File Title
1 Methotrexate reduces joint damage progression over placebo in erosive hand OA
2 ADA2 is a specific biomarker for MAS in systemic JIA
3 Children with Down syndrome at increased risk for inflammatory, erosive arthritis
4 Post-market price changes alone account for most recent spending growth for biologics
5 Low-dose oral prednisolone substantially improves pain and function in hand OA
6 Limited access to SLE lab tests in developing nations affects usefulness
7 Additional medications to treat children with JIA are urgently needed
8 Physicians should consider HCQ to reduce the risk of recurrent congenital heart block
9 Gadolinium-enhanced MRI improves diagnostic accuracy and predicts polymyalgia rheumatica
10 Atmospheric and environmental changes impact organ-specific lupus flares
11 Tocilizumab more effective than Rituximab in RA patients with low B-cell levels
12 Psoriasis onset determines if psoriatic arthritis patients develop arthritis or psoriasis first
13 Down syndrome arthropathy diagnosis delayed a year, optimal treatments still unclear
14 Ultrasound to guide treatment strategy not beneficial in early RA
15 SLE Medicaid patients have higher 30-day death rate compared to those with diabetes
16 Opioid use hospitalization rates increased for patients with common rheumatic diseases
17 Babies exposed to TNFi or tofacitinib in utero experience very few serious infections
18 Opioids won't help arthritis patients long-term: study
19 Combined tests can predict kidney injury risk in critically ill children
20 The Affordable Care Act's impact on insurance coverage and treatment in patients with HIV and cancer
21 Age is not a barrier to the benefits of weight-loss surgery
22 Impaired liver function during pregnancy may increase risk of childhood obesity
23 Government should address climate change, health and taxes as one issue
24 Brand drug discount cards increase private insurer costs by 46%
25 Arts 'crucial' to reducing poor health and inequality
26 Weight-reduction surgery may prevent strokes, lengthen lives
27 Successful collaboration of community--and state-based heart disease prevention programs focused on
28 Youth with abnormal heart rhythms more likely to have ADHD, anxiety, depression
29 Too much ultra-processed foods linked to lower heart health
30 Heart-healthy lifestyle and nutrition during pregnancy helps kids develop healthy hearts
31 Artificial Intelligence examining ECGs predicts irregular heartbeat, death risk
32 Strong link found between level of depression and heart disease, stroke
33 Psychological stress may increase risk for a serious cardiovascular event in women with heart disease
34 Legal risk of not performing CPR higher than providing lifesaving assistance
35 NIH funding for cardiac arrest research low compared to funding for other leading causes of death, disability
36 Flu shots help prevent illness, death in heart disease patients
37 Specific jobs linked to poor heart health for women
38 Cannabis may be linked to strokes and heart rhythm disturbances in young people
39 Racial bias and discrimination may negatively impact heart disease care, risk factors
40 Social support may reduce heart, stroke effects of discrimination in transgender and gender conforming
41 Early menopause may raise the risk of several heart conditions
42 E-cigarettes take serious toll on heart health, not safer than traditional cigarettes
43 Studies explore potential benefits and costs of increased treatment to achieve lower blood pressure
44 Opioid-related cardiac arrest patients differ from other cardiac arrests
45 Evening eating linked to poorer heart health for women
46 Anticoagulant benefits for atrial fibrillation decrease with age
47 Teaching preschool caregivers healthy behaviors may promote healthier habits in high-risk groups
48 Weekend sudden cardiac arrests are more deadly
49 Decline in ideal heart health begins early for teen girls
50 Sensitivity to bitter tastes may be why some people eat fewer vegetables
51 PTSD linked to increased heart disease risk among female veterans
52 To live longer after a heart attack, keep moving
53 Stopping meth helps reverse drug-induced heart failure
54 Study: Links between teenage anxiety and later harmful drinking
55 Clearing up the confusion over red meat recommendations
56 Injectable, flexible electrode could replace rigid nerve-stimulating implants
57 How to fake a medical record in order to mitigate privacy risks
58 Endotoxin shock protector
59 Clarity needed on vaping
60 High birth number may harm cardiovascular health in women
61 Australian women turning to cannabis to treat endometriosis symptoms
62 Scientists are gaining against tuberculosis, but knowledge gaps remain
63 We may one day grow babies outside the womb, but there are many things to consider first
64 Researchers discover potential therapeutic approach to treat chronic fatigue syndrome
65 3-parent IVF could prevent illness in many children
66 Study: E-cigarettes may be more harmful to heart health than tobacco
67 Millennial health is deteriorating faster than older generations--at a steep economic cost
68 Burn units need to cater to Indigenous kids
69 Are we overestimating lifetime cancer risks?
70 New drug combos may prevent resistance to melanoma treatments
71 Scientists discover mood-altering brain receptor
72 Aging in good health: The inequalities are widening
73 Researchers developing maps on Zika virus infection risk
74 Spending time in nature can improve children's confidence
75 Cracking the mystery of a rare bleeding disorder--and pursuing 'off-the-shelf' drugs to treat it
76 What do we know about the gut microbiota in Parkinson's disease?
77 Nusinersen improves motor function in adults with spinal muscular atrophy
78 How an Alzheimer's-related protein forms plaques
79 Exercise programme could improve breathlessness and quality of life for those with rare pulmonary hypertension
80 How a simple scan helped children suffering with hidden heart diseases in South Africa
81 Wearable tracker study links insufficient sleep to biological aging and cardiovascular disease risk
82 Pioneering new 'smart needle' could revolutionize cancer diagnosis
83 For older adults, new hepatitis C treatments are safe and effective
84 Frequent pot smokers face twice the odds for stroke
85 Evening meals could harm the female heart, study shows
86 The on-again, off-again weight-loss diet
87 Specific neurons that map memories now identified in the human brain
88 Research finds potential target for tumor-causing condition
89 Lasting tumor regression of leukemia and lymphoma in mouse models achieved by U-M compound
90 Think vaping is heathier for your heart than smoking? Think again
91 The pathway to Parkinson's takes a surprising twist
92 Men who receive home care from spouse more likely to feel burdensome than women
93 Scientists explain the origin of brain mapping diversity for eye dominance
94 New way of measuring white blood cell function offers better insights to help patients with sepsis
95 How meditation can help you make fewer mistakes
96 A 'metaphor menu' for cancer patients launched by researchers
97 Is my kid too young for contact sports? Advice still unclear
98 Europe gives go ahead to market Ebola vaccine
99 Growth of contraceptive use highest in African countries: report
100 Fetal nicotine exposure harms breathing in infants
101 Cholesterol levels in American adults declining since 2013 guideline release
102 Forecasting dengue: Challenges and a way forward
103 Team plucks needle from genomic haystack, finding essential transcription factor binding sites
104 Late talkers twice as likely to have severe, frequent temper tantrums
105 Biomarker blood test could reveal high risk heart patients in need of treatment
106 Vaping-related lung transplant performed at Detroit hospital
107 Project to answer last wishes spreads successfully
108 Life-threatening lung inflammation linked to vaping in 16-year-old
109 Middle-aged muscle mass linked to future heart disease risk
110 Age related macular degeneration to affect 77 million Europeans by 2050
111 Newborn baby hiccups could be key to brain development
112 Associations between childhood maltreatment and offending behaviors later in life
113 Contraceptive drug shows promise for preventing and regressing cervical cancer