File Title
1 Smoking during pregnancy doubles the risk of sudden unexpected infant death, study warns
2 How two or more trips to the bathroom at night cost the US economy $44.4 billion a year
3 New species of stiletto snake capable of sideways strikes discovered in West Africa
4 Ancient records prompt rethink of animal evolution timeline
5 Researchers uncover additional evidence for massive solar storms
6 Sydney united to build a quantum harbor city
7 New study shows an eye scan can detect signs of Alzheimer's disease
8 Nature's own biorefinery
9 Experts present a new framework for global species monitoring
10 How susceptible are hospital employees to phishing attacks?
11 For infants, distinguishing between friends and strangers is a laughing matter
12 Fatal horizon, driven by acidification, closes in on marine organisms in Southern Ocean
13 Spontaneous spin polarization demonstrated in a two-dimensional material
14 Researchers report new light-activated micro pump
15 New plastic surgery statistics reveal trends toward body enhancement
16 ORNL-led collaboration solves a beta-decay puzzle with advanced nuclear models
17 A school that values diversity could result in health benefits for students of color
18 Academic performance of urban children with asthma worse than peers without asthma
19 Moderate muscle strength may lower risk for type 2 diabetes
20 Quantum physicists succeed in controlling energy losses and shifts
21 Sinister blastocystis: a clandestine killer of good bacteria revealed
22 Physicists use supercomputers to solve 50-year-old beta decay puzzle
23 Anti-malarial shows promise in human clinical study
24 Rainfall changes for key crops predicted even with reduced greenhouse gas emissions
25 Short birth intervals associated with higher offspring mortality in primates
26 Few pathways to an acceptable climate future without immediate action, according to study
27 US black and Hispanic minorities bear disproportionate burden from air pollution
28 Fossil teeth from Kenya solve ancient monkey mystery
29 Colorectal cancer in patients with early onset is distinct from that in older patients
30 New wallaby-sized dinosaur from the ancient Australian-Antarctic rift valley
31 Remembering to forget
32 Multitasking amygdala neurons respond to sights, sounds, and touch
33 Study finds that parents often permit e-cigarette use in homes and cars with children
34 Thyroidectomy more effective than medication for Hashimoto disease [plus other topics]
35 Could an eye doctor diagnose Alzheimer's before you have symptoms?
36 Protection from Zika virus may lie in a protein derived from mosquitoes
37 When a cell's 'fingerprint' can be a weapon against cancer
38 New device could help minimize scarring in cosmetic surgery
39 Easier nicotine vaping product access likely to improve health and reduce health costs
40 Watching for 'bright lines' during the Trump presidency
41 No super-Drosophila: Vinegar fly species have a good vision or olfaction, but not both
42 Review of noise impacts on marine mammals yields new policy recommendations
43 Spine evaluation is critical to reduce dislocations in revision total hip arthroplasty
44 Study suggests hip replacement patients can skip hip precautions
45 Health inequality threatening more adolescents worldwide than ever before
46 Study finds IV and pill form of acetaminophen work equally well after hip replacement
47 Study reviews the potential impacts of future heat waves on humans and wildlife
48 Adding docetaxel-based chemotherapy to standard treatment for high-risk prostate cancer
49 OU neuroscientists find brain pathway supporting an intersection of taste and pain
50 Desert plants provided by homeowners offer habitat for desert bird species
51 Stanford researchers outline the role of a deep brain structure in concussion
52 Problem drinking linked to HIV, other sexually transmitted infections in Ugandan youth, study finds
53 Speedy 'slingshot' cell movement observed for the first time
54 Your body is your internet--and now it can't be hacked
55 UM study suggests climate change limits forest recovery after wildfires
56 Asteroid Bennu, target of NASA's sample return mission, is rotating faster over time
57 Cancer imaging technology can help reveal life-threatening pregnancy disorder
58 Neurofeedback gets you back in the zone
59 Machine-learning model provides detailed insight on proteins
60 Light provides control for 3D printing with multiple materials
61 Discovery upturns understanding of how some viruses multiply
62 Excessive hygiene promotes resistance to antibiotics
63 Little owls on the move
64 Can artificial intelligence solve the mysteries of quantum physics?
65 Treatment guidelines for breast implant-associated lymphoma (BIA-ALCL)
66 Opioid crisis: Only a US phenomenon?
67 WVU researchers explore stroke's effects on microbiome
68 At 3,836 mph, which way does the air flow?
69 Starving leukemia cells by targeting amino acids
70 Brain scans help unravel the neurobiology of functional neurological (conversion) disorder
71 Novel potent antimicrobial from thermophilic bacterium
72 From Stone Age chips to microchips: How tiny tools may have made us human
73 Researchers show how coffee growers can optimize profits, sustainably
74 HSS orthopedic surgeons address opioid epidemic head on
75 Administration budget proposal undermined by concurrent cuts
76 Scientists warn about the dangerous interaction of plant protection products
77 Tied in knots: New insights into plasma behavior focus on twists and turns
78 Researchers create SAM[beta]A, a new molecule to treat heart failure
79 Scientists find first evidence for necessary role of the human hippocampus in planning
80 CT scan prior to spine fusion finds almost half of patients had undiagnosed osteoporosis
81 UNH researchers create a hydrogel contact lens to treat serious eye disease
82 Mowing for monarchs
83 Experiences of nature boost children's learning
84 A model for more efficient use of resources after joint replacement surgery
85 What scientists found after sifting through dust in the solar system
86 Copying made easy
87 The ups and downs of sit-stand desks
88 Genetically encoded sensor isolates hidden leukemic stem cells
89 FSU researchers discover a novel protein degradation pathway
90 New contributor to age-related hearing loss identified
91 The nearer the friends, the stronger the regional identity
92 Climate Change: Heat-induced heart attack risk on the rise
93 Taking arts classes leads to better academic performance, Mason research shows
94 Profiling immune system in pediatric arthritis patients offers hope for improved diagnosis and treatment
95 Fear center in the brain protects against illusions
96 Scientists go to extremes to reveal make-up of Earth's core
97 Engaging in physical activity could reduce long-term mortality
98 One among many
99 Probability of catastrophic geomagnetic storm lower than estimated
100 Teachers 'scarred' by legacy of 1988 anti-LGBT+ law
101 How intelligent is artificial intelligence?
102 Researchers improve description of defective oxides with first principles calculation
103 Mixed-cation perovskite solar cells in space
104 NUS study: Eating mushrooms may reduce the risk of cognitive decline
105 First double-blind controlled trial of TNS shows reduced symptoms in some children with ADHD
106 Breath of fresh air in vasculitis research
107 Subsidies for infection control to healthcare institutions help reduce infection levels
108 Results of early-stage liver cancer detection using liquid biopsy published in PNAS
109 New lung cancer studies feature latest treatment advances
110 Big data takes aim at a big human problem