File Title
1 A snapshot in time: Study captures fleeting cell differences that can alter disease risk
2 The Lancet Global Health: Mexico City Policy linked to 40% increase in abortions in sub-Saharan African countries reliant on US foreign aid
3 G20 leaders: Achieving universal health coverage should top your agenda
4 One in five hematological cancer patients suffer blood clots or bleeding
5 New method reveals how well TB antibiotics reach their targets
6 Freeze frame: Researchers solve how cells unfold proteins
7 Scientists discover how plants breathe--and how humans shaped their 'lungs'
8 Two-in-one drug combining Herceptin with chemotherapy keeps women's breast cancers at bay
9 Computational tool predicts how gut microbiome changes over time
10 Study shows that financial crises lower life satisfaction
11 Health disparity for blacks exists within lung screening guidelines
12 A new way to make droplets bounce away
13 Functional hair follicles grown from stem cells
14 3D body mapping could identify, treat organs, cells damaged from medical conditions
15 Using artificial intelligence to deliver personalized radiation therapy
16 One simple change cut unnecessary imaging for cancer patients in half
17 Menstrual symptoms linked to nearly 9 days of lost productivity through presenteeism every year
18 Mum's workplace exposure to solvents may heighten child's autism risk
19 Model predicts bat species with the potential to spread deadly Nipah virus in India
20 Order from chaos: Australian vortex studies are first proof of decades-old theory
21 Pathway discovered that prevents buildup of Alzheimer's protein
22 A Trojan horse? Immune cells ferry deadly fungus from mouse lung into the blood
23 Some extinct crocs were vegetarians
24 Astronomers make history in a split second
25 Nuclear stress test helps identify heart attack risk in people with diabetes
26 Risk prediction model may help determine if a lung nodule will progress to cancer
27 Too many antioxidants may cause lung cancer spread
28 Urinary tract and other infections may trigger different kinds of stroke
29 Heart-healthy effects of soy consistent over time, University of Toronto meta-study finds
30 Climate impact of clouds made from airplane contrails may triple by 2050
31 New basic understanding of how lung cancer spreads
32 Mutational 'hotspots' in cancer genomes may not necessarily drive cancer growth
33 Elevated first trimester blood pressure increases risk for pregnancy hypertensive disorders
34 The world needs a global system to detect and halt the spread of emerging crop diseases
35 Reducing delays in identifying visceral leishmaniasis
36 Many older patients initiating dialysis experience functional decline
37 How inhaled fungal spores cause fatal meningitis
38 Nutritional cues regulate pancreatic tumor's 'cell drinking'
39 Malaria hijacks your genes to invade your liver
40 'Shooting stars' during cell development impact risk for disease
41 Men ask most of the questions at scientific conferences; we can choose to change that
42 Some crocs of the past were plant eaters
43 Solar energy could turn the Belt and Road Initiative green
44 Researchers grow active mini-brain-networks
45 Law allowing parents to withdraw children from RE education should be overturned
46 People's motivations bias how they gather information
47 New AI tool captures top players' strategies in RNA video game
48 Scientists propose gait-based biometric identification method for the old with wearable devices
49 Smart glasses follow our eyes, focus automatically
50 Reducing the psychological distress of patients diagnosed with a common, retinal disease
51 Moments of clarity in dementia patients at end of life: Glimmers of hope?
52 Amphibians infected by ranavirus found in Atlantic rain forest
53 X-ray imaging provides clues to fracture in solid-state batteries
54 Nonnative pear trees are showing up in US forests
55 There's need to intensify diabetes screening amongst older patients living with HIV
56 New material shows high potential for quantum computing
57 Low-cost retinal scanner could help prevent blindness worldwide
58 Epidemiological review on emerging & re-emerging parasitic infectious diseases in Malaysia
59 What can trigger violence in postcolonial Africa?
60 Confirmation of old theory leads to new breakthrough in superconductor science
61 An improved vaccine for bacterial meningitis and bloodstream infections
62 New Geosphere study examines 2017-2018 Thomas Fire debris flows
63 Pig-Pen effect: Mixing skin oil and ozone can produce a personal pollution cloud
64 University researchers find WhatsApp can be good for our health
65 Scientists find thirdhand smoke affects cells in humans
66 Researchers decipher the history of supermassive black holes in the early universe
67 Teens who can describe negative emotions can stave off depression
68 Study: Society pays heavy price for failure to diagnose and treat conduct disorder
69 Researchers look to unlock post-traumatic stress disorder puzzle
70 Study connects low social engagement to amyloid levels and cognitive decline
71 Utrafast magnetism: Electron-phonon interactions examined at BESSY II
72 Medicines made of solid gold to help the immune system
73 Artificial DNA can control release of active ingredients from drugs
74 New method divides patients with ulcerative colitis in groups
75 Protein linked to aggressive skin cancer
76 In the drive to decrease low-value care, many don't assess the right impacts on patients
77 Tumour treating fields in glioblastoma: Indication of a benefit
78 Botox cousin can reduce malaria in an environmentally friendly way
79 Mini 'magic' MRI scanner could diagnose knee injuries more accurately
80 Short sleep duration and sleep variability blunt weight loss
81 Embracing bioinformatics in gene banks
82 A primate's response to death
83 Ending needless chemotherapy for breast cancer
84 My health: Consumers empowered by sharing medical 'selfies'
85 Skoltech scientists found a way to control the electrical characteristics of optical memory devices
86 How to improve corporate social and environmental responsibility
87 Students chowing down tuna in dining halls are unaware of mercury exposure risks
88 Controlling deadly malaria without chemicals
89 Gene activity database could spare thousands of mice
90 Toxic substances found in the glass and decoration of alcoholic beverage bottles
91 Global agriculture: Impending threats to biodiversity
92 Going the distance: Brain cells for 3D vision discovered
93 Opioids study shows high-risk counties across the country, suggests local solutions
94 Pink noise boosts deep sleep in mild cognitive impairment patients
95 Low-income, less educated women least likely to access infertility care
96 Medically unnecessary ambulance rides soar after ACA expansion
97 One in 10 people have 'near-death' experiences, according to new study
98 Researchers teleport information within a diamond
99 When the dinosaurs died, lichens thrived
100 Take two E. coli and call me in the morning
101 Smart materials provide real-time insight into wearers' emotions
102 East Asian hot spring linked to the Atlantic sea surface temperature anomaly
103 MS patients at a greater risk of cancer, new study suggests
104 Atomic 'patchwork' using heteroepitaxy for next generation semiconductor devices
105 Why is the Earth's F/Cl ratio not chondritic?
106 Health checks from age 40 avoid 'black hole'
107 Insects inspire greener, cheaper membranes for desalination
108 Space weather causes years of radiation damage to satellites using electric propulsion
109 Early warning signs of eating disorder revealed
110 What makes a good excuse work? A Cambridge philosopher may have the answer
111 Firms violating non-accounting securities laws more likely to breach GAAP
112 Pear-shaped is better for postmenopausal women, even if they are normal weight
113 New strategies and approaches needed to cope with growing burden of brain diseases
114 Genomic warning flag just in time for beach season: Jellyfish toxins