File Title
1 Monsanto ordered to pay $80 million in Roundup cancer trial
2 Harnessing plant hormones for food security in Africa
3 Galapagos islands have nearly 10 times more alien marine species than once thought
4 Resting postures determined by animals' size
5 Okinawan sea grapes reveal secrets of plant evolution
6 What is a waterless barrier and how could it slow cane toads?
7 Research has implications for New Zealand bird conservation
8 Study finds nearly a third of cat owners use food puzzles
9 Modified deep-learning algorithms unveil features of shape-shifting proteins
10 Tumor-promoting enzymes USP25 and USP28: Substantial differences identified
11 Researchers find associations between structural variation in gut microbiome and host health
12 Could dogs be the source of a new flu?
13 The regeneration of a cell depends on where it is positioned
14 Principle behind Google's April Fools' pigeon prank proves more than a joke
15 How single women are driving gentrification in Hong Kong and elsewhere
16 Meet the mini frogs of Madagascar--the new species we've discovered
17 Taxpayers are asked to support falcons, fight pigeon poop
18 How mosquitoes smell human sweat (and new ways to stop them)
19 Harnessing soil microbes to enhance crop performance
20 Studying reintroduction of bull trout with simulations
21 Feather mites may help clean birds' plumage, study shows
22 The bigger the evolutionary jump, the more lethal cross-species diseases could be
23 Invasive crayfish sabotages its own success, study says
24 Action demanded after 1,100 dead dolphins wash up in France
25 Government-funded study says red wolves are distinct species
26 New England seeing a huge spike in beached sea turtles
27 Doggy diagnosis can sniff out seizures: study
28 Designer organelles bring new functionalities into cells
29 Mass amphibian extinctions globally caused by fungal disease
30 The Serengeti-Mara squeeze--One of the world's most iconic ecosystems under pressure
31 New tool uses RNA sequencing to chart rich maps of cellular and tissue function
32 Novel methodological tool helps detect synergistic phenomena in phytoplankton growth
33 Study identifies a key to soybean cyst nematode growth
34 RIT, zoo researchers capturing sights, sounds and insects of Madagascar
35 New model predicts substantial reduction of malaria transmitting mosquitoes
36 Rare Sumatran tiger cubs make public debut at Sydney zoo
37 Tasmanian devils prove quick adaptors in bid for survival
38 Vietnam seizes 9 tons of suspected ivory from Congo
39 Fluorescence discovered in tiny Brazilian frogs
40 Scientists discover how mosquitoes zero in on our sweat
41 New, more efficient way to reduce water use and improve plant growth
42 Introducing a kinder, gentler way to blow holes in cells
43 Expert explains key role of frogs in healthy ecosystems
44 Researcher studies new camera-in-a-capsule method of examining a horse's gut
45 Scientists trial drones to protect coffee plants from devastating fungal disease
46 Fossils show recovery from extinction event helped shape evolutionary history
47 What 'Big Data' reveals about the diversity of species
48 Keeping plants nourished: The workings of a photosynthesis backup system
49 Expert discusses alternatives to pesticides
50 Origin of Scandinavian wolves clarified
51 New study models the proposed reintroduction of the Eurasian lynx to Scotland
52 Lab finds a new gene essential for making ears of corn
53 Sweeping census provides new population estimate for western chimpanzees
54 Science Says: Why scientists prize plant, animal genomes
55 Study finds white sharks with high levels of mercury, arsenic and lead in their blood
56 Sheep nibble Madrid's largest park into shape
57 Stranded baby elephants rescued by Thai rangers
58 Bait crisis could take the steam out of lobster this summer
59 Juice plant pathogen could be treated with newly identified antibacterial agent
60 Understanding circadian rhythms in algae and fungi
61 Feeding red squirrels peanuts may make natural diet a tough nut to crack
62 New plant breeding technologies for food security
63 A new accurate computational method designed to enhance drug target stability
64 How do species adapt to their surroundings?
65 Microbes that live in fishes' slimy mucus coating could lead chemists to new antibiotic drugs
66 Medicinal plants may be a key to understanding other cultures
67 New online tool and community to support bees
68 Biologists show new insights into chromosome evolution, venom regulation in snakes
69 Edible antibodies to treat and prevent gastrointestinal disorders
70 Artificial intelligence sheds new light on cell developmental dynamics
71 Anti-evolvability drugs could slow antibiotic resistance in bacteria
72 Climate change threat to dolphins' survival
73 Tiger geckos in Vietnam could be the next species sold into extinction, shows a new survey
74 Research connects big data marketing tools, land conservation
75 Sleepovers reduce stress in shelter dogs
76 Invasive round gobies may be poised to decimate endangered French Creek mussels
77 UK's only female giant panda artificially inseminated at zoo
78 Chicago tops list of most dangerous cities for migrating birds
79 First bacterial genome created entirely with a computer
80 Scientists construct new family tree for perching birds
81 Marine protected reserves do more than restore fish
82 The milkweed bug's orange wings and DNA: How insects' diets are revealed by the genome
83 Unfroggetable: endangered Bolivian amphibians get long-awaited first date
84 Crop yield in maize influenced by unexpected gene 'moonlighting'
85 Love Island: Flamboyant males get the girls on Madagascar
86 Fruit bats are reforesting African woodlands
87 A cellular protein as a 'gas pump attendant' of cancer development
88 How proteins are assigned to specific transporters
89 Sea snakes make record-setting deep dives
90 The hotter it gets, the more forests act as insulators
91 How a male-hating bacterium rejuvenates
92 The evolution of bird-of-paradise sex chromosomes revealed
93 Scientists confirm first report of egg parasitoid in Africa to fight fall armyworm
94 New machine learning model describes dynamics of cell development
95 Researcher uses decomposition fungi to create patterns in wood
96 How much hunting is too much hunting?
97 The decline of salmon adds to the struggle of Puget Sound's orcas
98 New species of wood-munching (and phallic-looking) clams found at the bottom of the ocean
99 Impacts of how non-native species are assessed
100 Scientists measure extent of recovery for critically endangered black abalone
101 Nature versus nurture: Environment exerts greater influence on corn health than genetics
102 Hybrid species could hold secret to protect Darwin's finches against invasive parasite
103 Fatal chirps: Nocturnal flight calls increase building collisions among migrating birds
104 Reality TV: Camera-toting sharks hunt seals in kelp forests
105 Canada gives nod to farm for genetically-modified salmon
106 Berlin-born polar bear cub named after football club Hertha
107 Fungal mating: Next weapon against corn aflatoxin?
108 Doing more with less in the study of plant chemical defense
109 New protein for gene editing may improve disease treatment, sustainable manufacturing
110 Brightly-colored fairy wrens not attacked by predators more than their dull counterparts
111 More than seed plants, moss has had dynamic evolution