File Title
1 Aerobic exercise and heart-healthy diet may slow development of memory problems
2 Earthquakes, chickens, and bugs, oh my!
3 Woody plants with undesirable tendencies
4 Study pinpoints possible cause of noise-related blood vessel damage, heart disease
5 How to measure inequality as 'experienced difference'
6 Big trucks, little emissions
7 Simulating amino acid starvation may improve dengue vaccines
8 Smooth operator: When earnings management is a good thing
9 New technology makes internet memes accessible for people with visual impairments
10 Imaging study provides new biological insights on functional neurological disorder
11 Satellite broken? Smart satellites to the rescue
12 High levels of screen use associated with symptoms of anxiety in adolescence
13 A record-setting transistor
14 Additives result in higher toxins for vape users, Portland State study finds
15 Caring for family is what motivates people worldwide
16 Building a better flu shot
17 Theorem explains why quantities such as heat and power can fluctuate in microscopic system
18 Once hidden cellular structures emerge in fight against viruses
19 Swiss army knife for genome research
20 Space travel can make the gut leaky
21 Scientists outline 10 simple rules for the computational modelling of behavioural data
22 McMaster researcher warns plastic pollution in Great Lakes growing concern to ecosystem
23 People who qualify for Medicare due to disability account for most opioid-related deaths
24 A protein tag to study the immune system
25 Image release: Giant magnetic ropes in a galaxy's halo
26 Successful alcohol, drug recovery hampered by discrimination
27 Playing board games may help protect thinking skills in old age
28 A novel pathway to target colorectal cancer
29 Oligomerix and Feinstein institutes publish in vivo Alzheimer's disease treatment data
30 Scientists inch closer than ever to signal from cosmic dawn
31 Autism-related genetic mutations occur in aging brains of Alzheimer's patients
32 'Climate change is a disability rights issue'
33 Psychological well-being at 52 years could impact on cognitive functioning at 69 years
34 Changes in pupils after asymptomatic high-acceleration head impacts indicate changes in brain function
35 What keeps cells in shape? New research points to 2 types of motion
36 LSE study calls for improved mental health support
37 New method enables easier and faster detection of celiac disease antibodies
38 Skiers had lower incidence of depression and vascular dementia--but not Alzheimer's
39 Did human hunting activities alone drive great auks' extinction?
40 Finding Nemo's family: a good home is more important than good genes
41 Biotech breakthrough turns waste biomass into high value chemicals
42 Scientists dissect and redesign protein-based pattern formation
43 Conservation of biodiversity is like an insurance policy for the future of mankind
44 New migraine medications could endanger patients with high blood pressure
45 Coastal fog linked to high levels of mercury found in mountain lions, study finds
46 Linking wound healing and cancer risk
47 Immunity--master regulator of liver metabolism identified during infection
48 Autism and ADHD share genes
49 The human brain is prepared to follow the rhythm of a song or of a dance
50 Key to rubustness of plants discovered
51 Scientists clarify light harvesting in green algae
52 Regulator of plant immunity tagged
53 Smart reactions through online design of catalytic pockets
54 Bulwer's petrel can fly more than 1,800 kilometers over ocean waters to find food
55 UK and China research team take first steps towards a vaccine for pancreatic cancer
56 Insights into a versatile molecular death switch
57 New study shows unique magnetic transitions in quasicrystal-like structures
58 Hourglass-shaped silicon nanowire photodiodes with increased absorption of light developed
59 Crossing borders and growing resistance: a superbug from south Asia
60 Recrutement of a lateral root developmental pathway into root nodule formation of legumes
61 KBRI team reduces neurodegeneration associated with dementia in animal models
62 CHIRPY DRAGON intervention prevents obesity in urban Chinese children
63 Choking deaths in US children drop by 75% in past 50 years
64 Cerebral organoid model provides clues about how to prevent virus-induced brain cell death
65 We love coffee, tea, chocolate and soft drinks so much, caffeine is literally in our blood
66 New study analyzes viability of sustainable fuels developed through ORNL process
67 Extra-terrestrial impacts may have triggered 'bursts' of plate tectonics
68 Human migration out of Africa may have followed monsoons in the Middle East
69 Splicing factor to blame in triple negative breast cancer
70 Turning key metabolic process back on could make sarcoma more susceptible to treatment
71 HIV: Overwhelming the enemy from the start
72 More medical students are telling their schools about disabilities, and getting a response
73 Mommy drinking is on the upswing--but women without children still drink more
74 Research: Despite what you might think, sexting isn't just about sex
75 Children of abused mothers 50% more likely to have low IQ
76 One shot of ketamine could reduce problem drinking
77 Using fungi to search for medical drugs
78 MS linked to variant of common herpes virus through new method
79 Nuclear reactors with a newly proposed barrier could've withstood Chernobyl and Fukushima
80 New modeling will shed light on policy decisions' effect on migration from sea level rise
81 Therapeutic inhibition of Mcl-1 blocks cell survival in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancers
82 Ternary acceptor and donor materials increase photon harvesting in organic solar cells
83 Study: Increase in calls to US poison control for natural psychoactive substances
84 Newborn immune system detects harmful skin bacteria
85 Investigators narrow in on a microRNA for treating multiple sclerosis
86 Hibernating mammals arouse hope for genetic solutions to obesity, metabolic diseases
87 Working-age Americans dying at higher rates, especially in economically hard-hit states
88 Schools, parents and grandparents hold key to unlocking China's obesity problem
89 Fire ants' raft building skills react as fluid forces change
90 Doctors should avoid co-prescribing benzodiazepines to opioid dependent patients
91 Chemical herders could impact oil spill cleanup
92 Leftover grain from breweries could be converted into fuel for homes
93 Harvesting fog can provide fresh water in desert regions
94 We demand it! Make it happen. Help!
95 Minimally invasive procedure relieves tremors in Parkinson's patients
96 Biennial mammography screening yields more advanced-stage cancers
97 Life, liberty--and access to microbes?
98 Industrial bread dough kneaders could use physics-based redesign
99 From firearms to fish--following patterns to discover causality
100 Saving bats from wind turbine death
101 Anchored by a dense neighborhood: What stops cells from going astray
102 Scientists suggest new solution to the rare-disease problem
103 Flour power: How shoppers choose which bread to buy
104 Prayers can crowd out donations for disaster victims
105 People, climate, and water played a role in the extinction of Australia's megafauna
106 Agroecology is emerging as a new market for peasant farming
107 Dinosaur skull turns paleontology assumptions on their head
108 Industry executives: Profits drive rising prices for MS drugs
109 16-million-year-old fossil shows springtails hitchhiking on winged termite
110 Researchers reach milestone in quantum standardization
111 Hops compounds help with metabolic syndrome while reducing microbiome diversity
112 Study reframes the history of LGBT mental health care
113 Wearable sweat sensor detects gout-causing compounds
114 Geriatricians, internists, and cardiologists surveyed about deprescribing