File Title
1 How does poor air quality from bushfire smoke affect our health?
2 Newborns' genomes shouldn't be tested for adult-onset conditions
3 Neuroscientists have gained new insight into how the brain predicts missing visual information
4 Copper hospital beds kill bacteria, save lives, study finds
5 Young male cancer survivors may benefit from testosterone replacement
6 Kombucha, kimchi and yogurt: How fermented foods could be harmful to your health
7 Study: Sugar binges increase risk of inflammatory bowel disease
8 Sex workers' preferences for HIV prevention center on convenience
9 New testing method helps protect workers--and their skin--from harmful chemicals
10 Estimating a monetary value of health: Why and how?
11 How self-reactive immune cells are allowed to develop
12 Long-term blood pressure variation and risk of dementia
13 What makes a cancer test?
14 Leukaemia cells can transform into non-cancerous cells through epigenetic changes
15 Spinal injuries: A new technology of electrostimulation for a more effective approach
16 Two treated for deadly pneumonic plague in Beijing
17 The effects of a mock shelter environment on sleep
18 In states where recreational marijuana is legal, problematic use increased among adults and teens: study
19 Punishing pregnant women for opioid use increases risks to infants
20 Study raises new warnings about frail surgery patients
21 New health insurance benefit at U-M led to increased rates of IVF
22 Study: Melanoma rates drop sharply among teens, young adults
23 Infectious diseases A to Z: New flu antiviral available
24 Cholesterol, fat profiles at birth linked to psychological health at age 5
25 Researchers create model to predict children likely to go into septic shock
26 Taller people have increased risk for developing atrial fibrillation
27 Just what the doctor ordered: Take a yoga class and depression, anxiety improve
28 Stress with disrupted body clock increases risk of metabolic disease
29 Scientists spearhead 'major step forward' for malaria vaccine
30 WHO launches initiative to boost insulin access for diabetics
31 Can 'smart toilets' be the next health data wellspring?
32 Study assesses fracture risk for patients taking multiple medications
33 Targeting alpha-synuclein in the gut may slow down Parkinson's disease
34 Study finds links between early screen exposure, sleep disruption and EBD in kids
35 Forget the Chardonnay, pass me the grape stems: Anti-tumor activity in prostate cancer cells
36 Study suggests weight-loss surgery may release toxic compounds from fat into bloodstream
37 Study teases out factors associated with postpartum overdose
38 International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer issues policy statement on e-cigs
39 Report identifies three dimensions to lifelong 'longevity fitness'
40 Injecting illegal drugs ups risk for death after heart surgery
41 More hospital days seen with antipsychotic use in Alzheimer disease
42 More Americans trying to lose weight, but few succeeding
43 Researchers unravel protective properties of telomere t-loops
44 High-risk surgical patients benefit from teaching hospitals
45 Phage therapy shows promise for alcoholic liver disease
46 Imaging rates continue to rise despite efforts to reduce
47 U.S. states can do more to prevent, treat lung cancer
48 Heart problems ended his NFL career, but magic provides a second act
49 Congenital heart disease linked to neighborhood pollution, poverty
50 Slowing the progression of multiple sclerosis
51 After decades of little progress, researchers may be catching up to sepsis
52 New strategy for encapsulating nutrients makes it easier to fortify foods with iron and vitamin A
53 Puberty may offer window to reset effects of early deprived care on stress-response system
54 Discovery: New biomarker for cancer stem cells
55 Even low-stress surgery can be fatal for frail patients, study finds
56 Improving trauma pain outcomes
57 Conjoined twins from Cameroon successfully separated in France
58 US superbug infections rising, but deaths are falling
59 People who cannot read may be three times as likely to develop dementia
60 Firefighters can ease one another's job stress, but loving spouses may increase it
61 Study finds differences in how men and women perceive their own health
62 Secondary surgery does not improve overall survival for recurrent ovarian cancer patients
63 Wide variation in bowel cancer rates after colonoscopies in England
64 Giving breast cancer patients an average survival time is more often wrong than right
65 Complementary therapies can do more harm than good when breast cancer becomes visible
66 Parents want mental health support to reduce stress of children's hospitalizations
67 Inhaled immunosuppressant may increase survival, pulmonary function after lung transplant
68 Artificial intelligence tool predicts life expectancy in heart failure patients
69 Study finds 'hyperhotspots' that could predict skin cancer risk
70 Mechanical signaling cascade central to fibrotic scar tissue development defined 6
71 Diet trials often amend their outcome measures as they go
72 Early spinal patterns may predict scoliosis in teen years
73 Unhealthy habits can start young: Infants, toddlers, and added sugars
74 High rates of vaccine-preventable infections in pediatric transplant patients
75 Inoculating against the spread of viral misinformation
76 After trade deal, unhealthy foods flowed into Central America, Dominican Republic, study finds
77 Climate change already damaging health of world's children and threatens lifelong impact
78 Regular use of prescription drugs for pain and sleep increases frailty risk by 95 percent
79 Early ID of prenatal exposure to opioids, gabapentin improves timely treatment of newborns
80 Women most affected by vascular complications of diabetes
81 Indonesians quitting 'rice addiction' over diabetes fears
82 Second Ebola vaccine introduced in DR Congo
83 Tonga closes schools as measles epidemic spreads
84 Players' mental health becoming major issue in cricket
85 A potential new way to diagnose male infertility and pharmaceutical treatment options
86 Blocking a survival mechanism could tackle melanoma treatment resistance
87 'Nudging' heart patients to take their statins leads to better adherence and better outcomes
88 Lithium can reverse radiation damage after brain tumor treatment
89 Scientists identify a genetic basis for healthy sleep
90 Bacteria in the gut may alter aging process, study finds
91 Researchers find simpler, more effective cancer vaccine approach
92 Availability of drugs as implants could expand, thanks to MRI maps
93 China accused of 'falsifying' organ donation data
94 Diabetes cases soar, 1-in-11 adults affected: doctors
95 Get your game face on: Study finds it may help
96 Smokers and hypertensive individuals have higher risk of sudden death from brain bleed than previously believed
97 Anti-obesity effect of resveratrol and quercetin metabolites
98 Researchers discover a new way in which insulin interacts with its receptor
99 Antibody injection stops peanut allergy for 2 to 6 weeks, study shows
100 Sonic havens: How we use music to make ourselves feel at home
101 If Dr. Google's making you sick with worry, there's help
102 People know little about brain health but want to know more
103 Strengths-based communications help parents develop stronger line of communications with adolescents
104 Smartwatch app shows promise for identifying atrial fibrillation
105 Health groups urge president to ban all flavored e-cigarettes
106 Research: Chloroquine makes tuberculosis bacteria more susceptible to other antimalarial drugs
107 Diabetes technology often priced out of reach
108 Celiac disease screening for family members
109 'Superbugs' on the rise, new CDC report says
110 Eliminating common bacterial infection significantly decreases gastric cancer risk
111 New technique could optimize PSMA-targeted prostate cancer therapy