File Title
1 Blood proteins help predict risk of developing heart failure
2 At abortion clinics, new laws sow confusion, uncertainty
3 Fight vaccine hesitancy as 'contagious disease,' UN meeting told
4 Clinical drug diversion costly to health care organizations
5 Octogenarians with acute myeloid leukemia have poor survival
6 Dupilumab cuts exacerbations in late-onset asthma
7 Insights into brigatinib's rare side effects may help more lung cancer patients benefit from the drug
8 Children of both young and old parents share risk for certain neurodevelopmental disorders
9 Bravo-3 clinical trial shows strong safety profile for Proglide suture device
10 First-of-its-kind study finds positive outcomes for chronic kidney disease patients
11 Non-Rx fentanyl up in urine tests positive for other drugs
12 Novel therapeutic approach effective at reducing pressure for heart failure patients
13 First-of-its-kind clinical trial shows improvement of outcomes in cardiogenic shock patients
14 Innovative treatment option rapidly reduces harmful cholesterol levels after heart attack
15 Novel index accurately predicts PCI success post procedure compared to standard measurement metrics
16 First prospective registry confirms FFR impact treatment plans for patients with CAD
17 First in human results show early bird device effective in early detection of internal bleeding
18 Dawn-to-sunset fasting suggests potential new treatment for obesity-related conditions
19 Global AFIB patient registry shows new tools needed to assess patient risk
20 'Implicit measures' better assess vocabulary for those with autism than standard tests
21 Rates of depression up in U.S. women at hospital to give birth
22 Successful HIV effort prompts call for clinics to expand mental health services on site
23 Widespread testing, treatment of Hepatitis C in U.S. prisons improves outcomes
24 After GWAS studies, how to narrow the search for genes?
25 New opioid speeds up recovery without increasing pain sensitivity or risk of chronic pain
26 Heart failure patients in UK do not receive the long-term care they need
27 Where best to provide patient-centered HIV care: In the community or the clinic?
28 Nerve fibers in skin are involved in initiating neurofibromas in patients with disfiguring Neurofibromatosis 1
29 Expert consensus published on use of imaging to guide heart attack treatment
30 Young athletes who require ACL reconstruction may benefit from additional procedure
31 Doctors can estimate patient adherence by simply asking about medication routine
32 Cells from Purdue super fan being used for cancer research
33 Potentially fatal buildup of proteins in the heart often goes undiagnosed
34 Team investigates links to traffic-related air pollution and symptoms of childhood anxiety, through neuroimaging
35 Multiple brain regions moderate and link depressive mood and pain
36 Children with cancer wait an average of 6.5 years longer than adults to access new drugs
37 Female firefighters more likely to suffer PTSD, contemplate suicide
38 Flamingoes, elephants and sharks: How do blind adults learn about animal appearance?
39 Experts urge stronger emphasis on cancer prevention in older population
40 Boy or girl? Hong Kong at centre of banned China gender test
41 Women are less likely to be resuscitated and survive a cardiac arrest than men
42 US states which took Obamacare funding saw more cancer screening
43 Early life exposure to nicotine alters neurons, predisposes brain to addiction later
44 The top 25 medical lab tests around the world
45 Firearm mortality highest in young men, and is associated with race and education
46 Exercise may help teens sleep longer, more efficiently
47 Veterans with depression and/or PTSD more likely to seek cardiac rehab
48 Aspirin green light for brain bleed stroke patients, study finds
49 Lilly selling half-price version of popular Humalog insulin
50 Probe detects the mechanism for spread of metastatic cancer cells
51 A new genetic tool to modify and understand gene function
52 New therapeutic target for depression identified
53 Exploring the science of decision-making
54 Fainting during the first trimester of pregnancy may raise risk of problems for mom and baby
55 Revolutionising care for prostate cancer patients
56 Research provides insight into genetic link to potential treatment response among BRCA1/2 breast cancer patients
57 Device continuously monitors the symptoms of patients with Parkinson's
58 Long-lived roundworms help identify new anti-aging compounds among the FDA approved drugs
59 New cognitive training game to improve driving skills among the elderly
60 Assessing attitudes and readiness for a sugar sweetened beverage-free healthcare center
61 Poor semen quality in Switzerland
62 Contact with nature during childhood could lead to better mental health in adulthood
63 Training may help patients challenged by high drug costs
64 Study identifies dog breeds, physical traits that pose highest risk of biting children
65 New research could lead to TB drug breakthrough
66 Positive aspects of masculinity helps improve boys' attitudes toward relationship violence
67 Why are those born in the rural South less healthy and prone to die sooner?
68 A big neck may mean you need to improve your health
69 Largest report of its kind reveals the issues affecting adolescents today
70 African Americans more likely to use aspirin to prevent heart attacks if peers support it
71 Exposing vaccine hesitant to real-life pain of diseases makes them more pro-vaccine
72 Small shrew could make a big difference in dry eye research
73 Kwik Trip veggie trays again linked to salmonella
74 Take a new view of aging
75 Q fever? A bigger threat to humans than thought
76 Smokin' hut: Singapore's solution for cigarette puffers
77 Hidden reports masked the scope of widespread harm from faulty heart device
78 Where's the best place for your child's sports physical exam?
79 Poor broadband penetration in rural areas limits telemedicine
80 What's wrong with those anti-vaxxers? They're just like the rest of us
81 Help for youth who have experienced sexual or physical abuse
82 Study finds lower ER triage scores associated with delayed antibiotics delivery for sepsis patients
83 New study investigates how exposure to certain triggers can increase the risk of type 1 diabetes
84 Social networks and suicide prevention
85 Infants later diagnosed with autism follow adults' gaze, but seldom initiate joint attention themselves
86 New biomarker in blood can diagnose Alzheimer's in its earliest stages
87 Bill would raise U.S. legal age to buy tobacco to 21
88 Risk of suicide attempt by children doubles if parent uses opioids
89 Hispanic and black children more likely to miss school due to eczema than white children
90 A road map to stem cell development
91 Examining ethical issues surrounding wearable brain devices marketed to consumers
92 Healthy brain development is a human right, researcher argues
93 Only 11 Americans are known to have received a 3rd double-lung transplant; this woman is preparing for the rare surgery
94 Q&A: treating vocal cord cancer
95 An app to look at that mole? Dermatologists advise caution
96 What you need to know about jellyfish stings
97 Proton therapy for cancer lowers risk of side effects
98 Pain management protocol sends 92 percent of cancer surgery patients home without opioids
99 New study shows crowdsourced traffic data could save lives
100 New study estimates preventable cancer burden linked to poor diet in the US
101 Rising prescription drug costs continue to create tough choices for seniors
102 Monkey-infecting virus may provide part of future HIV vaccine
103 Blood banks could help screen for hereditary high cholesterol
104 Florida's seniors are increasingly depressed and drinking more
105 Residential child care project addresses emotional pain without causing it
106 Canadian researchers on promising path towards developing flu treatment using lipid target
107 COPD may strike women harder than men
108 Vitamin D deficiency tied to gestational diabetes risk
109 Eating healthily at work matters
110 Massive sequencing study links rare DNA alterations to type 2 diabetes
111 New role in spatial chromosome organization identified for often mutated cancer protein
112 Early antiretroviral treatment may preserve key immune responses to HIV
113 Reductions in PM over decade has improved health; ozone pollution remains little changed
114 Historically redlined communities face higher asthma rates
115 Lupus characteristics and progression differ among racial/ethnic groups
116 Defects in heart valve cilia during fetal development cause mitral valve prolapse
117 Experimental noninvasive tool monitors effectiveness of stem cell transplantation