File Title
1 Modern technology reconstructs properties of ochre, commonly found in ancient rock art
2 New statistical model improves the predictive power of standardized test scores
3 Demographic shifts, voter fears, and presidential voting
4 Ancient komodo dragon-like animals had heads proportionally larger than dinosaurs
5 Want more women and minorities in STEM? Address social oppression in the classroom, says new research
6 Government integrity holds key to tackling corporate corruption--study
7 Virtual and mixed reality inferior to traditional learning in anatomy education
8 Vanishing ice puts reindeer herders at risk
9 Best of the best: Who makes the most accurate decisions in expert groups?
10 Would people be willing to give their personal data for research?
11 Cybershoppers make better buying decisions on PCs than phones: study
12 LGBTQ beauty vloggers draw on queer culture to stand out
13 Innovative study produces first experimental evidence linking math anxiety, math avoidance
14 Study offers first large-sample evidence of the effect of ethics training on financial sector behavior
15 Students who are born earlier in the year have fewer friends
16 Extinction of ice age giants likely drove surviving animals apart
17 Digital inclusion and wellbeing in New Zealand
18 Higher financial incentives for crowdsourced delivery workers can improve service
19 Growing length of manifestos casts new light on electioneering history
20 Exposing office distractions and effects on worker productivity
21 Mathematician develops model to control spread of aquatic invasive species
22 Study establishes how some songs sound 'right' in different social contexts, all over the world
23 Financial therapy can aid well-being, stability
24 How older generations in youth-centered industries extract cultural knowledge from trend-savvy interns
25 Where do children in affordable housing go to school?
26 Were other humans the first victims of the sixth mass extinction?
27 Do lockdown drills do any good?
28 New equations for estimating stature more precisely based on tibia length
29 Imaging host-pathogen battle for metal
30 Puffins make poor diet choices when the chips are down
31 Synthetic phages with programmable specificity
32 Shark skin microbiome resists infection
33 Transient wave of hematopoietic stem cell production in late fetuses and young adults
34 Complex society discovered in the vulturine guineafowl
35 City apartments or jungle huts: What chemicals and microbes lurk inside?
36 Scientists discover how potent bacterial toxin kills MRSA bacteria
37 Gene-OFF switches tool up synthetic biology
38 Elusive cancer-related protein captured in flight
39 Research team spins the Sleeping Beauty transposase
40 Ramping up to divide: An unstable protein is the master switch for cell division
41 New approach uses light to stabilize proteins for study
42 The space-time fabric of brain networks
43 Helping quinoa brave the heat
44 Research highlights importance of crop competition as a weed control strategy
45 Deep sea vents had ideal conditions for origin of life
46 Global policy-makers must take a more ambitious approach to reversing biodiversity loss
47 Study of African animals illuminates links between environment, diet and gut microbiome
48 Fractionation processes can improve profitability of ethanol production
49 Peering into a more 'human' petri dish
50 An easier way of sneaking antibodies into cells
51 Microbial meltdown
52 The simple physics behind algal movement towards light
53 What 3,000-year-old Egyptian wheat tells us about the genetics of our daily bread
54 The evolution of genetic engineering
55 Jaw-some wombats may be great survivors
56 Swordfish as oceanographers: Satellite tags facilitate research of ocean's 'twilight zone' off Florida
57 Warmer, wetter climate benefits some birds as wetlands vanish
58 Millions of monarch butterflies killed on Texas highways
59 Research finds a new generation insecticide reduces bumblebee egg laying
60 'Big data' for life sciences--a human protein co-regulation map reveals new insights into protein functions
61 Caribbean seagrass is awash with infected lobsters--but the habitat could be saving the species
62 Achilles heel of tumor cells: Inhibiting the mutated genes that keep cancer cells alive
63 Storm waves along Outer Banks reveal large seashells long buried in dark marsh mud
64 Bats live mostly out of sight and out of mind. But their falling numbers are a reason to look up and worry
65 Scientists studied the reasons for plant extinction in different world regions
66 E. coli gain edge by changing their diets in inflammatory bowel disease
67 Measuring cell-cell forces using snapshots from time-lapse videos of cells
68 New research tool for studying mitochondrial disorders and aging
69 Infectious cancer in mussels spread across the Atlantic
70 Research indicates abundance of microbe diversity key to healthy coastal ecosystem
71 Scientist sheds light on complexity of biodiversity loss
72 Calcium added to acidified prepartum diets for dairy cows benefits future reproduction
73 Researchers discover novel process microbes use to harvest electrons
74 Wild animals evolving to give birth earlier in warming climate
75 Feast or famine: Scientists find key bio 'switch' that helps cells adapt
76 Helpful insects and landscape changes
77 To save biodiversity, scientists suggest 'mega-conservation'
78 The importance of Madagascar's lowland rainforest for lemur conservation
79 Blocking cannabinoid receptors affects zebrafish development, study shows
80 Study shows invasive blue catfish can tolerate high salinities
81 High-tech chestnuts: US to consider genetically altered tree
82 Scientists crack structure of a novel enzyme linked to cell growth and cancer
83 Lost pup turns out to be a rare purebred dingo
84 Team solves structure of key mTORC1 activator
85 Analysis of butterfly genomes reveals answers to complex evolutionary history questions
86 Wildlife studies show damage wrought by major storms
87 Figuring out the total human impacts on biodiversity
88 New drone, underwater footage of orcas stuns researchers, gives intimate look at killer whales' family life
89 Pharmacy in the jungle study reveals indigenous people's choice of medicinal plants
90 Membrane intercalation enhances photodynamic bacteria inactivation
91 Extinct species rediscovered in Winterhoek mountains, South Africa, after 200 years
92 Why did the turtles cross the highway? They didn't, but they still might be impacted
93 A new CRISPR-Cas9 protein to increase precision of gene editing
94 New findings on gut microbiome's interactions with GI diseases
95 Researchers discover new toxin that impedes bacterial growth
96 Quantitative biology opens trail to ecological exploration, evolutionary prediction
97 How human population came from our ability to cooperate
98 Horses blink less, twitch eyelids more when stressed
99 Pangolins threatened by criminal networks in southern Africa
100 Why have so many new diseases developed in the bagged salads sector?
101 Water mold research leads to greater understanding of corn diseases
102 Introducing GMpi: Affordable and adaptable remote monitoring for plant growth experiments
103 In bear country Romania, cohabitation grows strenuous
104 Fishy tacks: poaching threatens Balkans' biggest lake
105 Neural network fills in data gaps for spatial analysis of chromosomes
106 Mammals' complex spines are linked to high metabolisms; we're learning how they evolved
107 Dozens of endangered turtles disappear from Japan zoo
108 Rhode Island conditions excellent for growing world's most expensive spice: researchers
109 Oxygen deficiency rewires mitochondria
110 Minimizing post-harvest food losses
111 Scientists map mouse personality
112 Changing climate is narrowing options for migrating birds
113 Choosing most cost-effective practices for sites could save in bay cleanup