File Title
1 Vitamin D is not linked to low blood pressure in older adults
2 Researchers aim to create AI companion for lonely seniors
3 Morning workouts safer for people with type 1 diabetes, study suggests
4 Thermally stable TB vaccine closer to reality thanks to microscopic silica cages
5 Study finds fish preserve DNA 'memories' far better than humans
6 Parents' drug, alcohol and tobacco use negatively impacts all areas of child well-being
7 High-energy lasers could be used to treat Alzheimer's disease in the future
8 Older people with alcohol dependence problems desperately need better support
9 Having a parent, sibling, or child with blood cancer increases one's own risk
10 Study finds changes in mindset key to helping college students exercise more
11 Blood signature for [beta]-cell autoimmunity--potential tool for disease prevention
12 Brain researchers invent an affordable smartphone measurement for testing of medications
13 Researchers integrate genomics data in to electronic patient records
14 Researchers identify subtypes of squamous cell lung cancer
15 Pupillary response to glare illusions of different colors
16 Pancreatic cancer: Less toxic, more enduring drug may improve therapy
17 Many risk factors contribute to worsening of quality of life in people with knee OA
18 Improved Reflex app from brightlamp provides diagnostic data for concussions in seconds
19 Preventing heart attacks
20 Thirty-three percent of new childhood asthma cases in Europe attributable to air pollution
21 Implantable 3-D blastocyst-like embryonic structure generated from mouse stem cells
22 New technology to improve delivery of anti-inflammatory drugs
23 Researchers identify barriers to fungal infection diagnosis
24 Ezetimibe reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes
25 A new pathway: Researchers identify potential treatment target for Crohn's disease
26 Genetic variation contributes to individual differences in pleasure
27 Depression is the single largest predictor of substance use during pregnancy
28 Bringing cancer medication safely to its destination
29 Children with type 1 diabetes have poorer educational outcomes
30 Researchers study the neurochemistry of social perception
31 Study finds specific microbiome tied to long-term survival of patients with pancreatic cancer
32 New research points to potential therapy for abnormal touch sensitivity in autism spectrum disorders
33 Lassa virus' soft spot revealed
34 Researchers discover why intense light can protect cardiovascular health
35 FDA reports more seizures among vapers
36 Balance of 'stop' and 'go' signaling could be key to cancer immunotherapy response
37 Study shows gun shops can aid in preventing suicides
39 One cell at a time, researchers create a blueprint of liver cells in health and disease
40 Existing anti-parasitic drug could offer treatment for Ebola
41 Can major surgeries cause a long-term 'brain drain'?
42 Philippines 'open' to dengue vaccine as outbreak kills hundreds
43 COMPASS study site shares post-stroke care findings with patients, caregivers, clinicians
44 Reducing exposure to opioids after cesarean delivery
45 Targeting apolipoprotein E could be key to eliminating hepatitis B virus
46 Different gammaherpesviruses suppress largely overlapping host cellular pathways
47 Food insecurity common across US higher education campuses
48 Mayo Clinic minute: Children should have MMR vaccine for first day of school
49 The mind-muscle connection: For aesthetes, not athletes?
50 Oral appliances may be highly effective in treating a type of sleep apnea
51 Adding MS drug to targeted cancer therapy may improve glioblastoma outcomes
52 Researchers prove a simple device can reduce rates of child diarrhea
53 Disrupted genetic clocks in schizophrenia-affected brains reveal clues to the disease
54 A new method of tooth repair? Scientists uncover mechanisms to inform future treatment
55 Cancer survivors in high-deductible health plans more likely to have delayed care
56 Can experts determine who might be a mass killer? 3 questions answered
57 Study identifies 69 genes that increase the risk for autism
58 Six epidemics from American history show how urban design affects our health
59 Major surgery is associated with minor cognitive decline
60 Building lung capacity, lung-first
61 What people with musical anhedonia might tell us about social interaction
62 Cellular engines of wound repair have distinct roles
63 Tricky interfaces: Brain-computer interfaces are still a long way off
64 Low-level alcohol use increases miscarriage risk
65 Hormonal therapy has a long-term effect in breast cancer
66 Patient survey reveals flaws in cancer treatment
67 New window on fibrosis
68 Drugs commonly taken to improve cognition only boost short-term focus--at high cost
69 Opinion: To lower drug costs, end prescription coupons
70 Epigenetic markers reveal tumor progression and metastasis in multiple cancer types
71 Why do we keep having debates about video-game violence?
72 What is sepsis and how can it be treated?
73 Children at risk of sexual exploitation need better support, report concludes
74 Predicting the risk of cancer with computational electrodynamics
75 Researchers urge better support for women diagnosed with gestational diabetes
76 Abundant screen time linked with overweight among children
77 Irish three-year-olds are consuming up to 10 teaspoons of sugar a day
78 What 'The Lion King' teaches us about children's grief
79 Medical research ranked higher by people receiving health-related news while they wait
80 Killer cells the key to potentially life-saving cancer vaccines
81 Tuberculosis epidemic causes lasting damage to lungs
82 Region hit hard by opioids embraces jail-based treatment
83 Are you still putting off colon cancer screening?
84 Pure CBD won't make you fail a drug test, but...
85 Researchers make case for dominant-negative effect with TP53 mutations
86 Tips for preventing diverticulitis
87 Warnings issued to companies illegally selling E-liquid, hookah products
88 Medicare to cover CAR-T therapy for leukemia, lymphoma
89 Direct toxic action of beta-amyloid identified
90 When working with animals can hurt your mental health
91 Scientists discover how chronic stress causes brain damage
92 Study finds bowel preparation for colon surgery unnecessary
93 New diagnostic method for fungal infections could combat a major global health risk
94 Better tools, better cancer immunotherapy
95 Take a break! Brain stimulation improves motor learning
96 Bone strength could be linked to when you reached puberty
97 Depression symptoms in Alzheimer's could be signs for cognitive decline
98 Artificial intelligence could yield more accurate breast cancer diagnoses
99 Microneedling improves appearance of acne scars
100 Deciphering the regenerative potential of newborn mammalian hearts
101 Health effects of eating marijuana is subject of a new study
102 Regular exercise may slow decline in those at risk of Alzheimer's
103 Comparison between major types of arthritis based on diagnostic ultrasonography
104 Heat waves brought by climate change could prove deadly for kidney patients
105 Administration moves to enforce abortion restriction
106 Here's why stroke survivors need to pay attention to bone health
107 Quinn on Nutrition: Incomplete proteins
108 Could artificial intelligence prevent sepsis in hospital patients? Sentara thinks so.
109 To boost workforce, medical schools try to sell rural life
110 Librarians facing new tasks say crisis isn't in the catalog