File Title
1 Climate change: Greenhouse gas concentrations again break records
2 N/A
3 Supernova 1987A: 'Blob' hides long-sought remnant from star blast
4 A third of tropical African plants face extinction
5 Coal: Is this the beginning of the end?
6 Malaysia's last known Sumatran rhino dies
7 Dinosaurs: Restoring Mongolia's fossil heritage
8 Europe keen to demonstrate Moon ambitions
9 SpaceX Starship prototype blows its top
10 Dubai Air Show: The challenges for us all in flying green
11 Brown bear attacks: Deaths spark fear in Romania
12 Musicians 'have to be proactive' on climate change
13 Climate change: Warming signal links global floods and fires
14 Could the world cope if GPS stopped working?
15 Fish moved to allow for Caledonian Canal maintenance work
16 Carmarthenshire workers vote in favour of gritting strike
17 Manxman who built home on government land taken to court
18 General election 2019: Scottish Greens manifesto
19 Cambridge sexual harassment researcher 'laughed at by men'
20 Plastic pollution: Council to install drinking water fountains
21 Climate change: Greenhouse gas concentrations again break records
22 Is it better to drink cows milk or a dairy-free alternative?
23 How we could sleep better--in less time
24 The Dutch islands of tomorrow
25 A cultural history of gaslighting
26 How climate change could kill the red apple
27 How to repopulate rural Spain? Sell its villages
28 Fish moved to allow for Caledonian Canal maintenance work
29 Manxman who built home on government land taken to court
30 Elon Musk reveals why Cybertruck window smashed
31 Tesla sued by Walmart over solar panel fires
32 Tesla Autopilot design 'led to' crash
33 Baby Yoda Gifs reinstated after Star Wars takedown confusion
34 UK Government in Wales account tweets out porn
35 General election 2019: Palaces charity apologises over pro-Tory Tweet
36 Sir Tim Berners-Lee attacks Tories over misinformation
37 Uber loses licence to operate in London
38 Girl Scouts join protest over sale of .org domain
39 Rats trip up Estonia's e-economy
40 Google tackles the black box problem with Explainable AI
41 Viagogo buys rival ticketing website StubHub in $4 billion deal
42 Why is Instagram deleting the accounts of hundreds of porn stars?
43 General election 2019: The reality of bad broadband
44 How China is building a world-beating phone network
45 The rise of children joining high-IQ society Mensa
46 University staff strike over pensions and pay
47 Eight-day strikes at 12 Scottish universities begin
48 Syria conflict: British orphans returned to UK
49 'Half of women will be carers by the age of 46'
50 General election 2019: Lib. Dems promise 20,000 more teachers
51 Oxford Union debate: President resigns over blind student row
52 University lecturers' strikes: Students on how it affects them
53 Foetal alcohol spectrum disorder: Mum's fight for diagnosis
54 Pointless work meetings 'really a form of therapy'
55 'Social workers ran my life as a kid in care--now I am one'
56 Why more people are talking about the issue of social care
57 Machine Minds
58 Lassa fever 'at risk' Britons sent home from Sierra Leone
59 DR Congo workers for Feronia made impotent by pesticides--HRW
60 Samoa measles outbreak worsens with death toll reaching 22
61 Living near busy road can stunt children's lung growth, study says
62 Cancer survivors 'have higher heart risk'
63 Male breast cancer: Men warned to check for symptoms
64 Cancer immunotherapy drug 'less toxic and prolongs life'
65 'How do I go back to the Debbie I was?'
66 Cancer in Senegal: 'I had to sell everything to pay for treatment'
67 Cannabis legalisation: Does it lead to harder drug use?
68 Magee Medical School: The institution waiting to train doctors
69 Call for mental health support for young offenders
70 Sepsis death: A&E 'should have been warned' of patient
71 Tesco pulls honey off shelves amid purity concerns
72 'Surgery tourism' warning after Belfast woman loses breast
73 West Hertfordshire hospital campaigners raise 20k pounds for judicial review
74 General election 2019: Can the NHS boost nurse numbers by 50,000?
75 Election 2019, Your Questions Answered: Are there record numbers of NHS staff?
76 Study Finds Free Internet Access Should Be a Basic Human Right
77 Caution: Drug Discount Cards Could Actually Make Medicine Cost More
78 Researcher Finds New Use for Revolutionary Gene-Splicing Tool CRISPR
79 DNA Is Just One Among Millions of Possible Genetic Molecules--Clues for Origin of Life & Search for Extraterrestrial Biology
80 N/A
81 Inexpensive Sensor to Save Lives of Children, Pets Left in Vehicles
82 Innovative Biosensor Technology for Stem Cells Leads Way to Treatment of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's Diseases
83 Growth Rates of Deep-Sea Coral Communities Revealed for the First Time
84 Shock Study: E-Cigarettes May Be More Harmful than Tobacco to Heart Health
85 'Living Fossils'--First Adult Molars Hold a Health Record Dating Back to the Womb
86 Advanced Memory Applications from Electrical Polarization Control of Magnetic Properties
87 Mountain Gravity Energy Storage--Environmental Long-Term Energy Storage
88 New Fossil Discovery Pushes Back Evidence of Insect Pollination to a Time When Pterodactyls Still Roamed the Skies
89 Hurricanes Have Become More Destructive for USA--Climatic Increase in Frequency of Worst Storms
90 New Breakthrough Offers Fast and Precise Look into Fiber-Reinforced Composites
91 The Thrust of the Problem: New Understanding of Quake that Killed 9,000 People
92 Method for Measuring Animal Personality Developed to Explore Connections Between Genes and Behavior
93 New Theory Says Only Brain Activity Involving 'L5p Neurons' Enters Conscious Awareness
94 Ants the Size of Lions: Augmented Ants [Video]
95 New Bio-Inspired Hydrogel Acts like Superglue in Seawater
96 A Shocking Tool in the Fight Against Bladder Cancer: Anthrax
97 Scientists Use X-Rays and Infrared Light to Explore Egyptian Mummy Bones [Video]
98 Large Scale Integrated Circuits Produced in Printing Press Based on Organic Electrochemical Transistors
99 Anomalous Behavior Found in Supercooled Water at Critical Point Far Below 0C
100 New Organic Solar Cells Set Efficiency World Record
101 Vaping Linked to Life-Threatening Lung Inflammation in 16-Year-Old
102 Larval Fish Nurseries Invaded by Prey-Size Plastics--Biodiversity and Fisheries Production Threatened
103 Degradable Polymers Synthesized by MIT Chemists--Can Break Down in the Body
104 Magnetic Building Blocks for Robotics--Can Be Assembled into Shapes and Controlled by Magnetic Fields
105 Atomic Layer Deposition Scaled Up to Large Surfaces with Lower Costs
106 Scientists Discover the Origin of Brain Mapping Diversity for Eye Dominance [Video]
107 Mineral that Could Preserve Signs of Past Life Spotted at Future Mars Landing Spot
108 Star Ejected by Supermassive Black Hole at Heart of Milky Way at Over 3.5 Million MPH [Video]
109 New Nanoreactor Visualizes the Activity of Individual Catalytic Nanoparticles
110 Mind Boggling Mars Mystery as Oxygen Doesn't Behave by Known Chemistry