File Title
1 First Private Lunar Spacecraft Shoots for the Moon
2 Was the Queen's Twitter Hacked, or Does She Just Really like Mushrooms?
3 World's First Dolphin Spinal Tap Cranks Marine Medicine Up to 11
4 Reference: What Is Genetic Modification?
5 Chinese Probe Uncovers New Mystery on the Dark Side of the Moon
6 Watch the Polar Vortex Cast Its Chill Over North America in this Satellite's-Eye View
7 Forgotten Parchments About King Arthur, Merlin and the Holy Grail Discovered in UK Library
8 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
9 Here's What Groundhogs Will Do if Winter Goes Long
10 Punxsutawney Phil Says 'Early Spring.' Here's What Actual Weather Forecasters Say.
11 How Accurate Are Punxsutawney Phil's Groundhog Day Forecasts?
12 Why Do People Ghost?
13 NASA Watched this Baby Island Burst from the South Pacific. And It Seems to Be Here to Stay.
14 China Tests World's 1st Robot Ship for Launching Small Rockets
15 Obesity-Related Cancer Rates Are Rising Among Millennials
16 Hundreds of Mysterious Stone Structures Discovered in Western Sahara
17 This 210-Million-Year-Old 'Dragon' Ate Bones (and Its Own Teeth) for Breakfast
18 Why Alexander the Great May Have Been Declared Dead Prematurely (It's Pretty Gruesome)
19 Super-Earth Smackdowns May Explain Diverse Worlds
20 Historian Collects 'Forgotten' Relics from One of the Most Poignant Symbols of the Cold War
21 Floating Robots Spotted a Huge Plume of Magma Under the Galapagos
22 Snack Attack! Chip Factory Finds WWI Grenade Packed in Potatoes
23 See a Newborn Baby Humpback Whale Swim with Its Mom, Minutes After Being Born
24 The Milky Way Is Totally Twisted
25 Women's Brains Are 3 Years 'Younger' than Men's, Study Suggests
26 Earth's Magnetic North Pole Was Moving So Fast, Geophysicists Had to Update the Map
27 Doctors Zapped a Woman's Brain So She Could Laugh Through 'Awake' Brain Surgery
28 A Cactus Prick Likely Caused Former NHL Player's Life-Threatening Infection
29 Why Physicists Are Interested in the Mysterious Quirks of the Heftiest Quark
30 Maze of Tombs in Egypt Holds Many Mummies Dating Back 2,300 Years
31 Kite-Blown Sled Climbs Antarctic Ice Dome, One of the Coldest Places on Earth
32 Floating Sperm Whale Carcass that Looks like Puffy Marshmallow Haunts Hawaii
33 Smoking Marijuana Linked to Better Sperm Counts in Surprising Study
34 Thousands of Writhing Maggots Create the World's Creepiest Fountain
35 Lost City in South Africa Discovered Hiding Beneath Thick Vegetation
36 Bizarre Space Object 'Oumuamua Could Be a Monstrous Corpse of Comet Dust
37 After 1-Year Joyride in Space, Starman Has Probably Trashed Elon's Roadster
38 Humans Are Eating Most of Earth's Largest Animals to Extinction
39 Patient Tested for Ebola in Pennsylvania
40 Bees Can Solve Math Problems that Would Stump the Average Toddler
41 Here's Why These Creepy Little Moths Have Noisy, Clicking Wings
42 This Spiky-Spined Beast Is the Most Punk-Rock Dino Ever Discovered
43 2018 Was 4th Hottest Year on Record, NASA Finds
44 Ominous Cracks Form in the Northern Hemisphere's Longest Floating Glacier
45 Mysterious Blobs Around These Small Stars May Be Bad News for Alien Life
46 Earth Once Swallowed Its Own Superocean. Could It Happen Again?
47 How Does Consciousness Arise in the Brain?
48 'Oldest' Case of Bone Cancer Is Diagnosed in a 240-Million-Year-Old Shell-Less Turtle
49 Painted Wolves Caught on Camera Hunting Baboons for the First Time
50 More Women Reported to Have Rare Cancer Linked to Breast Implants
51 How Sand Fleas Cause 'Extreme' Infections
52 Bed Used in Hotel for 15 Years Turns Out to Be Henry VII's Marriage Bed
53 SUTD researchers developed customizable microfluidic nozzles for generating complex emulsions
54 Adaptive models capture complexity of the brain and behavior
55 NUS study: Nanoparticles may promote cancer metastasis
