File Title
1 Gut bacteria associated with chronic pain for first time
2 22% of young men, 5% of young women engage in 'disordered eating' to bulk up
3 Treatment for common cause of diarrhea more promising
4 Nursing home care cost significantly outpaces general inflation and medical care prices
5 NYU Abu Dhabi researchers unlock the secrets of liver regeneration
6 Electron-behaving nanoparticles rock current understanding of matter
7 Study: More aggressive treatments needed to improve 5-year survival rate for glioblastoma
8 Bats' brains sync when they socialize
9 New biomarker test improves diagnosis of ovarian cancer
10 Discovery of a 'holy grail' with the invention of universal computer memory
11 Scientists make single-cell map to reprogram scar tissue into healthy heart cells
12 The gym proving too expensive or time consuming?
13 Not always reaching your potential is okay, but overthinking it is a problem
14 A chemical approach to imaging cells from the inside
15 High school seniors losing trust in law enforcement, justice system
16 Inflammatory mechanisms may underlie increased risk of prostate cancer among WTC responders
17 Long work hours associated with increased risk of stroke
18 Laser method promising for detecting trace chemicals in air
19 Silver loading and switching: Unintended consequences of pulling health policy levers
20 Burnout: Sleepless firefighters at risk of exhaustion and mental health conditions
21 Moral concerns override desire to profit from finding a lost wallet
22 Assembly of the human oral microbiome age 1 to 12
23 New study maps how ocean currents connect the world's fisheries
24 Study challenges 'no pain no gain' requirement for patients with clogged leg arteries
25 Restrictive approach to blood cell transfusions safe for heart surgery patients
26 Frustrated fish give up thanks to glia, not just neurons
27 One third of Cambodians infected with threadworm, study finds
28 How bacteria kill host cells from the inside
29 Researchers develop a new, non-optical way to visualize DNA, cells, and tissues
30 Sugars that coat proteins are a possible drug target for pancreatitis
31 Two studies show that animals' brain activity 'syncs' during social interactions
32 NIST team supersizes 'quantum squeezing' to measure ultrasmall motion
33 Plant-based diet leads to Crohn's Disease remission, according to case study
34 A new drug target for chemically induced Parkinson's disease
35 Reforming pharmacy benefit manager practices may lead to drug cost savings
36 Combination of drugs may combat deadly drug-resistant fungus
37 Your brain activity can be used to measure how well you understand a concept
38 From sheep and cattle to giraffes, genome study reveals evolution of ruminants
39 Hubble captures elusive, irregular galaxy
40 NASA helps warn of harmful algal blooms in lakes, reservoirs
41 Researchers find new mutation in the leptin gene
42 Embryonic microRNA fuels heart cell regeneration, Temple researchers show
43 Researchers report new understanding of thermoelectric materials
44 Ageism reduced by education, intergenerational contact
45 Scientists map huge undersea fresh-water aquifer off US Northeast
46 Parental care has forced great crested grebes to lay eggs with an eye on seagulls
47 Ericsson activates 5G NSA technology at 5TONIC open innovation lab
48 Sexual hormone oestradiol protects female brain in mid-life
49 'Sneezing' plants contribute to disease proliferation
50 Neural networks taught to recognize similar objects on videos without accuracy degradation
51 Keeping children safe in the 'Internet of Things' age
52 Researchers discover traditional fluid flow observations may miss the big picture
53 Scientists dissolve crude oil in water to study its composition
54 Northern lights' social networking reveals true scale of magnetic storms
55 Exposure to others' suffering even worse than being shot at
56 Dental microwear provides clues to dietary habits of lepidosauria
57 Scientists make a discovery that may explain some forms of stroke
58 Shaken and stirred: Scientists capture the deformation effect of shock waves on a material
59 Ice lithography: opportunities and challenges in 3D nanofabrication
60 Neuroscience research questions current alcohol limit
61 The pressure difference and vortex flow of blood in the heart chambers may signal heart dysfunction
62 Mystery of immunosuppressive drug's biosynthesis finally unlocked
63 Structural development of the brain
64 Hydrogen-natural gas hydrates harvested by natural gas
65 Newly discovered immune cells at the frontline of HIV infection
66 Blue pigment from engineered fungi could help turn the textile industry green
67 Color change and behavior enable multi-colored chameleon prawns to survive
68 Next-gen solar cells spin in new direction
69 Skin bacteria could save frogs from virus
70 Virtual reality takes a leap into taste
71 'Nanoemulsion' gels offer new way to deliver drugs through the skin
72 Immunology--not just supporting actors
73 Stresses from past earthquakes explain location of seismic events
74 Washable electronic textiles to usher in an era of even smarter wearable products
75 Do women regret embryo testing before IVF?
76 The key to unlock bacterial fusion
77 Foodie calls: Dating for a free meal (rather than a relationship)
78 Americans still eat too much processed meat and too little fish
79 Cities are key to saving monarch butterflies
80 Experiments with salt-tolerant bacteria in brine have implications for life on Mars
81 Antibiotic resistance in spore-forming probiotic bacteria
82 Dissemination of pathogenic bacteria by university student's cell phones
83 Survey of dental researchers' perceptions of sexual harassment at AADR conferences
84 Gender-specific differences in the salivary microbiome of caries-active children
85 Autoimmunity and chair-side risk assessment of temporomandibular disorders
86 Early biomarker found for degenerative neurologic disease
87 Ocean swimming alters skin microbiome, increasing vulnerability to infection
88 Plants may be transmitting superbugs to people
89 Metabolomic profiling of antibody response to periodontal pathogens
90 Indigenous oral health inequalities begin in childhood: A multi-country study
91 Branching out: Making graphene from gum trees
92 Novel noninvasive molecular imaging for monitoring rheumatoid arthritis
93 Querying big data just got universal
94 Frozen sperm retains its viability in outer space conditions
95 The solution to antibiotic resistance could be in your kitchen sponge
96 Understanding C. auris transmission with the healthcare environment
97 Prolonged transmission of a resistant bacterial strain in a Northern California hospital
98 Cannabidiol is a powerful new antibiotic
99 Sugary drink taxes reduce consumption, major review shows
100 Nuclear medicine PSMA-targeted study offers new options for cancer theranostics worldwide
101 Wearable technology to personalize Lu-177-DOTATATE therapy for NETs
102 Playing 'tag': Tracking movement of young oysters
103 Tapping into the way cells communicate
104 Applying the Goldilocks principle to DNA structure
105 Research journal publishes first-ever obesity-focused education competencies
106 Researchers identify genes linked to sex differentiation in giant Amazon fish
107 A new theory for trapping light particles aims to advance development of quantum computers
108 Woodstock really was a free-wheeling festival, new archeological research shows