File Title
1 PSA levels no different with exposure to antidiabetes meds
2 Where does Parkinson's disease start: In the brain, gut, or both?
3 Debunking common misperceptions of Asian community health
4 New molecule reduces the aggressiveness of pediatric cancer
5 Study shows artificial intelligence can detect language problems tied to liver failure
6 Early postop infection ups one-year infection, mortality risk
7 Chinese traditional medicine must be regulated: Europe doctors
8 New York judge sets opioid crisis trial for January
9 Mated female mosquitoes are more likely to transmit malaria parasites
10 GP clinics could help bridge mental health treatment gap, study finds
11 Stem cell transplants used to grow fully functional lungs in mice
12 Personalized gene networks enhance study of disease
13 Program improves short term nutritional outcomes in a conflict zone
14 Vitamin D and Omega 3 supplements do not reduce risk of systemic inflammation: study
15 Learning to stop cancer at its roots
16 More than 2,000 in US diagnosed in vaping illness outbreak
17 Why we need a better understanding of how PTSD affects families
18 One-third of reproductive age women have health conditions that may complicate pregnancy
19 Study shows fewer American Indians getting heart disease
20 Study provides insights on the effects of cannabidiol on severe form of epilepsy
21 Groundbreaking HIV vaccine design strategy shows promise in proof-of-principle tests
22 For first time, potential treatment path becomes clear for subtype of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease
23 Tailor-made for older adults, new tools improve doctor-patient relations
24 Juul halts sales of mint, its top-selling e-cigarette flavor
25 Family history of cancer associated with asthma diagnosis in children
26 Intended to help human, planetary health, EAT-Lancet diet too costly for 1.6 billion people
27 Implantable artificial kidney achieves preclinical milestone
28 Allergy shots may be an effective treatment for pediatric pollen food allergy syndrome
29 How prenatal diet, delivery mode and infant feeding relate to pediatric allergies
30 Breaking news on oral food challenges
31 Breaking news on penicillin allergy
32 Allergy patients equally satisfied with telemedicine and in-person appointments
33 Social media alternative facts on food allergies can negatively impact medical decisions
34 Older adults find greater well-being in smaller social networks, study finds
35 Increased exercise over the age of 60 reduces risk of heart disease and stroke
36 Immersion in virtual reality scenes of the Arctic helps to ease people's pain
37 Study finds brains of girls and boys are similar, producing equal math ability
38 From plants, team extracts a better way to determine what our genes do
39 How to spot a psychopath
40 How the brain regulates variability in motor functions
41 Genetic 'fingerprint' may ID breast cancer patients likely to benefit from potentially toxic chemo, study finds
42 In hunting for cures, ethics can strengthen clinical trials
43 Improvement needed for care of children with acute gastro
44 Stroke death rate increasing for middle-aged Americans
45 Simple blood test could better predict both kidney disease and cardiovascular risk
46 The way of making memories
47 Study: Security, facilities alleviate loneliness in over-65s
48 Study: Chronic inflammatory effect in the oral cavity from alcohol, tobacco and caffeine
49 Eight tips for promoting men's health
50 Nutrient supplements significantly reduce child deaths
51 E-bikes provide intense exercise, but it doesn't feel like a workout
52 Genetic diversity facilitates cancer therapy
53 Study: Children with intellectual disability have less access to healthcare than children with autism
54 Building the first holographic brain 'atlas'
55 Risk for carbon monoxide poisoning increases in winter
56 Number of 'potentially excess deaths' up in nonmetropolitan counties
57 More awareness of Choosing Wisely campaign needed for nurses
58 Oh, oh, oh! The clitoris certainly gives pleasure. But does it also help women conceive?
59 Research: Subset of breast cancers have two PIK3CA mutations on the same allele
60 Critics challenge study's finding that water fluoridation damages children's IQ
61 Researchers find walking a dog to be especially good behavior for nursing students
62 Study finds key Alzheimer's gene (APOE) acts differently in Caribbean Hispanics
63 Kidney disease outcomes differ between severely obese kids vs. adults after bariatric surgery
64 Air pollution in India is associated with higher risk of cardiovascular disease
65 Stress hormone helps control the circadian rhythm of brain cells
66 Researchers discover enzyme's role in 'natural killer T cell lymphoma'
67 Study shows biomarker accurately diagnoses deadly infant disease
68 Leading risk factors, causes of death underrepresented in NIH-supported prevention research
69 High numbers of youth report using prescription opioids in the past year
70 Researchers study social communication in pediatric traumatic brain injury
71 Researchers report new insights into Parkinson's disease-related mortality
72 Study vaccine protects monkeys against four types of hemorrhagic fever viruses
73 Patients with cirrhosis have considerable financial burden
74 Lung cancer incidence rates generally declined from 2007 to 2016
75 Scientists develop method to standardize genetic data analysis
76 New technique to identify a common cause to TMA diseases for which there is a treatment
77 Investigators build a better targeted drug therapy using the power of computation
78 Study finds new option for liver transplant patients
79 Trump wants to raise minimum age for vaping to 21
80 Many multiple sclerosis patients considering stem cell transplant
81 Plastic surgery trainees may delay plans to have children
82 On Chicago's South Side, revitalization aims for 'culture of health'
83 Expert alert: Some common youth sports injuries are avoidable
84 Quinn on Nutrition: Coffee and tea questions
85 Kratom may cause liver damage: study
86 The essential upper arm shape-up
87 First case of dengue spread by sex confirmed in Spain
88 DNA technology as a novel strategy for delivery of anti-HIV antibodies
89 Best practice treatment guidelines help doctors identify, treat vaping-associated lung injuries
90 A tasty and nutritious way to prepare fish
91 Researchers find new potential approach to type 2 diabetes treatment
92 Give newborn to mom right away--after moving the electrodes
93 Bacteria that killed 3 infants traced to hospital equipment
94 US officials identify 'strong culprit' in vaping illnesses
95 New tool predicts five-year risk of chronic kidney disease
96 Supplements don't preserve kidney health in type 2 diabetes
97 Doctors don't realize hair care prevents many African-American women from exercise
98 Researchers publish preclinical data on new drug combination to treat neuroblastoma
99 Many teens have low iron, B12 levels years after bariatric surgery
100 Glutamine-blocking drug slows tumor growth and strengthens anti-tumor response
101 Physicians create guide for identifying, treating vaping lung illness
102 Depressed MS-patients suffer debilitating symptoms earlier
103 PERL concludes reduced uric acid has no impact on kidney disease in type 1 diabetes
104 Oral health for older adults
105 US identifies likely culprit of vaping illness outbreak
106 Common muscle relaxant causes severe confusion in patients with kidney disease
107 Neurosurgery in Brazilian Amazon is possible
108 Hospitalizations among dialysis patients are higher in areas with more black residents
109 Rising rates of kidney injury in women who are hospitalized during pregnancy
110 Biologics offer similar disease activity improvement for elderly and young-onset RA patients
111 Some people with RA treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors for cancer have flare, most able to continue treatment