File Title
1 ALS patients may benefit from more glucose
2 Tool searches EHR data to find child leukemia patients for clinical studies
3 New Australian-Pacific scabies treatment has lasting results, study finds
4 Every penny counts: Reducing infections improves care, cuts costs
5 A hidden truth: Hospital faucets are often home to slime and biofilm
6 Interdisciplinary approach decreases broad spectrum antibiotic usage
7 New female external catheter technology reduces CAUTI by 50%
8 Selfies and the self: what they say about us and society
9 Italy's 'cannabis light' creates buzz even if the pot won't
10 Heart-healthy effects of soy consistent over time, meta-study finds
11 Urinary tract and other infections may trigger different kinds of stroke
12 'Mystical' psychedelic compound found in normal brains
13 New knowledge on the development of asthma
14 Genetically modified virus combats prostate cancer
15 Why do beta cells stop releasing insulin in type 2 diabetes?
16 Unexpected mechanism allows a protein kinase to decode calcium signaling in the brain
17 Researchers explore perceptions of touch in people with autism
18 Early detection of schizophrenia
19 Study explores treatment options for babies with cataracts
20 Target found to arrest cancer growth
21 Ebola in Uganda, and the dynamics of a new and different outbreak
22 Fish oil and cancer prevention
23 Crosstalk between cells allows Listeria bacteria to hijack immune system
24 Study of sexual orientation and mental health in New Zealand LGBTQ adults
25 Researching the successes and challenges of digital medical devices
26 Biomarkers of DNA methylation can be a predictor of breast cancer risk
27 Health disparity for blacks exists within lung screening guidelines
28 Blow your diet? Admitting it to someone might help you do better next time
29 Migraine increases the risk of complications during pregnancy and childbirth
30 Infecting healthy people in vaccine research can be ethical and necessary
31 Rapid spread of a meningitis bacteria linked to hypermutable sequences helping avoidance of the immune system
32 Bipolar treatment can be improved--by focusing less on antidepressants and more on lithium
33 Hydrogel offers real promise in treating diabetes
34 New technologies for the brain require ethical approaches to innovation
35 How to help patients recover after a stroke
36 Researchers identify a key regulatory mechanism in the development of normal pluripotent embryonic cells
37 One in five hematological cancer patients suffer blood clots or bleeding
38 Changing norms for better patient interactions
39 Playing at physiotherapy
40 Combination therapy for rosacea shows improved response rates
41 You are what you eat--why the future of nutrition is personal
42 How the Flint water crisis set students back
43 Diving into cold water can be deadly--here's how to survive it
44 UK newspapers not adhering to reporting guidelines following suicides of transgender people
45 Dupixent approved for chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps
46 Could heavier folks be at lower risk for ALS?
47 What are the most dangerous food groups?
48 Too little UVB exposure in pregnancy linked with a higher risk of learning disabilities
49 Alzheimer's genes might show effects in your 20s
50 Music develops the spoken language of the hearing-impaired
51 Dementia gene linked to connections in brain
52 Breakthrough in how cells link together has implications in the proliferation of cancer
53 Goat milk formula could benefit infant gut health: study
54 Disrupted sleep in one's 50s, 60s raises risk of Alzheimer's disease
55 How to move past life's inevitable speed bumps
56 Game app provides knowledge of person-centered care
57 Low-carb 'keto' diet ('Atkins-style') may modestly improve cognition in older adults
58 Infant mortality is higher for low-skilled parents
59 Children living in countryside outperform children living in metropolitan areas in motor skills
60 Protein offers protection against nerve degeneration in ALS model
61 Patients see multiple clinicians on one visit, thanks to new scheduling protocol
62 Nutritional cues regulate pancreatic tumor's 'cell drinking'
63 Pathway discovered that prevents buildup of Alzheimer's protein
64 Too many antioxidants may cause lung cancer spread
65 New basic understanding of how lung cancer spreads
66 Researchers grow active mini-brain-networks
67 One simple change cut unnecessary imaging for cancer patients in half
68 Meals on Wheels drivers good early warning system for senior's health and safety issues
69 Do you feel the other closer to you when she/he contingently responds to your action?
70 Reducing overtesting in the emergency department could save millions
71 High BMI, weight gain linked to lasting decrease in ALS risk
72 Outcomes improved after ACL repair with three tendon graft types
73 Researchers find fecal marker could help diagnose early signs of chronic gut conditions
74 Even the threat of homelessness may bring higher stroke risk
75 In US, relaxed IVF laws help would-be parents realize dreams
76 Nuclear stress test helps identify heart attack risk in people with diabetes
77 Higher salt intake can cause gastrointestinal bloating
78 Home remedies: Can fish oil supplements treat depression?
79 A new strategy 'raises the volume' of gut-body communication
80 Brain structure determines individual differences regarding music sensitivity
81 Society pays heavy price for failure to diagnose and treat conduct disorder
82 Autism health challenges could be explained by problem behaviors
83 Extreme exercise can strain the heart without causing permanent damage
84 New method reveals how well tuberculosis antibiotics reach their targets
85 Mutational 'hotspots' in cancer genomes may not necessarily drive cancer growth
86 A snapshot in time: Study captures fleeting cell differences that can alter disease risk
87 Reducing delays in identifying visceral leishmaniasis
88 Model predicts bat species with the potential to spread deadly Nipah virus in India
89 A Trojan horse? Immune cells ferry deadly fungus from mouse lung into the blood
90 Researchers unlock mysteries of complex microRNA oncogenes
91 Study examines association of naloxone coprescription laws on naloxone Rx dispensing
92 Deciphering how the brain encodes color and shape
93 Health panel: Millions of US kids should get hepatitis shot
94 New research raises prospect of better anti-obesity drugs
95 Researchers criticize study calling for expansion of genetic testing for breast cancer
96 Many older patients initiating dialysis experience functional decline
97 Functional hair follicles grown from stem cells
98 Mum's workplace exposure to solvents may heighten child's autism risk
99 Menstrual symptoms linked to nearly nine days of lost productivity through presenteeism every year
100 Seven-country study reveals viruses as new leading cause of global childhood pneumonia
101 Using artificial intelligence to deliver personalized radiation therapy
102 Two-in-one drug combining Herceptin with chemotherapy keeps women's breast cancers at bay
103 Pink noise boosts deep sleep in mild cognitive impairment patients
104 Mexico City Policy linked to 40% increase in abortions in sub-Saharan African countries reliant on US foreign aid
105 Despite the ACA, millions of Americans with cardiovascular disease still can't get needed care
106 Researchers study hip fracture probability on women in late life
107 Going the distance: Brain cells for 3-D vision discovered
108 Study confirms the positive effect of yoga on prison inmates
109 Kidney disease linked to increased risk of falling
110 Multiple sclerosis: Endogenous retrovirus HERV-W key to nerve tissue damage