File Title
1 New AI could help diagnose dogs suffering from chronic pain
2 New VR game to help researchers understand predator and prey movements
3 Cereal killer's deadly touch could lead to new wheat threat
4 Melting arctic sea ice linked to emergence of deadly virus in marine mammals
5 Skull features among Asian and Asian-derived groups differ significantly
6 Researchers discover how cells know their future and forget their past
7 Study finds sex bias in bird conservation plans
8 Faster heartbeat helps deer mice to survive at high altitudes
9 How do we know when a species at risk has recovered? It's not just a matter of numbers
10 Modified CRISPR gene editing tool could improve therapies for HIV, sickle cell disease
11 Study reveals non-image light sensing mechanism of circadian neurons
12 Unless warming is slowed, emperor penguins will be marching towards extinction
13 Creating fake rhino horn with horse hair to help in saving the endangered rhino
14 Are sheep hanging around waterways?
15 Belgium's first wolf in 100 years is presumed dead--have hopes of coexistence died with her?
16 Microscopic biological motors using magnetotactic bacteria
17 Saving Australia's sea lion population
18 Millions of seabirds rely on discarded fish
19 Targeted gene modification in animal pathogenic chlamydia
20 Emperor penguins could march to extinction if nations fail to halt climate change
21 Chimera formation could favor the expansion of invasive species in the marine environment
22 New tool facilitates genetic mapping of polyploid plants
23 Russian goat who made unlikely friends with tiger dies
24 Nevada reviews possible mining threat to unique wildflower
25 Russia releases last belugas from 'whale jail'
26 Gimme shelter: Seven new leech species call freshwater mussels home
27 Finding Nemo's cousins
28 DNA SOS: Understanding DNA signaling pathways
29 Drones used to release sterile insects to disrupt orchard pests
30 Wasps as an effective pest control for agriculture
31 Light exposure key for growing successful houseplants
32 First adult molars are 'living fossils' that hold a health record dating back to the womb
33 Too much sugar doesn't put the brakes on turbocharged crops
34 Mosquito nets: Are they catching more fishes than insects?
35 Evolutionary diversity is associated with Amazon forest productivity
36 What's the story, morning glory? Taxonomy, evolution and sweet potatoes
37 Hot town, springtime in the city: Urbanization delays spring plant growth in warm regions
38 Vietnam deer rediscovered after nearly 30 years
39 Prey-size plastics are invading larval fish nurseries
40 New research explains how HIV avoids getting ZAPped
41 Study reveals how two strains of one bacterium combine to cause flesh-eating infection
42 Drought-hit Zimbabwe to transfer thousands of animals
43 Cats of the sea offer insights into territorial behavior of wild fishes
44 Humans' ability to read dog facial expressions is learned, not innate
45 Frogs' mating calls also attract predators
46 Scientists find no evidence for 'insect Armageddon' but there's still cause for concern
47 All antibiotics for livestock will soon require a vet's prescription
48 The differences between SMAD2 and SMAD3, nearly identical transcription factors with distinct roles
49 Antibiotics: New substances break bacterial resistance
50 Evidence found of gene markers that may help people survive at high altitudes
51 University of Missouri loses suit over records of dogs and cats used in research
52 Using CRISPR for dose-dependent activation of gene expressions
53 Putting a conservation finger on the internet's pulse
54 Potential vitamin and Alzheimer's drug produced in yeast
55 Fishmeal developed for sustainable aquaculture
56 Applying biodiversity conservation research in practice
57 Wildlife in Catalonia carry enteric bacteria resistant to critically important antimicrobials used in human health
58 Research team discovers epigenetic pathway that controls social behavior in carpenter ants
59 Cells control their dance of death
60 Study shows insulin can increase mosquitoes' immunity to West Nile virus
61 Grin and bear it: Berlin panda gets CT scan for kidney exam
62 Zimbabwe says 200 elephants have now died amid drought
63 Widespread misinterpretation of gene expression data
64 Songbirds sing species-specific songs
65 Whale shark hot spot offers new conservation insights
66 Larger than life: Augmented ants
67 New collection showcases cutting-edge techniques in insect morphology and systematics
68 Bats don't rely on gut bacteria the way humans do
69 Scientists advance citrus greening research efforts
70 Some hoppy news: Hops don't need to go dormant in order to flower
71 Ant expert discovers newly emergent species in his backyard
72 Modern apes smarter than pre-humans
73 Antidepressants polluting the water can change fish behavior
74 Unknown virus discovered in humans
75 Overfishing of large, predatory fish leaves China's Bohai Sea with only tiny fish
76 Scientists find two identical-looking bird species have very different genes
77 Genetic engineering tools produce better-modified plants faster, easier
78 Who controls whom: Algae or sea anemone?
79 Electronic nose to 'sniff' dogs for deadly tropical disease
80 Research team illuminates system by which plants have formed secondary buds since ancient times
81 What is a 'mass extinction' and are we in one now?
82 Healthy mangroves help coral reef fisheries under climate stress
83 Plant specimens provide powerful data about life in the Anthropocene
84 Plants might be helping each other more than thought
85 Oyster aquaculture has small but positive impact on Chesapeake Bay water quality
86 Novel mathematical framework provides a deeper understanding of how drugs interact
87 How the cellular recycling system is put on hold while cells divide
88 'Give me the calcium!' Tulane virus takes over cellular calcium signaling to replicate
89 Body language key to zoo animal welfare
90 Chitin-binding proteins override host plant's resistance to fungal infection
91 Hair-raising truth behind pigeons' lost toes
92 What survives, thrives and dominates over a thousand generations? The answer might be even more complex than thought
93 Extinct giant ape directly linked to the living orangutan
94 Experts unlock key to photosynthesis, a find that could help us meet food security demands
95 Understanding transporter proteins at a single-molecule level
96 Evolution can reconfigure gene networks to deal with environmental change
97 New RNA molecules may play a role in aging
98 How giant kelp may respond to climate change
99 No deliveries: How cells decide when to accept extracellular packages
100 Research brings better news for European ash trees
101 How to make better biofuels? Convince yeast it's not starving
102 Old dogs, new tricks: 10,000 pets needed for science
103 Shark salvation found in crossing conformation
104 Fertilization discovery reveals new role for the egg
105 Scientists developing warning system to teach bears to avoid trains
106 MicroRNA comprehensively analyzed
107 Is it ethical to keep pets and other animals? It depends on where you keep them
108 Is your cat in pain? Its facial expression could hold a clue
109 World's oldest captive white rhino dies in French zoo
110 Gene deletion study identifies many new targets in malaria pathogen