File Title
1 Researchers find cost-effective method for hydrogen fuel production process
2 Nanoscale Lamb wave-driven motors in nonliquid environments
3 Researchers develop sensor to detect brain disorders in seconds
4 Precision control of complex electrochemical interfaces for separations
5 One transistor for all purposes
6 Scientists create fire-retardant sensors for safety gear in harsh environments
7 Gold nanoparticles to facilitate in-situ detection of amplified DNA at room temperature
8 Fish-inspired material changes color using nanocolumns
9 Researchers engineer a protein micelle that can be visualized by MRI as it delivers hemotherapeutics
10 New membrane class shown to regenerate tissue and bone, viable solution for periodontitis
11 A new strategy of fabricating p-n junction in single crystalline Si nanowires, twisting
12 'Golden fullerene': ligand-protected nanocluster made of 32 gold atoms
13 NIST researchers boost intensity of nanowire LEDs
14 Making solar cells is like buttering bread
15 Chemicals induce dipoles to damp plasmons
16 Gold soaks up boron, spits out borophene
17 New 3-D printing approach makes cell-scale lattice structures
18 Electronics at the nanoscale: Challenges and opportunities for making metal nanowires
19 Cellular microRNA detection with miRacles
20 Scientists develop protocol for chemical imaging at the nanoscale
21 Metal nanoclusters can be used as semiconductors: Key properties observed for first time
22 Layered liquids arrange nanoparticles into useful configurations
23 New research explores graphene-silicon devices for photonics applications
24 PolyU develops electrostatically charged nanofiber for airborne filtration
25 Implant to better track brain chemical gone rogue after neurotrauma
26 Low-dose radiation therapy improves delivery of therapeutic nanoparticles to brain tumors
27 Lipid vesicles transmit luminous or electrical signals
28 Nanovaccine boosts immunity in sufferers of metabolic syndrome
29 Tiny optical elements could one day replace traditional refractive lenses
30 Same properties, lower cost--Copper-based alternative for next-generation electronics
31 AD alloyed nanoantennas for temperature-feedback identification of viruses and explosives
32 Scientists capture live, atomic-level detail of nanoparticle formation
33 Programmable 'Legos' of DNA and protein building blocks create novel 3-D cages
34 Researchers detect minute levels of disease with a nanotechnology-enhanced biochip
35 Nanomaterials give plants 'super' abilities
36 Smart liquid goes dark in the heat
37 New record on the growth of graphene single crystals
38 Ushering in ultrafast cluster electronics
39 Laser focus sheds light on two sources of nanoparticle formation
40 Magnetic nanoparticles can 'burn' cancer cells
41 Black nanoparticles slow the growth of tumors
42 Fabrics that protect against chemical warfare agents
43 A new model predicts squeezed nanocrystal shape when blanketed under graphene
44 JILA's 5-minute sample processing enhances DNA imaging and analysis
45 Graphene coating could help prevent lithium battery fires
46 Scientists synthesize new nanowires to improve high-speed communication
47 New hybrid energy method could fuel the future of rockets, spacecraft for exploration
48 Water that never freezes
49 At the 2-D scale, isotopic composition has unforeseen effects on light emission
50 Some piezoelectric materials may be 'fakes'
51 'Deep learning' casts wide net for novel 2-D materials
52 Wonder material--individual 2-D phosphorene nanoribbons made for the first time
53 World's fastest hydrogen sensor could pave the way for clean hydrogen energy
54 New microscopy method provides more details about nanocomposites
55 Therapeutics-on-a-chip (TOC): Manufacturing synthetic proteins for point-of-care therapeutics
56 New tunable nanomaterials possible due to flexible process invented
57 The golden path towards new two-dimensional semiconductors
58 Researchers find new ways to image, characterize unique material
59 Measles count in US this year already more than all of 2018
60 Germany debates 'presumed consent' to boost organ donations
61 Blocking platelets: A possible option to prevent fatty liver disease and liver cancer
62 How the brain fights off fears that return to haunt us
63 Global microbial signatures for colorectal cancer established
64 Study shows how light therapy might help premature babies avoid vision problems
65 Study links insurance coverage to access to hospital care
66 Sugar could be sweet solution to respiratory disease
67 New therapeutic strategy to prevent gastrointestinal disease
68 How common are advanced care planning conversations with hospitalized, older patients?
69 New therapy targets cause of adult-onset muscular dystrophy
70 Estrogen byproducts linked to survival in breast cancer patients
71 When your partner has erectile dysfunction
72 Colorado drug takes aim at cancer metastasis
73 Counties with more trees and shrubs spend less on Medicare, study finds
74 Ethical questions raised on body donation after medically assisted death
75 Foods to lower your cholesterol count
76 Most parents want age limits on football tackling
77 Questions remain about safety of Parkinson disease psychosis drug
78 Women dominate ob/gyn field but make less money than male counterparts
79 More than one in ten Canadians want to be in an open relationship
80 Mental health stigma, fueled by religious belief, may prevent latinos from seeking help
81 HIV infection increases the risk of death associated with depressive symptoms
82 Adavosertib speeds cancer cells into the wall of mitotic catastrophe
83 Key brain region for navigating familiar places identified
84 Tobacco use makes precancerous cells that fertilize cancer growth
85 Research reveals how immune cells help tumors escape body's defenses
86 Federal study gives new options for people with rare cancers
87 Mozambique races to contain 1,000 cholera cases
88 Brain growth inhibited by heavy alcohol use
89 Kids with high blood pressure need smooth transition to adult care
90 Changes to WIC food program tied to reversal in obesity trends
91 LOXO-195 promising against tumors with acquired resistance to first-generation therapeutics
92 UC San Diego Health treats first cancer patient with stem-cell derived natural killer cells
93 Liquid meal replacements cut cardiometabolic risk factors
94 Vitamins, carotenoids associated with lower risk for cataract
95 Evidence for link between 'leaky gut' and autoantibody production in HIV-positive patients
96 Adults with mental health, substance disorders more likely subject to Medicaid work rules
97 Study finds Medicare Advantage networks are broad and getting broader
98 Higher circulating sex hormone regulator (SHBG) levels linked to lower asthma risk
99 Scant evidence that e-cigarette growth linked to 'renormalization' of teen smoking
100 Blood test helps accurate, rapid diagnosis for pre-eclampsia
101 Drugs used to enhance sexual experiences, especially in UK
102 New research shows 73 percent of allergists prescribe under-the-tongue allergy tablets
103 Cholera cases mount to over 1,000 in cyclone-hit Mozambique
104 Experts discover historic roots of Medicare for All, public option and free-market proposals
105 Researcher studies the binge-watching blues
106 Healing the heartbreak of stillbirth and newborn death
107 Researcher finds dangerous levels of metals in liquor sold in Uganda
108 Seniors struggle with anxiety when personal needs not met
109 Study: Families spend half of their evening meal distracted by technology, tasks
110 Evaluating spousal caregivers cardiovascular risks