File Title
1 Study: Life-saving antibiotic receives new use guidelines from researchers around world
2 Researchers unveil progress and challenges in introducing typhoid conjugate vaccine in Africa/Asia
3 Trading cryptocurrency is problematic for regular gamblers, Rutgers study says
4 Endocrine Society commends reinvigorated effort to regulate chemicals in personal care products
5 Illuminating the genome
6 Hubble's dazzling display of 2 colliding galaxies
7 Why you lose hearing for a while after listening to loud sounds
8 Interdisciplinary team discovers double helix structure in synthetic macromolecule
9 The moire patterns of three layers change the electronic properties of graphene
10 Renaissance for artisanal mortar
11 New gene hunt reveals potential breast cancer treatment target
12 The ABS of molecular engines
13 Alzheimer's: How does the brain change over the course of the disease?
14 Listening to quantum radio
15 Zinc could help as non-antibiotic treatment for UTIs
16 Small animals with big impact
17 Pheromones and social status: Machos smell better
18 New method opens the way for cutting tools with longer lifetime
19 CO2 mineralization in geologically common rocks for carbon storage
20 Improving researchers' abilities to forecast epidemics
21 Number and timing of pregnancies influence breast cancer risk for women with BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation
22 Canadians' consumption of fruit and vegetables drops 13 percent in 11 years
23 EPFL researchers simulate the process of adhesive wear
24 Precision drugs could unmask cancers to immune system and boost effects of immunotherapy
25 Endocrine Society celebrates International Women's Day with special thematic issue
26 SwRI-led LAMP instrument sheds light on lunar water movement
27 Sewage reveals levels of antimicrobial resistance worldwide
28 Proofs of parallel evolution between cognition, tool development, and social complexity
29 Hookah smokers are inhaling toxic chemicals that may harm the heart
30 Female academic EM doctors less likely than male doctors to hold rank of full professor
31 Study of young athletes suggests snoring and sleep apnea are linked to sudden cardiac death
32 Care home dehydration tests don't work
33 Smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity each linked to unhealthy brains
34 Fusion science and astronomy collaboration enables investigation of the origin of heavy elements
35 New study explores impacts of marine and freshwater predators on ecosystems and society
36 Discovery brings new understanding to sophistication of microbial warfare
37 Faster robots demoralize co-workers
38 When coyote parents get used to humans, their offspring become bolder, too
39 Research connects dots among ocean dynamics, drought and forests
40 For hyenas, there's no 'I' in clan
41 College campuses are thinking about lactation spaces--but could be doing more
42 Are eyes the window to our mistakes?
43 When green 'fixes' actually increase the carbon footprint
44 For infection-fighting cells, a guideline for expanding the troops
45 Forgetting uses more brain power than remembering
46 Study: Messages of stewardship affect Christians' attitudes about climate change
47 Imaging technique finds differences between radiation-sensitive and resistant tumors
48 Teenage T. rex was already chomping on prey, new UW Oshkosh research shows
49 Southern Ocean acidification puts marine organisms at risk
50 OHIO study: Information literacy can combat 'fake news'
51 Cash programs that help the poor can harm natural resources
52 Genes that evolve from scratch expand protein diversity
53 Sussex scientists one step closer to a clock that could replace GPS and Galileo
54 Ultrathin and ultrafast: Scientists pioneer new technique for two-dimensional material analysis
55 No silver bullet for helping the Great Barrier Reef
56 How to take a census of Earth's biodiversity? One team of researchers has a plan
57 New 'tracers' improve diagnosis of cancer and may be useful for treatment
58 Binge drinking in adolescence may increase risk for anxiety later in life
59 Controlling thermal conductivity of polymers with light
60 The largest ever catalog of bacteria in the human body contain over 150 thousands genomes
61 Hot or cold, rural residents more vulnerable to extreme temperatures
62 Cutting the standard dose of medication for acute mountain sickness in half does not reduce its effectiveness
63 Note-taking jurors influence verdicts, study finds
64 To slow malaria, cure mosquitoes with drug-treated bed nets
65 Mindfulness found to improve mental health of students
66 Kids' concussion recovery like snakes and ladders game
67 Researchers say education a major barrier to following heart healthy diet
68 Researchers find a piece of Palaeolithic art featuring birds and humans
69 A tale of two cities: Is air pollution improving in Paris and London?
70 Mobile devices don't reduce shared family time, study finds
71 How online neighborhood reviews could aid urban planning
72 Novel technology aims to improve lithium metal battery life, safety
73 Daylight savings sees 'sleepy consumers' with a wider variety in their shopping carts
74 Mystery solved--biologists in Dresden explain the genetic origins of the saffron crocus
75 Multi-country study: Many Airbnb listings that allow smoking lack smoke detectors
76 Brain stimulation improves depression symptoms, restores brain waves in clinical study
77 Sepsis a leading cause of death in US hospitals but many deaths may not be preventable
78 New regulatory factor identified in bone formation
79 New study highlights 'alarmingly high' rate of visual problems in stroke survivors
80 Selfish genetic elements amplify inflammation and age-related diseases
81 UNH researchers identify role gender-biased protein may play in autism
82 Criteria for the reduction of environmental impact applied in the Roman Theatre of Italica
83 Researchers turn liquid metal into a plasma
84 Gender-based salary gap persists among academic emergency medicine physicians
85 Blood pressure control is beneficial, is it not?
86 New data uncovers missing numbers to the only body clock that matters--your immune age
87 Unveiling the role of selenocysteine, the mysterious 21st amino acid
88 New diagnostic clues found for life limiting lung condition
89 Across diseases, women are diagnosed later than men
90 Sex differences in personality traits in Asian elephants
91 Of mice, men and...computers: Common foundations of biological and artificial vision
92 Mechanized cane measures patients' rehabilitation process without noticing it
93 An international study co-led by CNIO identifies a 'sensor' that activates cell migration
94 Improved hybrid models for multi-step wind speed forecasting
95 Massive twin star discovered snuggling close to its stellar sibling
96 The fiddlers influencing mangrove ecosystems
97 Inhibiting post-translational modifications may lower oxidative stress in the aging eye
98 Winning the arms race: Analysis reveals key gene for bacterial infection
99 Pollinators need people
100 Hospital cleaning trial cuts infections
101 Persons with Alzheimer's disease have a higher risk of head injuries
102 A robotic leg, born without prior knowledge, learns to walk
103 What's for dinner? Sushi, with a side of crickets
104 How to train your robot (to feed you dinner)
105 Researchers discover new nitrogen source in Arctic
106 Honey bees can help monitor pollution in cities
107 NIH study shows many preteens screen positive for suicide risk during ER visits
108 Air pollution may impact fetal cardiovascular system, Rutgers study says
109 Finding the right 'dose' for solar geoengineering
110 Computer kidney could provide safer tests for new medications