File Title
1 Intestinal bacteria can be used to predict occurrence of colorectal cancer
2 Newly-discovered link between biological processes reveals a novel way to control inflammation
3 Thalamus and cerebral cortex interactions influence the decision on sensory perceptions
4 Metastatic prostate cancer may have its own biomarker, research finds
5 Digital device overload linked to obesity risk
6 Breakthrough alpha-ray treatment of cancer without external radiation
7 New ebolavirus, found in bats, more widespread than first thought
8 Story time: A novel solution for preemies, moms suffering from postpartum depression
9 A bald gene finding
10 Well-known drug has less risk for preterm delivery in PCOS
11 Exploring copper's potential as antibiotic
12 Deferred umbilical cord clamping could save many premature infants
13 Inherited genetic variation linked to risk of T cell leukemia in children
14 Increased risk of substance abuse in people with treatment resistant depression
15 Bevacizumab may cause cognitive impairment
16 Research unlocks biomechanic mystery behind deadly blood clots
17 Surgery is associated with increased survival for patients with HER2+ stage 4 breast cancer
18 Increased risk of stroke in childhood cancer survivors treated with cranial radiation therapy explained
19 Adults at high risk for HIV infection have low rates of vaccination against human papillomavirus
20 Alcohol misuse is more common in the armed forces than post-traumatic stress disorder
21 Anti-vaxxers appear to be losing ground in the online vaccine debate
22 Kids exposed to flame retardant PBDE are at risk for lifelong liver or cardiovascular problems
23 Come for the fillings, stay for the fillers: Some dentists are offering Botox, cosmetic treatments
24 Living in a stressful neighbourhood is biologically aging
25 Research shows impact of poverty on children's brain activity
26 New thermal ablation method for adenoma shows promise
27 FDA approves mavenclad for treating multiple sclerosis
28 US health officials alarmed by paralyzing illness in kids
29 New insights into the development and therapy of cancer
30 Medicare drug benefits carry burdensome costs for some patients
31 Married at First Sight--a 'social experiment' all but guaranteeing relationship failure
32 Thyroid cancer surges--is TMI responsible?
33 New study evaluates psychological interventions in post-conflict Pakistan
34 Gut microbiome directs the immune system to fight cancer
35 Gout treatment may help prevent obesity-related type 2 diabetes, suggests small NIH study
36 Prostate cancer incidence and mortality have declined in most countries
37 Acute flaccid myelitis requires galvanized research response
38 How the brain finds meaning in metaphor
39 Team finds three factors extend life for advanced pancreatic cancer patients
40 Doctors unclear on legal obligations in caring for patients with disability
41 Smoking risk: Early menopause increases the risk of bladder cancer
42 NHS dental budget needs reform to meet patients' needs
43 Scientists develop a mouse model for rare brain disease Joubert syndrome
44 Study identifies new approach to repairing damaged peripheral nervous system
45 Alzheimer's diagnosis, management improved by brain scans
46 Circadian clock plays unexpected role in neurodegenerative diseases
47 Dopamine conducts prefrontal cortex ensembles
48 Older women benefit significantly when screened with 3-D mammography
49 Bariatric embolization shows promise in treatment of obesity
50 Combo of virotherapy and radiotherapy shows early promise in patients with esophageal cancer
51 Searching for better treatments for irritated tendons
52 Combine data to improve malaria tracking, say scientists
53 Can delayed/extended-release methylphenidate allow for once daily evening dosing in ADHD?
54 Study reveals genes associated with heavy drinking and alcoholism
55 Fast-changing genetics key to hospital superbug survival
56 Researchers study effect of chronic opioid therapy on pain and survival in sickle cell disease
57 3-D-printed transparent skull provides a window to the brain
58 Three easy measures to predict metabolic syndrome in elderly
59 Transplanted bone marrow endothelial progenitor cells delay ALS disease progression
60 Caring for an older adult with cancer comes with emotional challenges for caregivers, too
61 US experts reviewing low-carb, other diets for guidelines
62 US regulators exploring ways CBD products could be legal
63 Berkeley's soda tax election changed drinking habits months before prices went up
64 Acetaminophen may increase stroke risk for those with diabetes
65 Liver, colon cancer cells thwarted by compounds derived from hops
66 Cholera kills two, infects 1,400 in cyclone-hit Mozambique
67 Douching: more harmful than helpful
68 Couple kept the faith as baby neared death--and then a transplant saved him
69 Three exercises for stronger, sleeker thighs
70 Over-the-counter meds save health care system money
71 Reduction in autism diagnoses observed with DSM-5
72 Best practices developed for diagnosing, managing MINOCA
73 No US commercial laboratories fully meet guidance for noninvasive prenatal screening
74 Defining obesity in children should be based on health issues, not just BMI
75 Burger King goes...vegan? The meatless Whopper is here
76 New insights on liver injury in men taking body building supplements
77 Study identifies gender differences in reported adverse drug reactions
78 Is your melanoma hot enough for immunotherapy?
79 Study debunks 'depression genes' hypotheses
80 A 'low dose aspirin' for dementia? Drug ready for first in-human testing
81 Gene levels could help predict prognosis for colorectal cancer
82 Psychostimulants play a major role in fatal strokes among young adults
83 Shorter stays in a skilled nursing facility tied to higher risk for readmission
84 Inflammatory arthritis may negatively affect intimate relationships and sexual function
85 Sleeping pill use linked to greater need for blood pressure medications
86 Anti-inflammatory plant-based diet helps reduce gingivitis
87 Counselors may find that focusing on the human-nature connection may help clients
88 Difficulty hearing may keep older patients from participating in their health care
89 New role for a driver of metastatic cancers
90 Study identifies potential fix for hospital star rating program
91 Stress in childhood and adulthood have combined impact on hormones and health
92 Discrimination may affect adolescents' sleep quality
93 Blue light could treat superbug infections
94 Shift work increases diabetes and heart disease risk
95 A soft spot for stem cells helps cornea healing
96 Poll: Pets help older adults cope with health issues, get active and connect with others
97 Cholera vaccination drive starts in Mozambique after cyclone
98 Targeting triple-negative breast cancer with new drug design
99 Let's be blunt about marijuana
100 Decades-old misconception on white blood cell trafficking to spleen corrected
101 Artificial intelligence enables recognizing and assessing a violinist's bow movements
102 New approach to tackle Ebola and other deadly infections
103 Therapies must become more intensive
104 People with obesity often 'dehumanised,' study finds
105 Against gut instinct
106 Advanced breast cancer drug combo approved for NHS in England
107 Researchers discover why men are more likely to develop liver cancer
108 Artificial intelligence to assess treatment response of brain tumors
109 Micro-computed tomography provides new insights into Paget's disease
110 Mathematician helps surgeon save those injured in explosive blasts
111 The myth of 'no place like home' when it comes to end of life
112 Examination of individual cells leads to new understanding of prenatal immune system
113 How health care facility characteristics affect HIV viral suppression among NYC patients