File Title
1 Coffee machine helps physicists to make more efficient ion traps
2 Remote connections? Detangling entanglement in quantum physics
3 3-D optical biopsies within reach thanks to advance in light field technology
4 Researchers find a better power law that predicts earthquakes, blood vessels, bank accounts
5 New technique could pave the way for simple color tuning of LED bulbs
6 Physicists set a new record of quantum memory efficiency
7 Non-thermal plasma: new technology could kill 99.9% of the deadly germs in the air
8 What a never-before-seen radioactive decay could tell us about neutrinos
9 New 3-D printed microscope promising for medical diagnostics in developing countries
10 An atom in a cavity extracts highly pure single photons from weak laser light
11 Future bright for mini synchrotrons
12 LS2 report: Before the return of the cold
13 New mathematical approach tested for the search of flight MH370
14 Searching for lost WWII-era uranium cubes from Germany
15 Scientists connect quantum bits with sound over record distances
16 Why a drop of oil bounces in a water/ethanol gradient and eventually falls to the bottom of a jar
17 New research may be used to treat cancer, heal combat wounds
18 Transforming waste heat into clean energy
19 Nuclear 'magic numbers' collapse beyond the doubly magic nickel 78
20 Research sparks new insights on laser welding
21 Promising material could lead to faster, cheaper computer memory
22 Phonon-mediated quantum state transfer and remote qubit entanglement
23 Machine learning paves the way for next-level quantum sensing
24 New material to pave the way for more efficient electronic devices
25 Exploding electrical wires underwater to understand shock waves
26 Machine set to see if lithium can help bring fusion to Earth
27 Sculpting super-fast light pulses: Nanopillars shape light precisely for practical applications
28 Laser-driven spin dynamics in ferrimagnets: How does the angular momentum flow?
29 A quantum leap in particle simulation
30 Quantum sensor for photons
31 A novel technique that uses quantum light to measure temperature at the nanoscale
32 Tiny droplets open the doors to in-flight imaging of proteins
33 The evolution of skyrmions in Ir/Fe/Co./Pt multilayers and their topological Hall signature
34 Reconstructing the acoustics of Notre Dame
35 New holographic technique opens the way for quantum computation
36 First demonstration of antimatter wave interferometry
37 New all-fiber device simplifies free-space based quantum key distribution
38 NRL tests sensor on-orbit the ISS to protect space-based assets
39 Mechanics, chemistry and biomedical research join forces for noninvasive tissue therapy
40 Experimental device generates electricity from the coldness of the universe
41 Study reveals final fate of levitating Leidenfrost droplets
42 Quantum computing with graphene plasmons
43 Twisting whirlpools of electrons
44 Precise temperature measurements with invisible light
45 ATLAS Experiment adds more pieces to the Higgs boson puzzle
46 Academics show how to create a spotlight of sound with LEGO-like bricks
47 Neutrons investigate tomatoes for insights into interplant chatter
48 S-money: Ultra-secure form of virtual money proposed
49 Move over, silicon switches: There's a new way to compute
50 New material also reveals new quasiparticles
51 Mystery of texture of Guinness beer: Inclination angle of a pint glass is key to solution
52 Researchers discover a trigger for directed cell motion
53 Using metals with high thermoelectric power factor to create efficient all-solid-state active cooler
54 Researchers violate Bell's inequality with remotely connected superconducting qubits
55 Physicists propose perfect material for lasers
56 Behold the mayo: Experiments reveal 'instability threshold' of elastic-plastic material
57 A new filter to better map the dark universe
58 Giant lasers crystallize water with shockwaves, revealing the atomic structure of superionic ice
59 Discrete energy levels without confinement--a new quantum trick
60 An all-optical neural network on a single chip
61 Generating multiphoton quantum states on silicon
62 Why we always spill tea
63 'Fire streaks' ever more real in the collisions of atomic nuclei and protons
64 28 years old and closer than ever to the solving of the mystery of the Majorana particles
65 Computing faster with quasi-particles
66 A mathematical method for calculating black-hole properties from gravitational-wave data
67 Researchers identify rare 2-D insulator with ferromagnetic properties
68 A dance of two: tailoring interactions between remote fluids of excitons
69 What happens when a raindrop hits a puddle?
70 Better microring sensors for optical applications
71 A surprising experiment opens the path to new particle manipulation methods
72 Manipulating superconductivity using a 'mechanic' and an 'electrician'
73 How acoustics detected artillery in WWI
74 Researchers present new direct-detection constraints on Sub-GeV dark matter
75 Locating a shooter from the first shot via cellphone
76 Quantum world-first--researchers reveal accuracy of two-qubit calculations in silicon
77 Researchers discover an unexpected phase transition in the high explosive TATB
78 ATLAS experiment sets strong constraints on supersymmetric dark matter
79 Laser-based technology helps doctors image full eye in 3-D
80 Generating high-quality single photons for quantum computing
81 Physicists discover new type of spin waves
82 How Nigerian music can help you choose a ripe watermelon
83 Accelerating quantum technologies with materials processing at the atomic scale
84 Digital quantum simulators can be astonishingly robust
85 Holographic imaging of electromagnetic fields using electron-light quantum interference
86 Capturing single photons to explore fundamental physics and quantum information science
87 Excitonic radiative decay faster than thermal dephasing in ZnO thin films
88 Energy-free superfast computing invented by scientists using light pulses
89 How loud is too loud when it comes to sports whistles?
90 New polymer films conduct heat instead of trapping it
91 Inorganic perovskite absorbers for use in thin-film solar cells
92 Researchers discover new charge transfer and separation process
93 High-efficiency thermoelectric materials: New insights into tin selenide
94 New approach predicts glass' always-evolving behaviors at different temperatures
95 Preserving the contents of the New York Public Library in a teaspoon of protein, without energy, for millions of years
96 Scientists develop stereodefined N and S atom-codoped graphdiyne for oxygen evolution
97 Shrink films get a grip
98 Drug companies warm up to continuous manufacturing
99 Cranberry oligosaccharides might help prevent UTIs
100 Wearable sensors could leverage biotechnology to monitor personal, environmental data
101 New digital filter approach aims to improve chemical measurements
102 Experiments and analyses show how electrons and protons get together on an electrode surface
103 Simulations identify importance of lattice distortions in ion-conducting fuel cell materials
104 Seeking disorder as a catalyst for change
105 Simulating and optimizing industrial spinning processes
106 Life's biochemical networks could have formed spontaneously on Earth
107 New approach for solving protein structures from tiny crystals
108 Industry-ready process makes plastics chemical from plant sugars
109 Taming defective porous materials for robust and selective heterogeneous catalysis
110 Crowd oil--fuels from air-conditioning systems
111 Sensor can detect spoiled milk before opening
112 Vaccine design can dramatically improve cancer immunotherapies