File Title
1 Thunderbolt of lightning, gamma rays exciting
2 Air pollution found to affect marker of female fertility in real-life study
3 Preconceptional and prenatal exposure to paternal smoking affects semen quality of adult sons
4 European pregnancy rates from IVF and ICSI 'appear to have reached a peak'
5 Women exposed to common antibacterial chemical more likely to break a bone
6 Elevated air pollution could diminish health benefits of living in walkable communities
7 Does hypertension pose a health risk to older adults who wish to donate a kidney?
8 Video games offer clues to help curb animal disease outbreaks
9 Tokyo Tech-led study shows how icy outer solar system satellites may have formed
10 Increased walking activity associated with long-term health benefits
11 Educational attainment may improve cardiovascular risk factors and outcomes
12 Seizures in Alzheimer's mouse model disrupt adult neurogenesis
13 Artificial intelligence improves heart attack risk assessment
14 Medicare Advantage beneficiaries run higher risk of readmission compared with traditional Medicare [plus additional topics]
15 3D printed prosthetic hand can guess how you play rock, paper, scissors
16 Protein scissors for cellular transport
17 Disrupted sleep in one's 50s, 60s raises risk of Alzheimer's disease
18 Corals can survive in acidified ocean conditions, but have lower density skeletons
19 Researchers reach milestone in use of nanoparticles to kill cancer with heat
20 Unexpected mechanism allows CaMKII to decode calcium signaling in the brain
21 Researchers find that probiotic bacteria reduces the impact of white-nose syndrome in bats
22 Reining in the ecological effects of free-roaming horses
23 Is a great iron fertilization experiment already underway?
24 ALS patients may benefit from more glucose
25 Tool searches EHR data to find child leukemia patients for clinical studies
26 Horticulture CSI
27 Fruit bats can transform echoes into images
28 New GSA bulletin study of the 2014 Oso landslide
29 How to help patients recover after a stroke
30 2015 Nepal earthquake offers clues about hazards
31 A hidden truth: Hospital faucets are often home to slime and biofilm
32 'Female leadership trust advantage' gives women edge in some crisis situations
33 Robot arm tastes with engineered bacteria
34 Genetically modified virus combats prostate cancer
35 New knowledge on the development of asthma
36 Scientists developing way to help premature babies breathe easier
37 Practice makes perfect
38 A better way to encapsulate islet cells for diabetes treatment
39 Learning from experience is all in the timing
40 Immune damage may explain ineffectiveness of high-dose radiation against lung cancer
41 Long delays prescribing new antibiotics hinder market for needed drugs
42 Former war refugee maps habitat for West African bird
43 The fundamental physics of frequency combs sheds light on nature's problem-solving skills
44 What made humans 'the fat primate'?
45 The first AI universe sim is fast and accurate--and its creators don't know how it works
46 Can Facebook improve your mental health?
47 The water future of Earth's 'third pole'
48 Study questions success of health intervention currently used in developing countries
49 Neanderthals used resin 'glue' to craft their stone tools
50 Restricted permit-only access to Yosemite National Park's Half Dome summit, anticipated to improve hiker safety, did not
51 Understanding how tics are suppressed may help some at risk for tic disorders
52 Long-term statin use associated with lower glaucoma risk
53 Shell increases versatility of nanowires
54 Food insecurity leading to type 2 diabetes
55 The two faces of the Jekyll gene
56 Widespread disease diabetes: Why do beta cells refuse to release insulin?
57 Undercounting of agroforestry skews climate change mitigation planning and reporting
58 New Australian-Pacific scabies treatment has lasting results, study finds
59 Migraine increases the risk of complications during pregnancy and childbirth
60 Use of evidence-based therapies for youth psychiatric treatment is slow to catch on
61 How you charge your mobile phone could compromise its battery lifespan
62 Sustainability-linked loans provide opportunities for chemical firms
63 Professors need to be entertaining to prevent students from watching YouTube in class
64 The case of the poisoned songbirds
65 Solving the knotty question of soft-pretzel aroma
66 Diving into water treatment strategies for swimming pools
67 To increase bike commuters, look to neighborhoods
68 Mechanism of tumor metastasis and tumor-suppressive role of UDP-glucose revealed
69 UIC, AbbVie scientists develop a novel device to screen advanced crystalline materials
70 Towards a worldwide inventory of all plants
71 Study: Internet perpetuates job market inequality
72 New contents: Neuronal Parkinson inclusions are different than expected
73 Russian scientists patent new agent for X-ray
74 Computer scientists predict lightning and thunder with the help of artificial intelligence
75 Current green growth policies are not enough to reach Paris Agreement climate targets
76 New forest treatment helps trees adapt better to climatic change
77 Cascade exacerbates storage diseases
78 Immunological discovery opens new possibilities for using antibodies
79 Older adults' independence is most significant factor for vulnerability in hot weather
80 Significant UK air quality improvements over past 40 years cut death rates
81 Blood supply therapy bid boosted by fresh insights into key cells
82 The observation of topologically protected magnetic quasiparticles
83 Is multiple sclerosis linked to childhood viral infections?
84 Experimental physicists redefine ultrafast, coherent magnetism
85 Bleach-induced transformation for humidity-durable air filters
86 New, noninvasive test for bowel diseases
87 ALMA pinpoints the formation site of planet around nearest young star
88 Frontline heroes hailed in the war against devil cancers
89 Read how TV advertisers can measure the impact of their spots with second-screen searching
90 Uridine diphosphate glucose found to dampen lung cancer metastasis
91 Unlocking secrets of the ice worm
92 Interdisciplinary approach decreases broad spectrum antibiotic usage
93 Science snapshots: A toxin antidote in frogs, atomic motion in 4D, and better biofuels
94 New female external catheter technology reduces CAUTI by 50%
95 Are testosterone-boosting supplements effective? Not likely, according to new research
96 Factors orthopaedic surgeons should consider when prescribing opioids
97 From simple tools to high-level buy-in, how doctors can help cancer patients quit tobacco
98 Networks of gene activity control organ development
99 New unprinting method can help recycle paper and curb environmental costs
100 The RoboBee flies solo
101 Study: Social robots can benefit hospitalized children
102 Lessons from Columbine: New technology provides insight during active shooter situations
103 Vaccination programs substantially reduce HPV infections and precancerous cervical lesions
104 Researchers discover more than 50 lakes beneath the Greenland Ice Sheet
105 Climate warming could increase malaria risk in cooler regions
106 New indicators could help manage global overfishing
107 The Lancet: HPV vaccination programs have substantial impact in reducing HPV infections and precancerous cervical lesions
108 Building a bridge to the quantum world
109 Researchers reveal lack of evidence for drugs prescribed to treat chronic pain in children
110 We need to talk about chloramphenicol--how does this antibiotic cause damage to eukaryotes?