File Title
1 Can technology improve even though people don't understand what they are doing?
2 How the brain fights off fears that return to haunt us
3 Farming for natural profits in China
4 New evidence on the association of shortened sleep time and obstructive sleep apnea with sleepiness and cardiometabolic risk factors
5 Study links insurance coverage to access to hospital care
6 Enhanced recovery after spine surgery: 15 new articles in the April Neurosurgical Focus
7 Higher circulating sex hormone regulator (SHBG) levels linked to lower asthma risk
8 Scant evidence that e-cigarette growth linked to 'renormalization' of teen smoking
9 AACR 2019: Tarloxotinib promising against NRG1-fusion cancers
10 New therapeutic strategy to prevent gastrointestinal disease
11 Just an hour of weekly walking staves off disability
12 Study shows how light therapy might help premature babies avoid vision problems
13 First bacterial genome created entirely with a computer
14 Almost half of new teachers consider leaving within 10 years, according to new study
15 Climate change threat to dolphins' survival
16 Scientists construct new family tree for perching birds
17 Anti-evolvability drugs could slow antibiotic resistance in bacteria
19 Growth in telehealth from 2016 to 2017 outpaces other venues of care
20 Despite risk of birth defects, HIV drug should be considered for women in South Africa
21 The milkweed bug's orange wings and DNA: How insects' diets are revealed by the genome
22 Compression-only CPR increases survival of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
23 Awake lumbar interbody fusion
24 Blocking platelets: A possible option to prevent fatty liver disease and liver cancer
25 Alcohol drinking slows brain growth in adolescent monkeys
26 In phase 3 trial, rituximab not associated with clinical improvement in patients with ME/CFS [plus another topic]
27 Cesarean delivery associated with higher risk of severe complications for the mother
28 HDAC inhibition may combat resistance to anti-PD-1 therapy in patients with melanoma
29 Gilteritinib improved survival for patients with acute myeloid leukemia
30 Cancer preventive vaccine showed promising results in preclinical model of Lynch syndrome
31 LOXO-195 promising against tumors with acquired resistance to first-generation therapeutics
32 Umbralisib shows early promise for patients with marginal zone lymphoma
33 Data from two KEYNOTE trials show pembrolizumab benefited patients with advanced SCLC
34 Targeted drug for leukemia tested at Penn Medicine helps patients live longer
35 Researchers discover how tumor-killing immune cells attack lymphomas in living mice
36 Toward novel computing and fraud detection technologies with on-demand polymers
37 Depression, obesity, chronic pain could be treated by targeting the same key protein
38 Uncovering the secrets of ancient rock art using 'X-ray vision'
39 'Smart' pajamas could monitor and help improve sleep (video)
40 Juice plant pathogen could be treated with newly identified antibacterial agent
41 Academic journal Polar Science features polar science in India
42 New study identifies genetic variant that could help reduce need for liver transplants
43 Global eradication of 'fly of death' not ethically justified, researchers conclude
44 UBC research recommends graduated return to work after prostatectomy
45 Wild bees flock to forested areas affected by severe fire
46 Programmable 'Legos' of DNA and protein building blocks create novel 3D cages
47 Is your melanoma hot enough for immunotherapy?
48 Breast cancer study by UCR medical student could help patients live longer
49 New role for a driver of metastatic cancers
50 'NarcoLogic' computer model shows unintended consequences of cocaine interdiction
51 Digital device overload linked to obesity risk
52 Researchers advance in the development of 'papaya sugarcane'
53 NJIT researchers detect minute levels of disease with a nanotechnology-enhanced biochip
54 Brightly-colored fairy wrens not attacked by predators more than their dull counterparts
55 Study identifies potential fix for hospital star rating program
56 Study debunks 'depression genes' hypotheses
57 The complicated future of offshore wind power in the US
58 Are healthcare providers 'second victims' of medical errors?
59 Mosses--Dynamic and built to last
60 Does live tweeting while watching TV distract from the ads?
61 Blue light could treat superbug infections
62 Manure application changes with winter crop can cut nitrogen loss, boost profits
63 Omega-3 fatty acid supplements, hypothyroidism could lower risk of T-zone lymphoma in dogs
64 Team models cocaine trafficking response to counternarcotic efforts
65 VLA makes first direct image of key feature of powerful radio galaxies
66 Liver, colon cancer cells thwarted by compounds derived from hops
67 New plastic films deflect or trap heat with zero energy required
68 Researchers tune material's color and thermal properties separately
69 Acetaminophen may increase stroke risk for those with diabetes
70 Berkeley's soda tax election changed drinking habits months before prices went up
71 3D-printed transparent skull provides a window to the brain
72 Transplanted bone marrow endothelial progenitor cells delay ALS disease progression
73 Caring for an older adult with cancer comes with emotional challenges for caregivers, too
74 Teaching computers to intelligently design 'billions' of possible materials
75 Scientists capture live, atomic-level detail of nanoparticle formation
76 Permian volcanism contributed to atmospheric greenhouse gas content in Antarctica
77 App enables smallholder farmers to be community influencers and citizen scientists
78 Study reveals genes associated with heavy drinking and alcoholism
79 Three easy measures to predict metabolic syndrome in elderly
80 UMN researchers study effect of chronic opioid therapy on pain and survival in sickle cell disease
81 Combine data to improve malaria tracking, say scientists
82 Nature versus nurture: Environment exerts greater influence on corn health than genetics
83 Parasitology: Exotic signaling mechanism in pathogens
84 Understanding stock market returns: Which models fits best?
85 Prebiotic chemistry: Stable majorities
87 Food for thought: Why did we ever start farming?
88 Turbulences theory closer high-energy physics than previously thought
89 Can delayed/extended-release methylphenidate allow for once daily evening dosing in ADHD?
90 Low-bandwidth radar technology provides improved detection of objects
91 Defects enable RoHS-compliant, high-performance infrared photodetectors
92 High throughput method to produce and screen engineered antimicrobial lanthipeptides
93 Optimizing proton beam therapy with mathematical models
94 Artificial intelligence enables recognizing and assessing a violinist's bow movements
95 New study demonstrates radio signal benefits from decades-old theory
96 Insects in freezing regions have a protein that acts like antifreeze
97 Intelligent metamaterials behave like electrostatic chameleons
98 Saffron comes from Attica--origin of the saffron crocus traced back to Greece
99 Searching for better treatments for irritated tendons
100 The number of people affected by food crises remains at alarming levels
101 Tumor microenvironment analyzed to increase effectiveness of preclinical trials
102 Researchers establish global microbial signatures for colorectal cancer
103 Artificial intelligence helps to better assess treatment response of brain tumors
104 New machine learning model describes dynamics of cell development
105 Decades-old misconception on white blood cell trafficking to spleen corrected
106 Research shows impact of poverty on children's brain activity
107 Loss of habitat causes double damage to species richness
108 New study evaluates psychological interventions in post-conflict Pakistan
109 New study identifies biomarkers to predict the risk of atrial fibrillation
110 Machine learning for measuring roots