File Title
1 Young frogs that were stressed as tadpoles move less on land, putting their survival at risk
2 Researchers make organic solar cells immune to the ravages of water, air and light
3 Tapping fresh water under the ocean has consequences
4 Knit 1, purl 2: Assembly instructions for a robot?
5 Pluripotency or differentiation--That is the question
6 Promising material could lead to faster, cheaper computer memory
7 BU researchers investigate differences in coatings of drug-coated balloon catheters
8 Major violent attacks against Jews spiked 13% worldwide in 2018
9 Open heart surgery outperforms stents in patients with multivessel disease
10 Seeking better detection for chronic malaria
11 Dynamic checklist developed for web designers to work more efficiently, creatively
12 The mechanism of action of an antitumor drug used for the treatment of glioblastoma
13 OU study on explosive volcanism during ice age provides lessons for today's rising CO2
14 AIDS in America--Back in the headlines at long last
15 Self-powered wearable tech
16 Hubble assembles wide view of the distant universe
17 Hubble astronomers assemble wide view of the evolving universe
18 Mobile prenatal app shown to reduce in-person visits during pregnancy
19 New cancer therapy target found in mitochondria for potential treatment of blood cancers
20 Sexuality continues to change and develop well into adulthood, finds study
21 What drives multiple female acorn woodpeckers to share a nest?
22 Exploding electrical wires underwater to understand shock waves
23 Two neutron stars collided near the solar system billions of years ago
24 Bottom sediment reveals that the climate change flows into lakes
25 Pinpointing Gaia to map the Milky Way
26 Field experiment finds a simple change that could boost agricultural productivity by 60%
27 Chewing versus sex in the duck-billed dinosaurs
28 New prognostic test could enable personalized treatment of inflammatory bowel disease
29 New brain mechanisms regulating body weight
30 Finnish school students outperform US students on 'fake news' digital literacy tasks
31 The quiet loss of knowledge threatens indigenous communities
32 High thermal conductivity of new material will create energy efficient devices
33 Connecting neurons in the brain
34 Reasons for delay in pelvic organ prolapse treatment revealed
35 Pretreatment with TNF inhibitors may improve outcomes of combination cancer immunotherapy
36 Newly discovered gene mutation reduces fear and anxiety, and increases social interaction
37 Sussex mathematician's breakthrough on non-toxic pest control
38 Spider venom is a dangerous cocktail
39 Immigrants: citizens' acceptance depends on questions asked
40 For giant pandas, bamboo is vegetarian 'meat'
41 Laser-driven spin dynamics in ferrimagnets: How does the angular momentum flow?
42 The immaculate conception?
43 New chemical probe for visualizing brain immune cells
44 LIGO and Virgo detect neutron star smash-ups
45 Biomarker may predict if immunotherapy is right choice for colorectal cancer patients
46 Viral infections during pregnancy linked to behavioral abnormalities in offspring
47 Hybridization leads to pollution tolerance in fish from polluted Houston ship channel
48 Study suggests earthquakes are triggered well beyond fluid injection zones
49 When it comes to planetary habitability, it's what's inside that counts
50 Make room on the couch: Worms suffer from PTSD, too
51 New study finds high rates of formula use with low-income infants, recommends changes
52 Suicidal thoughts? Therapy-oriented website can help
53 New BioIVT research on botanical-drug interactions published in Applied in Vitro Toxicology
54 New digital filter approach aims to improve chemical measurements
55 Novel healthcare program for former prisoners reduces recidivism
56 Study shows birds use social cues to make decisions
57 Putting vision models to the test
58 Risk of deaths among incarcerated youth by suicide on the rise
59 Tumor cells' drug addiction may be their downfall
60 Drug combination could be effective for treatment-resistant gonorrhea
61 Opportunistic cancer cells 'slip through the gaps' to spread through blood vessels
62 Fingerprint of sleep habits as warning sign for heart disease
63 How could a changing climate affect human fertility?
64 Bats evolved diverse skull shapes due to echolocation, diet
65 Easy on the eyes
66 Hearing loss weakens skills that young cancer survivors need to master reading
67 BAT's year-long study to assess potential health effects of using Tobacco Heating Products
68 Snoring causes injuries and prevention of healing in the upper airways
69 A new method to select the right treatment for advanced prostate cancer
70 Scientists discover how superbugs hide from their host
71 Oral contraceptives may help protect against serious knee injuries in women
72 Synthetic biology used to target cancer cells while sparing healthy tissue, study reports
73 Blood pressure drug shows no benefit in Parkinson's disease
74 Perseverance toward life goals can fend off depression, anxiety, panic disorders
75 Less-invasive mastectomy safe for more breast cancer patients, Mayo Clinic study finds
76 Specialized plant cells regain stem-cell features to heal wounds
77 Medical costs create hardships for more than half of Americans
78 Discovery of RNA transfer through royal jelly could aid development of honey bee vaccines
79 Children and teens who drink low-calorie sweetened beverages do not save calories
80 A model to decipher the complexity of gene regulation
81 Ragon Institute study identifies viral peptides critical to natural HIV control
82 An evolutionary rescue in polluted waters
83 Organ bioprinting gets a breath of fresh air
84 Why you love coffee and beer
85 Reservoir bugs: Stanford-led study shows why stomach pathogen is so tough to eradicate
86 These trippy images were designed by AI to super-stimulate monkey neurons
87 Teaching happiness to dementia caregivers reduces their depression, anxiety
88 Researchers identify drugs that block CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing
89 Dwarfs under dinosaur legs: 99-million-year-old millipede discovered in Burmese amber
90 A genomic tour-de-force reveals the last 5,000 years of horse history
91 Giant panda's bamboo diet still looks surprisingly carnivorous
92 Running may have made dinosaurs' wings flap before they evolved to fly
93 Pathogens find safe harbor deep in the gastric glands
94 Researchers ready B cells for novel cell therapy
95 India could meet air quality standards by cutting household fuel use
96 Messenger cells bring good news for bone healing, USC stem cell study finds
97 Cancer cells have a problem with junk RNA that makes them vulnerable
98 Researchers develop better way to determine coastal flooding risk
99 Cooperation among fishers can improve fish stock in coral reefs
100 Missing molecule hobbles cell movement
101 Study asks patients' input to improve the hospital experience
102 Stanford researchers' artificial synapse is fast, efficient and durable
103 Study finds that collaborating with business contributes to academic productivity
104 Industry-ready process makes plastics chemical from plant sugars
105 RIT professor develops microfluidic device to better detect Ebola virus
106 New approach could accelerate efforts to catalogue vast numbers of cells
107 Research shows cattle ranching could help conserve rare African antelope, lions
108 Induced labor not more expensive to health care system than spontaneous labor
109 First demonstration of antimatter wave interferometry
110 Stickier than expected: Hydrogen binds to graphene in 10 femtoseconds
111 What the wheat genome tells us about wars
112 Stephenson Cancer Center physician is senior author on major study
113 New review identifies four hallmarks of cancer metastasis
114 New approach for solving protein structures from tiny crystals