File Title
1 Two British patients die from eating hospital food
2 Black race not tied to worse prostate cancer mortality
3 More aggressive statin tx needed after heart attack in young patients
4 Are transgender men and women who take hormones at risk for heart disease?
5 FDA warns of infections from fecal transplants after 1 death
6 Researchers study new treatment for pancreatic cancer
7 Small cluster of neurons is off-on switch for mouse songs
8 Researchers identify traits linked to better outcomes in HPV-linked head and neck cancer
9 UN says Ebola outbreak in Congo still not a global emergency
10 Maine legalizes assisted suicide
11 Dogs trained to offer support to troubled US veterans
12 Tanzania 'in danger' following Ebola cases in neighbour Uganda: minister
13 What influences critical care doctors in withdrawing life support for patients with brain injury?
14 Preventing hepatitis C transmission from mothers to babies
15 Sights are set on better understanding vision-damaging keratoconus
16 Study finds personal care products send a child to the emergency room every two hours
17 Hypertension drug may hold promise for Alzheimer's disease
18 Fathers need to care for themselves as well as their kids--but often don't
19 Hospitals may divert ambulances to avoid treating certain patients
20 Balancing data protection and research needs in the age of the GDPR
21 Artificial nose identifies malignant tissue in brain tumours during surgery
22 Discovery of new mutations may lead to better treatment
23 Identifying the risk of recurrence of developmental disorder in future pregnancies
24 Noninvasive prenatal diagnosis for fetal sickle cell disease moves a step closer
25 Researchers identify strategies to help bystanders prevent sexual violence against women
26 Genetic study of the causes of excess liver iron may lead to better treatment
27 Immune system can slow degenerative eye disease, mouse study shows
28 Here are the best parents to have around, according to youth sport coaches
29 Vest helps athletes keep their cool
30 Study urges doctors to be on alert for deep vein thrombosis
31 Pomegranate compound with anti-aging effects passes human trial
32 Why it's hard to stop Ebola spreading--between people and across borders
33 Emotional violence in childhood, adolescence associated with suicidal thoughts
34 Music therapy improves the health of premature babies and boosts parental bonding
35 What does the dust in your home mean for your health?
36 A new tool that makes it possible to adapt treatment for patients with cardiogenic shock
37 The Trebek effect: The benefits of well wishes
38 Schizophrenia: Adolescence is the game-changer
39 Physically demanding jobs linked to poor health in delayed retirement
40 Nurses more likely to test for HIV when practice setting supports routine screening
41 Testing therapies on mini-tumors of head and neck cancer
42 Brain disease kills more than 100 Indian children
43 Breastmilk antibody protects preterm infants from deadly intestinal disease
44 First lung map uncovers new insights into asthma
45 How to reinvigorate exhausted immune cells and stop cancer along the way
46 Rules of brain architecture revealed in large study of neuron shape and electrophysiology
47 Most metastatic colorectal cancers have spread before diagnosis, researchers say
48 Research highlights possible targets to help tackle Crohn's disease
49 Young adults who live near medical marijuana dispensaries use more often
50 Study shows 70% of patients lack advance directives before elective surgery
51 A single gut enterotype linked to both inflammatory bowel disease and depression
52 Do video games drive obesity?
53 Scientists use machine learning to improve gut disease diagnosis
54 Molecular analysis could improve the early detection and prevention of endometrial cancer
55 Study underscores role of menthol cigarettes in smoking cessation
56 Topical cream shows promise in treatment of skin pigmentation disease, vitiligo
57 Stem cells reprogrammed into neurons could reveal drugs harmful to pregnancy
58 Antioxidant puts up fight, but loses battle against protein linked to Alzheimer's disease
59 Your circle of friends, not your Fitbit, is more predictive of your health
60 Cold weather increases the risk of fatal opioid overdoses
61 Study finds health professionals need to be cautious on social media
62 Farm-like indoor microbiota may protect children from asthma in urban homes too
63 O2Amp 'Oxy-Iso' glasses ineffective at curing color-blindness
64 Heading to Europe this summer? Get your measles shot
65 High soy intake may cut fracture risk in younger breast cancer survivors
66 How much fat do you really need?
67 New DNA test beats others at hunting down germs that inflame the brain, study finds
68 Dietary supplements are a waste of money for most seeking to avoid dementia, experts say
69 Poor oral health linked to a 75% increase in liver cancer risk, new study finds
70 FDA overlooked red flags in drugmaker's testing of new depression medicine
71 Sleep history predicts late-life Alzheimer's pathology
72 Healthy blood vessels may delay cognitive decline
73 Bright lights outdoors may help treat lazy eye in children
74 Recommendations developed to prepare children for camp
75 LGBTQ awareness lacking among American neurologists, new survey finds
76 Three quarters of Americans concerned about burnout among healthcare professionals
77 How to recognize early learning challenges in kids
78 Cognitive decline may accelerate after heart attack, angina
79 Study finds bleeding after minimally invasive pad treatments can increase risk of death
80 More heart failure patients may benefit from CRT defibrillator
81 Researchers question implanting IVC filters on prophylactic basis before bariatric surgery
82 Breakthrough paves way for new Lyme disease treatment
83 Breakthrough in understanding how human eyes process 3-D motion
84 The brain consumes half of a child's energy--and that could matter for weight gain
85 Researchers identify enzyme that suppresses immune system in breast cancer
86 Researchers call for personalized approach to aging brain health
87 Underenrollment in clinical trials: Patients not the problem
88 Repurposing existing drugs or combining therapies could help in the treatment of autoimmune diseases
89 Cancer-sniffing dogs 97% accurate in identifying lung cancer: study
90 Tanning industry uses promos, cheap prices to lure adolescents and young adults
91 Facebook posts better at predicting diabetes, mental health than demographic info
92 Immuno-PET precisely diagnoses IBD inflammation without invasive procedures
93 Lumping all Hispanic Americans together masks the differences in cancer outcomes
94 Researchers report longest duration of therapeutic gene expression
95 Shedding light on 'black box' of inpatient opioid use
96 FDA designates molecular test for concussions as 'breakthrough device'
97 GPs should not use inflammatory marker tests to rule out serious conditions, study finds
98 Health policies key factor in hospitalization of seniors
99 Study finds alcohol and tobacco appear frequently in UK reality television
100 Promising esophageal reconstruction based on engineered constructs
101 Terminally ill who request doctors make decisions undergo more aggressive final treatments
102 Sanofi turns to Google in search for better treatments
103 Anger in India as lychee-linked brain fever kills 113 children
104 Teen sexting associated with delinquency, sexual behaviours and mental health issues, study finds
105 Study holds promise for novel and safe treatment for Type 2 diabetes
106 High quality websites and apps could help those in chronic pain to manage symptoms, researcher says
107 Can probiotics and other factors be used reliably to benefit health?
108 The fractal brain, from a single neuron's perspective
109 Social media can threaten medical experiments
110 Detecting pressure ulcers in sweat and sebum