File Title
1 'Yin and yang' enzymes evolved over billions of years to protect against cancer
2 Video: Understanding the zebra mussels problem
3 Fruit flies learn their body size once for an entire lifetime
4 The secret sex lives of stick insects
5 'Otterly adorable'?: Demand for cute selfies puts animals at risk
6 Foodborne pathogen sheltered by harmless bacteria that support biofilm formation
7 The mechanism that controls Chinese cabbage flowering
8 Scientists find precise control of terminal division during plant stomatal development
9 In the Santa Barbara Channel, an underwater sound system tries to keep whales and ships apart
10 Analyzing genomes to improve disease control in poultry
11 Suppressed federal report shows how Trump water plan would endanger California salmon
12 Separate polarization and brightness channels give crabs the edge over predators
13 Scientists discover the basics of how pressure-sensing Piezo proteins work
14 Scientists propose network of imaging centers to drive innovation in biological research
15 Florida panthers, bobcats stricken by mystery nerve disorder
16 Scientists use honey and wild salmon to trace industrial metals in the environment
17 Pacific fishermen report best king salmon season in years
18 There are way more species of horseshoe bats than scientists thought
19 French Guiana grapples with Asian craving for fish bladder
20 French mayor due in court after banning pesticide use near homes
21 Conflicting consequences of climate change for Arctic nesting geese
22 Eight species of fungus cause root rot in South Dakota corn
23 Research team reveals molecular program that controls cells' capacity for division
24 Greenhouse uses predatory insects for pest control
25 Indigenous hunters are protecting animals, land and waterways
26 The Paleozoic diet: Why animals eat what they eat
27 Bacterial sex drives evolution of microbes to conquer and colonize the gut
28 Researchers reveal plant defense toolkit and insights for fighting crop diseases
29 A single gene determines whether a fly has a good sense of sight or a good sense of smell
30 High-precision technique stores cellular 'memory' in DNA
31 Shocking rate of plant extinctions in South Africa
32 Positive steps for Asian elephants facing skinning threat
33 Wildlife meeting backs more protection for giraffes
34 Hundreds of Pyrenees livestock farmers protest predator bears
35 Adaptation to life inside cattle may be driving E. coli to develop harmful features
36 Experiments illuminate key component of plants' immune systems
37 Map of malaria behavior set to revolutionize research
38 New tool mines scientific texts for fusion protein facts
39 San Francisco Zoo brings red-legged frogs back to Yosemite
40 How red-eared invaders are hurting California's native turtles
41 What's killing sea otters? Scientists pinpoint parasite strain
42 Research details impact of energy development on deer habitat use
43 Big brains or big guts: Choose one
44 Scientists a step closer to saving northern white rhino from extinction
45 High diversity of harvestmen in Atlantic Rainforest and ancient geological events
46 Manta rays form social bonds with each other
47 After using tools, crows behave more optimistically, study suggests
48 Using CRISPR to program gels with new functions
49 To ban or not to ban genetically modified crops? That's not the question
50 Scientists find longevity biomarkers
51 Caffeine does not influence stingless bees
52 Plants are going extinct up to 350 times faster than the historical norm
53 Birds balance sexiness and predator avoidance by changing color
54 Artificial trees capture new bird species on candid camera
55 Breath! Respiring microbes generate more energy
56 Keeping monkeys as pets is extraordinarily cruel--a ban is long overdue
57 This rat is foiling developers' plans to capitalize on a weaker Endangered Species Act
58 Migrating mule deer don't need directions: study
59 A novel technology for genome-editing a broad range of mutations in live organisms
60 CITES votes to protect endangered mako sharks
61 'Red lights' as over-tourism threatens Corsican nature reserve
62 Banana industry on alert after disease arrives in Colombia
63 Urban living leads to high crows
64 CITES votes to ban trade in two endangered otter species
65 Monster tumbleweed: Invasive new species is here to stay
66 Scientists in Italy fertilize 7 northern white rhino eggs
67 Researchers use DNA in seawater to monitor scallop reproduction
68 Scientists isolate genes affecting the quality of wheat grains
69 Appearance of male and female cycad on Isle of Wight an indicator of global warming
70 Risk factors that predict a dog's fear at the vet
71 Researchers find elusive protein that could be key to eliminating neglected tropical diseases
72 Beaver reintroduction key to solving freshwater biodiversity crisis
73 Did parasite manipulation influence human neurological evolution?
74 Sharks feel the love as nations push protection of marine species
75 New research predicts stability of mosquito-borne disease prevention
76 Hi-tech bacteria gene tool could prove productive, study finds
77 The flavor of chocolate is developed during the processing of the cocoa beans
78 How plants measure their carbon dioxide uptake
79 Researchers identify fundamental properties of cells that affect how tissue structures form
80 Saving sage-grouse by relocation
81 How the herring adapted to the light environment in the Baltic Sea
82 Strawberries: The tasty fruit with a tainted environmental legacy and an uncertain future
83 Wild ground-nesting bees might be exposed to lethal levels of neonics in soil
84 Japanese trees synchronize allergic pollen release over immense distances
85 Technique combats widespread passion fruit disease
86 Researchers describe a new fireworm bioluminescence system
87 A new species of Canadian gall mite challenges current classification of a major lineage
88 A new signaling pathway for mTor-dependent cell growth
89 Finding new ways to beef up cattle
90 Laser scarecrows successful at keeping birds from eating sweetcorn
91 How bees live with bacteria
92 Research team finds that population density is key to evolution
93 New genomics approaches to nomura's jellyfish sheds light on early evolution of active predation
94 Why dogs really are a person's best friend
95 Mitochondrial unfolded protein response signals imminent danger
96 Orangutans hold the key to human speech
97 Birds around airports may be deaf and more aggressive
98 Native approaches to fire management could revitalize communities, researchers find
99 Czech zoo hopes to spawn endangered South American frogs
100 Berlin expects: Zoo's panda pregnant, birth expected soon
101 Near-total ban on sending wild elephants to zoos agreed
102 Microorganisms protect iron sheet piling against degradation
103 Fat pumps generate electrical power
104 How worms snare their hosts
105 Cilia: Cell's long-overlooked antenna that can drive cancer--or stop it in its tracks
106 These albino lizards are the world's first gene-edited reptiles
107 The making of 'Fancy Mouse'
108 New biosensor provides insight into the stress behaviour of plants
109 Biologists discover and name new fireworm species in Hong Kong waters
110 New information on regulation of sense of smell with the help of nematodes
111 Mediating the trade-off--how plants decide between growth or defense
112 How to tell if you've found Mr. or Mrs. Right? For lemurs, it's in their B.O.
113 Land-use program fosters white-tailed deer populations in USA
114 The genealogy of important broiler ancestor revealed
115 Crows consciously control their calls