File Title
1 Graphite offers up new quantum surprise
2 Key differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic RNA silencing Argonaute enzyme unveiled
3 Rare cancers: A growing focus of early-stage clinical trials
4 Unprecedented biological changes in the global ocean
6 Memories of movement are replayed randomly during sleep
7 Brain cells involved in insomnia identified
8 Nitrogen-fixing trees 'eat' rocks, play pivotal role in forest health
9 With nanotubes, genetic engineering in plants is easy-peasy
10 Boost for Australian grain industry
11 Study finds ultrasound can assess bone health, increase early screening for osteoporosis
12 Oxygen-tracking method could improve diabetes treatment
13 How a certain bacterium communicates and makes us sick
14 Tweets tell scientists how quickly we normalize unusual weather
15 Researchers invent a needle that knows where to go
16 Breakthrough 'lab-on-a-chip' detects cancer faster, cheaper and less invasively
17 Light-driven signaling of bacteria may provide clues to defeat dangerous infections
18 Long working hours linked to heightened depression risk in women
19 Stop recruiting children, UK Armed Forces urged
20 Few kids' multivitamin products supply recommended daily vitamin D dose
21 An easier way to engineer plants
22 Faced with choice overload, Indian farmers say, 'I'll have what he's having'
23 The importance of sex-specific strategies for prevention, treatment of heart failure in women
24 Better options needed for children at higher risk of premature heart disease
25 Insects hijack reproductive genes of grape vines to create own living space on plant
26 A single dose of a PD-1 inhibitor before surgery predicts outcomes in melanoma patients
27 Identifying the common ground for sustainable agriculture in Europe
28 Plants' drought alert system has unlikely evolutionary origin: underwater algae
29 Faster method to read quantum memory
30 The secret behind witchweed's devastating ability to steal nutrients from crops
31 Ancient wetlands provide new insight into global carbon cycle
32 Scientists lay foundation for single-cell level understanding of DNA replication
33 It's all in the twist: Physicists stack 2D materials at angles to trap particles
34 When sand-slithering snakes behave like light waves
35 Insomnia-associated gene regions suggest underlying mechanisms, treatment targets
36 Manipulating gene expression in neurons with CRISPR
37 ADHD drug Ritalin has no effect on primate prefrontal cortex
38 Migrating blue whales rely on memory more than environmental cues to find prey
39 Eye contact prepares brains for social interaction
40 Mini-tornadoes of spores illuminated during raindrop impact
41 Patients' HIV status should not impact their cancer care
42 Two treatments help dialysis patients with depression, study finds
43 Stellar wind of old stars reveals existence of a partner
44 Being surrounded by green space in childhood may improve mental health of adults
45 Mothers with children taken into out-of-home care at risk of poor prenatal care in next pregnancies
46 'Star Wars' characters' costumes reflect shift from power to romance
47 Is the most effective weight-loss strategy really that hard?
48 Annual FIT home stool test effective for CRC screening rates [plus other topics]
49 New study shows annual noninvasive stool test effective for colon cancer screening
50 Robust and specific gene regulation tool developed for primary brain neurons
51 Newborns with suspected food allergies breastfed significantly longer
52 New mothers reduce their alcohol intake, but this change is short-lived
53 New breakthrough in understanding a severe child speech impediment
54 Packaging insecticides in tiny capsules may make them more toxic
55 Super-enhancers: novel target for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
56 Anemic galaxy reveals deficiencies in ultra-diffuse galaxy formation theory
57 ACTG presents new research on HIV and TB, co-morbidities, treatment, and cure at CROI 2019
58 When temperatures drop, Siberian Miscanthus plants surpass main bioenergy variety
59 More extreme coastal weather events likely to increase bluff erosion, landslide activity
60 Radiation-resistant E. coli evolved in the lab give view into DNA repair
61 New method uses AI to screen for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
62 Cellular alterations increase vulnerability of obese and diabetic individuals to infection
63 How economic inequality shapes mobility expectations and behavior in disadvantaged youth
64 'Immunizing' quantum bits so that they can grow up
65 SU engineers create rubbery 'smart' material to treat open wounds, infections and cancer
66 Savoring...It's not just for dinner
67 Researchers identify how the bacterial replicative helicase opens to start DNA replication process
68 Zoonoses: Antimicrobial resistance shows no signs of slowing down
69 'Dead zone' volume more important than area to fish, fisheries
70 You recognize your face even when you don't 'see' it
71 An existing drug may have therapeutic potential in mitochondrial disease
72 Online intervention shows promise in HIV prevention
73 Study reveals that night and weekend births have substantially higher risk of delivery complications
74 Inside the brains of hungry worms, researchers find clues about how they hunt
75 Artificial intelligence could predict spread of melanoma
76 Better together: Mitochondrial fusion supports cell division
77 Balancing the gut
78 Earning a bee's wings
79 Coda waves reveal carbon dioxide storage plume
80 Machine learning could eliminate unnecessary treatments for children with arthritis
81 Drug interactions in ER's common but preventable, Rutgers study finds
82 Inhibiting cancer-causing protein could prevent scleroderma fibrosis
83 Electronic 'word of mouth' useful in detecting, predicting fashion trends
84 Scientists provide new insight on how the nose adapts to smells
85 Can we address climate change without sacrificing water quality?
86 Cancer survivors see mostly positives in how they have changed
87 Cancer genes' age and function strongly influence their mutational status
88 Improved outlook for people of African descent with treatment-resistant schizophrenia
89 Stem cells provide greater insight into rotator cuff disease
90 How power-to-gas technology can be green and profitable
91 Student-led rheumatology interest group increases interest in field
92 Tobacco plants transformed into 'green bioreactors' to benefit human health
93 Study sheds more light on genes' 'on/off' switches
94 Neuroscientists at TU Dresden discover neural mechanisms of developmental dyslexia
95 New clue for cancer treatment could be hiding in microscopic molecular machine
96 Maternal smoking during pregnancy increases risk of ADHD among offspring up to 3-fold
97 Is kidney failure a man's disease?
98 'Ibiza is different,' genetically
99 Researchers uncover mechanism behind DNA damage control
100 Recovering forests important to conservation, study finds
101 Indigenous knowledge, key to a successful ecosystem restoration
102 First common risk genes discovered for autism
103 Right- or left-handed? Gene expression tells the story of snail evolution
104 New consolidated bio-saccharification technique for lignocellulose conversion developed
105 THC found more important for therapeutic effects in cannabis than originally thought
106 Scientists simulate forest and fire dynamics to understand area burn of future wildfires
107 ALMA differentiates two birth cries from a single star
108 Duke-NUS researchers discover the secret to bats' immunity
109 Indigenous agriculture has potential to contribute to food needs under climate change
110 Signals from distant lightning could help secure electric substations