File Title
1 Laser and sensor research to be advanced by new inquiries into plasmonic-photonic crystals
2 Methane not released by wind on Mars, experts find
3 A novel method to characterize genes with high-precision in single cells
4 The formula that makes bacteria float upstream
5 Robots need a new philosophy to get a grip
6 New solution to elderly falls: drones, smartphones and sensors
7 Young adults in Asia get the least sleep due to cultural habits
8 Smartphone apps may connect to vulnerable backend cloud servers
9 A licence to parent?
10 Fast food availability linked with more heart attacks
11 When naproxen breaks down, toads croak
12 Motivations for sexting can be complicated, UA researcher says
13 Aspirin may help some breast cancer survivors, but changes in DNA may mean harm for others
14 More than just jaundice: Mouse study shows bilirubin may protect the brain
15 Over-55s shouldn't wait for retirement to make time for their health
16 Key to targeting the spread of pancreatic cancer
17 Alzheimer's disease destroys neurons that keep us awake
18 New test enhances ability to predict risk of developing cervical cancer in HPV-positive women
19 Asian carp capable of surviving in much larger areas of Lake Michigan than previously thought
20 Evaluating blood flow is key to early diagnosis and treatment for people with critical limb ischemia
21 Aspirin may interact with cells' DNA modifications to alter breast cancer outcomes
22 Managing ovarian cancer risk in women with BRCA1/2 genetic variants
23 Hospital harms total $1 billion for health care system in Ontario in fiscal year 2015/16
24 Bone health management key in childhood cancer survivors
25 Routine screening for pancreatic cancer not warranted, expert panel says
26 Do heart supplements work?
27 Raising the standard for psychology research
28 Research advances to better target debilitating effects of cachexia syndrome
29 Kids might be naturally immunized after C. difficile colonization in infancy
30 Boom in overdose-reversing drug is tied to fewer drug deaths
31 All-natural and low-sugar: kombucha takes the US by storm
32 Most seniors with dementia live at home, despite pain, anxiety, poor health
33 Substituting poultry for red meat may reduce breast cancer risk
34 Marijuana legalization reduces opioid deaths
35 Erectile dysfunction associated with lower work productivity in men
36 Nordic walking can provide multiple benefits for patients with breast cancer
37 Study examines cannabis' effects on brain neurochemistry
38 The impacts of smoking on patients with ulcerative colitis
39 Low vitamin D levels linked to non-motor symptoms in patients with Parkinson's disease
40 Younger colorectal cancer patients: A missed opportunity for non-emergency diagnoses
41 Researchers say pioneering emergency eye care trial leads to quicker treatment times
42 Pain medications linked to higher cardiovascular risks in patients with osteoarthritis
43 Blood clotting proteins in urine discovered as biomarkers of lupus nephritis
44 Eating more plant-based foods may be linked to better heart health
45 Blood pressure recording over 24 hours is the best predictor of heart and vascular disease
46 Virtual treasure hunt shows brain maps time sequence of memories
47 Deregulated mTOR is responsible for autophagy defects, exacerbating kidney stone formation
48 Can a midnight snack help shiftworkers?
49 Knocking out cystic fibrosis: CRISPR-Cas may treat the genetic cause
50 New study sheds light on novel exercise treatment for common form of cardiovascular disease
51 Six ways the world has empowered and enabled breastfeeding
52 Insomnia in pregnancy is common, but it's not normal
53 Providing veterans with video-enabled tablets leads to improved mental health care access
54 Poor pneumonia outcomes tied to overuse of broad-spectrum antibiotics
55 Vulnerable preemie babies often behind on vaccines
56 Are emulsifiers bad? Not enough evidence to say we should stop eating them
57 How to recognize a heart attack: It's not like on TV
58 Taxing sugary drinks can benefit Indonesia, research suggests
59 Cancer in the oldest old: The fastest growing age group in the US
60 Asbestosis toxicity study identifies potential of novel mineral treatment
61 Nanosecond pulsed electric fields activate immune cells
62 Transport by mobile stroke units get patients quicker treatment than ambulance
63 Persistent inflammation in sepsis survivors linked to higher mortality rates
64 New test to snare those lying about a person's identity
65 Nearly 3 in 10 Philadelphians know someone who's died from opioid use, Pew survey finds
66 Brain stimulation for PTSD patients
67 Gene mutation combo linked to common cancer in women
68 'Set' of gun laws needed to reduce gun violence
69 Medical mistrust impacts African American men's preventive health, but racism also matters
70 New quantitative method standardizes phage virulence determination
71 Virtual patients and in silico clinical studies improve blue light treatment for psoriasis
72 Optimistic people sleep better, longer, study finds
73 Researchers identify key proteins for the repair of nerve fibers
74 Lung lining fluid key to elderly susceptibility to tuberculosis disease
75 Paris child at risk of lead poisoning after Notre Dame fire
76 Infectious diseases A-Z: Measles cases in 30 states
77 A wake-up call on teen sleep--why doctors want school bells to ring later
78 New score predicts risk for VTE in those with multiple myeloma
79 Addition of sotagliflozin for T1DM alters renal hemodynamics
80 Medicare spending on essential medicines up 116 percent from 2011 to 2015
81 Study evaluates effects of noninvasive neuromodulation used to treat obesity
82 Too much coffee raises the odds of triggering a migraine headache
83 Fluoride may diminish kidney and liver function in adolescents, study suggests
84 Combination targeted therapy may offer hope to infants with a deadly type of leukemia
85 New research provides better way to gauge pain in mice
86 Home births as safe as hospital births: International study
87 Increased CMS reimbursements for new antibiotics represents progress in attention to AMR
88 Adults with cerebral palsy at increased risk for mental health conditions
89 Understanding gun violence and mass shootings
90 Expert offers tips about online nutrition information
91 The world's smallest stent
92 Study identifies protein responsible for mechanism behind bone loss
93 Positive effect of music and dance on dementia proven in study
94 Blood tests for Alzheimer's: Why new studies are encouraging
95 Psychiatric comorbidity contributes to increased mortality in ADHD
96 Spoilers can enhance thrills for some moviegoers
97 Novel high-sensitivity detector could aid in early Alzheimer's diagnosis
98 Atrial fibrillation common and incurable, but controllable
99 Hospital admissions for older people's services increase by 10% every year across Scotland
100 Eye-movement test to indicate sleep deprivation developed by NASA
101 Sorting out who needs a pill sorter
102 Job candidates deemed warm and competent if interviewer is satisfied with room lighting
103 Baby naming time? Here's how people judge what's in a name
104 Don't count on freezing ovarian tissue to delay menopause or stop your biological clock
105 Finding non-opioid alternatives for cancer pain
106 Electromagnetic fields may hinder spread of breast cancer cells
107 Researchers identify a possible therapeutic target for Kennedy's disease and prostate cancer
108 Racist experiences and skin tone discrimination linked to delays in prenatal care
109 Unlocking speech for kids with autism
110 FDA: approval of zolgensma was based on manipulated data
111 Personal trainers' top tips