56 Stem cell growth accelerated by tropoelastin protein
57 Can the eye help achieve islet transplant tolerance in type 1 diabetes?
58 UH marine mammal research captures rare video of newborn humpback whale
59 New research uses Curiosity rover to measure gravity on Mars
60 The 'stuff' of the universe keeps changing
61 Study: Understanding white blood cells' defense mechanisms could lead to better treatments
62 When neurons get the blues: Hyperactive brain cells may be to blame when antidepressants don't work
63 How whipworms wreak havoc on the gut
64 Scientists find 'new' science instrument on Mars rover Curiosity
65 Factors in 'alarming rate' of cold-stranded sea turtles in Cape Cod Bay
66 Climate change could make corals go it alone
67 Progress with geriatrics legislation highlights collaboration for care as we age
68 Do all chemotherapies have equal long-term heart risk?
69 Warmer water, chemical exposure influence gene expression across generations in a coastal fish
70 Fight or flight: Serotonin neurons prompt brain to make the right call
71 Looking to choose a healthy post-workout snack? Decide early, study says
72 Immune master regulator orchestrates responses to parasite infection
73 Study of brine discharge from desalination plant finds good news and bad news
74 'Working rich' prevail among today's top earners
75 Iguana-sized dinosaur cousin discovered in Antarctica
76 Study reveals wildlife is abundant in Chernobyl
77 Persistent low body weight in young kids increases risk for anorexia nervosa later
78 Passing aircraft wring extra snow and rain out of clouds
79 Feeding tubes shouldn't be on POLST forms: JAGS opinion paper
80 The development of brain stem cells into new nerve cells and why this can lead to cancer
81 Earth's largest extinction event likely took plants first
82 Imperceptible movements guide juvenile zebra finch song development
83 Mean streets: Self-driving cars will 'cruise' to avoid paying to park
84 Hubble fortuitously discovers a new galaxy in the cosmic neighborhood
85 Medical experts restore movement and autonomic function in patients with complete paralysis
86 Research identifies pathway connecting some ARV drugs with liver disease
87 UMD study finds exercise benefits brains, changes blood flow in older adults
88 Identity crisis of satiety neurons leads to obesity
89 Climate change and infertility--a ticking time bomb?
90 New computational method reduces risk of drug formulation
91 How the fruit fly got its stripes: Researchers explore precision of embryonic development
92 For older people, medications are common; AGS Beers Criteria aims to make them appropriate, too
93 Membraneless protocells could provide clues to formation of early life
94 The search for environmental causes of Parkinson's disease moves forward
95 Bitter rapeseed
96 Evolution, illustrated
97 Minority kidney transplants could increase with new option
98 Waters west of Europe drive ocean overturning circulation, key for regulating climate
99 Graphene crinkles can be used as 'molecular zippers'
100 Medical cannabis relieves symptoms in children with autism
101 Survivors of a firearm injury at risk for subsequent hospitalizations
102 Hurricane Katrina's aftermath included spike in heart disease hospitalizations
103 Educated migrants bring wages closer together in regions
104 A correlation found between psychiatric disorders and events during the prenatal stage
105 Connective tissue on the wrong road--When organs start to scar
106 How the immune system protects us against bowel cancer
107 High-dose radiation therapy improves long-term survival in patients with stage-IV cancers, trial finds
108 Dynamic aspirin--molecular vibrations drive electrons over large distances
109 Quantum sensors providing magnetic resonance with unprecedented sensitivity
110 Salmon populations may adapt their eggs to survive in degraded rivers