File Title
1 America grapples with 'ghost guns' amid epidemic of violence
2 How husbands perceive their wives' weight may affect later marriage satisfaction
3 Online violence just as destructive as offline violence
4 Teens with at least one close friend can better cope with stress than those without
5 Natural disasters contribute to holiday travel delays
6 Marketing tricks: Keep your eyes peeled
7 Study finds Indigenous culture boosts children's outcomes
8 Perceived loss of social status linked to rising mortality rate among white Americans
9 More than a quarter of young Canadians aged 15 to 19 are caregivers, research shows
10 Otago scientist excavates medieval Uzbek cemetery
11 Progressive gender views may protect health of financially dependent men
12 Income inequality fuels status anxiety and sexualisation, research shows
13 Why women select college majors with lower earnings potential
14 16-million-year-old fossil shows springtails hitchhiking on winged termite
15 Dinosaur skull turns paleontology assumptions on their head
16 Study: How we interact with animals sheds light on American social inequality
17 Human migration out of Africa may have followed monsoons in the Middle East
18 Are we looking for happiness in all the wrong places?
19 A gender lens is essential to sustaining peace: Evidence from Mozambique
20 Who profits? An analysis of the income-generating activities under the Green Morocco Plan
21 Foster parents of high-need children need more support
22 Socioeconomic status in the US harder to change than any time in past 150 years
23 Flour power: How shoppers choose which bread to buy
24 Prayers can crowd out donations for disaster victims
25 Political distrust a major barrier to climate action
26 Who's Challenging Who? Unique training project showcased online
27 Thousands of medieval manuscripts now online in full color through digitization project
28 Smooth operator: When earnings management is a good thing
29 How to measure inequality as 'experienced difference'
30 Politically extreme counties may act as magnets, migration patterns suggest
31 Dads in prison can bring poverty, instability for families on the outside
32 New study highlights disparity in black financial literacy
33 Chess piece found in Jordan may be world's oldest
34 How many voters really switch parties in British elections? What the evidence tells us
35 New app helps users reduce student debt
36 Study: Student attitudes toward cheating may spill over into their careers
37 Animal embryos evolved before animals
38 New Cretaceous mammal fossil sheds light on evolution of middle ear
39 Moliere most likely did write his own plays
40 Ostrich eggshell beads reveal 10,000 years of cultural interaction across Africa
41 Barbequed clams on the menu for ancient Puerto Ricans
42 Inbreeding and population/demographic shifts could have led to Neanderthal extinction
43 Researchers determine dinosaur replaced teeth as fast as sharks
44 A method with roots in AI uncovers how humans make choices in groups and social media
45 Elizabeth I identified as author of Tacitus translation
46 Dark patterns: Research reveals the dirty tricks of online shopping
47 By 2037 half of babies likely to be born to couples who met online, says report
48 Public believe more than half of fake news about healthcare spread online, major study reveals
49 Questions and humour the keys to social media success
50 New research suggests pensions advice websites create bias
51 Study shows there's nothing wacky about conspiracy theorists
52 Tinder is a waste of time for most people
53 Black Friday in Britain: where it all went wrong
54 Genes borrowed from bacteria allowed plants to move to land
55 Simulation reveals how bacterial organelle converts sunlight to chemical energy
56 Is evolution predictable?
57 DNA data offers scientific look at 500 years of extramarital sex in Western Europe
58 Architecture of a bacterial power plant decrypted
59 Sociable crows are healthier--new research
60 Human link in spread of infectious cancer in mussels
61 Plan would protect 21 coral hot spots in Gulf of Mexico
62 Tool for studying decision-making is ineffective for training better behavior
63 Lichens are way younger than scientists thought
64 Bigger doesn't mean better for hatchery-released salmon
65 Cambodia to ban elephant rides at Angkor temples
66 Pig infected with African swine fever washes up in Taiwan
67 Arizona's tiny desert owl has new chance for protection
68 Jackdaw mobs flip from chaos to order as they grow
69 Protecting native vegetation on rural properties yields Brazil USD 1.5 trillion per year
70 Dwindling tropical rainforests mean lost medicines yet to be discovered in their plants
71 New research expands the answers we can get from bat guano
72 DNA may hold the clue to protecting endangered species
73 Secret lives of rats: Studying the ecology of urban ship rats
74 Scientists discover how the molecule-sorting station in our cells is formed and maintained
75 Tons of acorns? It must be a mast year
76 How nematodes outsmart the defenses of pests
77 Squid open up new antimicrobial drug possibilities
78 eDNA reveals where endangered birds of a feather flock together
79 A review of the lesser known sides of the plant genus Erythroxylum
80 Bacterial protein impairs important cellular processes
81 Survey finds gain in endangered red squirrel population
82 Study links Asian carp with Mississippi River fish drop
83 The little duck that could: Study finds endangered Hawaiian duck endures
84 Plants use a single communication route when developing new chloroplasts
85 Nanomaterials in wastewater have toxic effects on crustaceans and fish
86 Research suggests ponies could play critical role in Dartmoor's future health
87 How mammoth poop contributes to antibiotics research
88 Researchers: Ingredient for new mosquitocidal agent produced by cultivated edible mushroom
89 New research into badger dispersal could minimize bovine tuberculosis spread
90 This scientist has been counting butterflies for 47 years and has no plans to stop
91 Can the long-lost abalone make a comeback in California?
92 Fate of bigeye tuna in the balance in quota meet
93 A genetic tug-of-war between the sexes begets variation
94 New method takes analysis of genetic libraries to next level
95 Dozens of potential new antibiotics discovered with free online app
96 Scientists make vampire bats 'glow' to simulate vaccine spread
97 Scientists uncover resistance genes for deadly ash tree disease
98 Unlikely wasp enemy of a serious alien pest in North America named Idris elba
99 Subtle changes, big effects
100 Should scientists change the way they view (and study) same sex behavior in animals?
101 How gene expression noise shapes cell fate
102 Mantis shrimp vs. disco clams: Colorful sea creatures do more than dazzle
103 Antibiotics from the sea
104 Structure of a mitochondrial ATP synthase
105 Researchers clear the path for 'designer' plants
106 Can plants tell us something about longevity?
107 Study of Wisconsin walleye finds recreational fishing contributes to stock declines
108 'Dual login' mechanism found to resist fungal infection in cells
109 Yellowstone's migrating bison manipulate springtime green-up
110 Tracking inheritance of human mitochondrial DNA