File Title
1 Team harnesses spin of electrons to power tech devices
2 A microlaser emitting helical light
3 Physicist applies statistical mechanics theories to explain how children learn a language
4 A universal description of non-equilibrium colloid phase separation
5 Atomic switches by plasmonic heating of metallic contact points
6 Order hidden in disorder
7 Optical tweezers achieve new feats of capturing atoms
8 It's a one-way street for sound waves in this new technology
9 New method for better laser-material interaction
10 New aerodynamic insights could change the para-cycling podiums
11 Spin lasers facilitate rapid data transfer
12 Researchers develop way to control speed of light, send it backward
13 Ghostly X-ray images could provide key info for analyzing X-ray laser experiments
14 Liquid jets break up more readily on a substrate
15 Microscopic swimmers with visual perception of group members form stable swarms
16 New understanding of heat transfer in boiling water could lead to efficiency improvements in power plants
17 Pin-sized sensor could bring chemical ID to smartphone-sized devices
18 Photons trained for optical fibre obstacle course will deliver stronger cyber security
19 Getting a big look at tiny particles
20 Studying the swimming patterns of bacteria near surfaces
21 Team uncovers the power of dynamically rewiring swarm robotic systems
22 Researchers 3-D print metamaterials with novel optical properties
23 Successful test of the MONSTER spectrometer provided new nuclear structure information
24 Three teams independently show dipolar quantum gasses support state of supersolid properties
25 Time-reversal violation may explain abundance of matter over antimatter, physicist says
26 Research team expands quantum network with successful long-distance entanglement experiment
27 The cost of computation
28 Cold plasma can kill 99.9% of airborne viruses, study shows
29 Newly devised static negative capacitor could improve computing
30 Scientists build a machine to generate quantum superposition of possible futures
31 Observing a molecule stretch and bend in real-time
32 In cellular world, strong relationships the key to healing old wounds
33 ATLAS experiment measures Higgs boson coupling to top quark in diphoton channel with full Run 2 dataset
34 Using artificial intelligence to understand collective behavior
35 Evidence of pair-density wave (PDW) in spin-valley locked systems
36 This compact and cheap lidar could steer small autonomous vehicles
37 The mechanism of high-temperature superconductivity is found
38 Measurement of semiconductor material quality is now 100,000 times more sensitive
39 Sorting out sick from healthy blood cells--physicists discover new effect
40 Pedestrians at crosswalks found to follow the Levy walk process
41 New algorithm optimizes quantum computing problem-solving
42 Catching fast changes in excited molecules
43 Image: Cold plasma tested on ISS
44 Ready, set, go: Scientists evaluate novel technique for firing up fusion-reaction fuel
45 New device in Z machine measures power for nuclear fusion
46 Fluctuations in the void
47 Scientists create a super-fast robot microscope to search for dark matter
48 Team makes artificial atoms that work at room temp
49 Inner electrons behave differently in aromatic hydrocarbons
50 Infinite number of quantum particles gives clues to big-picture behavior at large scale
51 New research adds to work of Prandtl, father of modern aerodynamics
52 Research provides speed boost to quantum computers
53 SLAC develops novel compact antenna for communicating where radios fail
54 Study confirms the precise nature of fractional crystallization in hard sphere mixtures
55 Researchers discover an economical way to produce high-performance thin films for electronics
56 Texts as networks: How many words are sufficient to identify an author?
57 Largest, fastest array of microscopic 'traffic cops' for optical communications
58 Quantum simulation more stable than expected
59 'Snowball chamber' helps researchers use supercooled water to search for dark matter
60 The discrete-time physics hiding inside our continuous-time world
61 Unexpected properties uncovered in recently discovered superconductor
62 Gravitational echo phenomenon will become a key to the new physics, physicist says
63 Travel through wormholes is possible, but slow
64 Seven common myths about quantum physics
65 Team develops laser processing method to increase efficiency of optoelectronic devices
66 Physicists improve understanding of heat and particle flow in the edge of a fusion device
67 Getting a smart tattoo without a needle
68 Spinning new targets for accelerators
69 The first direct search for inelastic boosted dark matter with a terrestrial detector
70 New method to create ultrafast 3-D images of nanostructures
71 Maths shows the nature of 'tipping points' for climate and eco crises
72 New phonon laser could lead to breakthroughs in sensing and information processing
73 Scientists develop way to identify topological materials
74 Researchers explore machine learning to automate sorting of microcapsules in real-time
75 Researchers develop the next generation of endoscopy technology
76 Direct imaging of active orbitals in quantum materials
77 Researchers use noise data to increase reliability of quantum computers
78 World-record quantum computing result for Sydney teams
79 Tuning terahertz transmission
80 New study helps decode the movement patterns of tsunami-like solitary waves
81 Morphing origami takes a new shape, expanding use possibilities
82 Artificial intelligence speeds efforts to develop clean, virtually limitless fusion energy
83 Researchers develop new variant of Maxwell's demon at nanoscale
84 In vivo super-resolution photoacoustic computed tomography by localization of single dyed droplets
85 Breakthrough research to revolutionise internet communication
86 Scientists invent way to trap mysterious 'dark world' particle at Large Hadron Collider
87 Researchers report observation of room-temperature polar skyrmions
88 Triplet superconductivity demonstrated under high pressure
89 Folding an acoustic vortex on a flat holographic transducer to form miniaturized selective acoustic tweezers
90 Capturing energy flow in a plasma by measuring scattered light
91 Spin flipper upends protons
92 Demonstrating a weak topological insulator in bismuth iodide
93 Lasers make magnets behave like fluids
94 Team develops new method to explore what happens inside fires and explosions
95 CEBAF turns on the charm
96 New method enables quantum simulations on larger systems
97 New book traces expeditions to test Einstein's theory of relativity
98 Study outlines new proposal for probing the primordial universe
99 Tiny pinholes in thin film could pave the way for 3-D holographic displays
100 Successful tests of a cooler way to transport electricity
101 Thermodynamic magic enables cooling without energy consumption
102 Study shows the difference between classical flows and superfluid helium in 3-D counter-flow
103 Light-based computer hardware that can compete with silicon
104 Repelling charges prevent Cooper pairs from 'island hopping' in insulating state
105 Defying the laws of physics? Engineers demonstrate bubbles of sand
106 Droplet trains reveal how nature navigates blood traffic
107 High-fidelity simulations point the way to optimizing heat transfer in current and next-generation reactors
108 Study opens a new route to achieving invisibility without using metamaterials