minerals show promise as proton conducting membranes for green technologies
74 Color-change urine test for cancer shows potential in mouse study
75 World's smallest accelerometer points to new era in wearables, gaming
76 Affordable multiferroic material
77 Biodegradable anti-cancer treatment micro-robot
78 Laser-based ultrasound approach provides new direction for nondestructive testing
79 Studying heart cells with nanovolcanoes
80 'Resonance' raman spectroscopy with 1-nanometer resolution
81 Argonne discovery offers new way to coat nuclear materials
82 Scientists develop optical ruler that can measure down to the nanoscale
83 Artificial intelligence helps to predict hybrid nanoparticle structures
84 A new method for conformal deposition of manganese oxide on high aspect-ratio substrates
85 Using nature to produce a revolutionary optical material
86 Scientist explores using nanoparticles to reduce size of deep-seated tumors
87 Creating new opportunities from nanoscale materials
88 Using a scanning tunneling microscope to make origami structures out of graphene
89 Selenium anchors could improve durability of platinum fuel cell catalysts
90 Theoretical physicist predicted structure of gold cluster that chops carbon dioxide
91 High-entropy nanoparticles hold promise for catalytic applications
92 Metal-organic framework nanoribbons
93 Tiny capsules offer alternative to viral delivery of gene therapy
94 Precious metal flecks could be catalyst for better cancer therapies
95 Nanotherapy: Controlled delivery of chemotherapeutics to fight cancer stem cells
96 Optical vacuum cleaner can manipulate nanoparticles
97 Chameleon inspires 'smart skin' that changes color in the sun
98 Time-saving simulation of peeling graphene sheets
99 Conductivity at the edges of graphene bilayers
100 Simple copper becomes an effective spintronic component thanks to molecular film
101 Study introduces new nanoscale vacuum channel transistors
102 Gem-like nanoparticles of precious metals shine as catalysts
103 Engineers develop 'blackest black' material to date
104 Significant progress made in inverse photoconductance
105 Scientists create a nanomaterial that is both twisted and untwisted at the same time
106 Virgin Galactic reveals futuristic outpost for space tourism
107 Three new Beta Cephei stars detected
108 A brief astronomical history of Saturn's amazing rings
109 How astronomers chase new worlds in TESS data
110 Total annihilation for supermassive stars