File Title
1 Extinction Rebellion: what do they want--and is it realistic?
2 Light pollution not improving, says CPRE
3 Early ocean plastic litter traced to 1960s
4 Extinction Rebellion London protest: 290 arrested
5 Stonehenge: DNA reveals origin of builders
6 Microplastics found in 'pristine' Pyrenees mountains
7 Seychelles president makes underwater speech calling for protection for oceans
8 Plastic toys: Is it time we cut back?
9 India eco-school: Is this the greenest campus on Earth?
10 The butterflies that could stop Trump's wall
11 Tasmanian devils 'adapting to coexist with cancer'
12 What does the world of everyday physics look like?
13 Light pollution not improving, says CPRE
14 TED 2019: The $50 lab burger transforming food intlink_from_url=&link_location-live-reporting-story
15 Dozens arrested in Extinction Rebellion climate change protest
16 Vodafone 'gigafast' ad banned after Virgin Media complaint
17 Apple and Qualcomm settle billion-dollar lawsuit
18 TED 2019: Twitter boss offers to demote likes and follows
19 Game of Thrones: Now TV glitch hits Apple TV owners
20 PlayStation 5: Sony reveals first details of next-gen console
21 Facebook challenged to give TED talk on political ads
22 Under-18s face 'like' and 'streaks' limits on social media
23 Black Holes Are Awesome. Why Are Their Names Usually So Boring?
24 Amazon 'flooded by fake five-star reviews'--Which? report
25 Swedish Social Democrats' Twitter account hacked
26 Disney, Netflix, Amazon: The battle for streaming survival
27 Fortnite: Is Prince Harry right to want game banned?
28 What do drones and GPS owe to a 1744 shipwreck?
29 How can you stop your kids viewing harmful web content?
30 How social media is changing comedy
31 How does it feel to be watched at work all the time?
32 Tech Tent: Should we relax about screen time?
33 It's Disney's turn to launch a streaming service
34 Labour pledges to scrap primary Sats if elected
35 Primary pupils 'must learn about same-sex relationships'
36 Parents find out about primary school places
37 Four out of 10 teachers plan to quit, survey suggests
38 Free sanitary products plan extended to primary girls
39 Risedale Sports and Community College stops exclusions
40 The 'untold misery' of special needs shortfalls
41 Graffiti punished by reading--'It worked!' says prosecutor
42 'How I made fathers in Senegal carry babies on their backs'
43 'I was the only girl in A-level electronics'
44 Middle classes losing out to ultra-rich
45 Why do we like magic when we know it's a trick?
46 What does the world of everyday physics look like?
47 Grenfell family placed on council house waiting list
48 Primary pupils 'must learn about same-sex relationships' intlink_from_url=&link_location-live-reporting-story
49 Northampton child cruelty: Parents guilty of locking boy in room
50 Chinese school's car project prompts class bias debate
51 Labour pledges to scrap primary Sats if elected intlink_from_url=&link_location-live-reporting-story
52 Fairford school worker 'sacked for view on LGBT teaching'
53 Poorer students' education allowance drops by 1.6 million pounds intlink_from_url=&link_location-live-reporting-story
54 Measles cases quadruple globally in 2019, says UN
55 Statins 'don't work well for one in two people'
56 Sleep myths 'damaging your health'
57 Spina bifida womb op baby back home in Essex
58 Ebola outbreak 'not global emergency yet'
59 Web therapy 'calmed my irritable bowels'
60 Italian police arrest 34 people in 'bone-breaking' scam
61 Is it really worth injecting vitamins?
62 Stoma bags: Bin rules 'can add to house share struggles'
63 Oregon woman lived until 99 with organs in the wrong places
64 Umbilical cord art--would you do it?
65 How we became part of a kidney swap chain
66 Sport in Wales creates society benefits 'worth 3.4 billion pounds'
67 'A wonder drug helped me eat--then for 10 years I had to go without'
68 Technology to keep dementia patients out of hospital
69 A rasher of bacon 'ups cancer risk'
70 Breech baby scan 'would save lives'
71 NHS Tayside chemotherapy dose reduction decision 'lacked consultation'
72 Measles cases quadruple globally in 2019, says UN
73 Poacher Killed by Elephant and Eaten by Lions in South Africa
74 Captured 17-Foot-Long Python Was About to Have 73 Babies
75 Deadly Fungal 'Superbug' Spreads Worldwide, Alarming Scientists
76 Stargazing T. Rex Gets a 67-Million-Year-Old View of the Night Sky
77 Was this Famous Revolutionary War Hero Intersex?
78 The Sun Is Spitting Out 'Lava Lamp Blobs' 500 Times the Size of Earth
79 What Exactly Is a Black Hole Event Horizon (and What Happens There)?
80 Vitamins from Food--Not Supplements--Linked with Longer Life
81 Physicists Scramble to Understand the Extreme Crystals Hiding Inside Giant, Alien Planets
82 The Oldest Ice on Earth May Be Hiding 1.5 Miles Beneath Antarctica
83 The Old English Verse 'Beowulf' Was Likely Written by a Single Author
84 These Rocks Look like They Could Topple at Any Moment. They Hold 1,000 Years of Earthquake Secrets.
85 Why Giant Tortoise Sex Became the Basis of a Key 'Game of Thrones' Sound Effect
86 How Bad Can the NYC Measles Outbreak Get?
87 Dozens of Mummified Mice and Birds Found in Ancient Egyptian Tomb
88 Stone Circles Ringed House that May Have Belonged to the Neolithic 'One Percent'
89 Largest Unnamed Object in the Solar System Needs You...To Choose Its Moniker
90 IT'S HERE: The First-Ever Close-Up of a Black Hole
91 Cherokee Wrote Backward Messages in Cave to Speak to the Spirit World
92 Why Is the First-Ever Black Hole Picture an Orange Ring?
93 3 Huge Questions the Black Hole Image Didn't Answer
94 New Species of Early Human Is Even Smaller than the 'Hobbit'
95 How Did Astronomers Capture the First-Ever Close-Up of a Black Hole?
96 An Odd Eye Injury Caused a Man's Iris to 'Collapse'
97 The First Cave Art from the Balkans May Date Back 30,000 Years
98 Glaciers in European Alps Could Disappear by 2100
99 Historic First Images of a Black Hole Show Einstein Was Right (Again)
100 Is Dark Matter Fuzzy?
101 Fountains of Plasma Rain Might Explain One of the Biggest Mysteries of the Sun
102 All Your Questions About the New Black Hole Image Answered
103 Reference: Dragons: A Brief History of the Mythical, Fire-Breathing Beasts
104 Is It Solid? Or Is It Liquid? New Kind of Matter Is Both.
105 This Newfound Extinct Human Lineage also Mated with Modern Humans
106 Fall into the Google Doodle of a Black Hole
107 Scott Kelly's Year in Space May Have Aged Him--But He's Mostly Fine
108 Israel's Beresheet Spacecraft Crashes into Moon During Landing Attempt
109 Israeli Lander Failure Marks 1st Moon Crash in 48 Years
110 Football-Size 'Bugs' Feast on an Alligator in this Creepy Deep-Sea Video
111 Here's What Happens When You Put Giant Sea Spiders into Boot Camp
112 Depression-Era Workers Found Strange Fossilized Beasts in 'Texas Serengeti'
113 What if Winter Lasted for Years like It Does on 'Game of Thrones'?
114 Reference: Hypernatremia and Hyponatremia: Causes and Risks of Sodium Imbalance