File Title
1 Four ways to curb light pollution, save bugs
2 A century later, plant biodiversity struggles in wake of agricultural abandonment
3 Potato virus Y is the most serious threat to potato--some strains more than others
4 First evidence of the impact of climate change on Arctic Terns
5 In the deserts of Dubai, salmon farming thrives
6 Butterfly on a bomb range: Endangered Species Act at work
7 Study measures impact of agriculture on diet of wild mammals
8 Metagenomics unlocks unknowns of diarrheal disease cases in children
9 Coming to a head: How vertebrates became predators by tweaking the neural crest
10 Mitochondrial mixing mechanism critical for sperm production in mice
11 New species of seaweed uncovered by genetic analyses
12 Some small mammals undeterred by industrial activity, study shows
13 Health threat from blue-green blooms extends beyond single toxin
14 Researchers find risk in reopening Florida goliath grouper fishery
15 Drones carting GoPros to track gray whale behavior and spot their poop off Oregon Coast
16 Breathing space for a marine world under pressure
17 Researchers find secret of beetle success: Stolen genes
18 Researchers develop a database to aid in identifying key genes for bacterial infections
19 Researchers discover remarkable variation in genetic mechanisms that drive sexual differentiation of frogs
20 Deep-sea bacteria copy their neighbors' diet
21 RNA regulation is crucial for embryonic stem cell differentiation
22 Bats in attics might be necessary for conservation
23 Panda Bei Bei says bye bye to US, heads 'home' to China
24 Endangered whales react to environmental changes
25 A decade after the predators have gone, Galapagos Island finches are still being spooked
26 Manmade noise a 'major global pollutant': study
27 Botanists scour aging orchards for long-lost apple varieties
28 Leadership's in the blood for tiny fish
29 Bursting the bubble: Revealing tasty genetic secrets of gigantic single-celled creatures
30 Researchers discover molecular light switch in photoreceptor cells
31 Beavers brought in to beat flooding in Britain
32 Manta rays and whale sharks consuming massive amounts of plastics near Indonesia
33 Hip dysplasia in cats is hereditary and more common in bigger individuals
34 A ligand-independent origin of abscisic acid perception
35 In the Great Lakes' most productive fishing grounds, dead zones are eroding livelihoods
36 Slowing down: Is aging caused by decreased cellular metabolism?
37 Dog and sheep bones help injured pigeons fly again
38 Machine-learning approach helps discover new ways of controlling spatial organization of induced pluripotent stem cells
39 Innovative hearing protection may protect military working dogs
40 Yeasts in nectar can stimulate the growth of bee colonies
41 To navigate, flies make flexible mental maps of the world
42 3-D maps of gene activity
43 Hormone clue to snail shells' spiral
44 Genetic discovery holds implications for better immunity, longer life
45 New fossils shed light on how snakes got their bite and lost their legs
46 Melanin-producing Streptomyces are more likely to colonize plants
47 A third of Africa's tropical flora threatened with extinction: study
48 Only eat oysters in months with an 'r'? Rule of thumb is at least 4,000 years old
49 Two insect species classified as threatened as glaciers melt
50 The cause of chewy chicken meat
51 US-born Bei Bei settles into new home at Chinese panda base (Update)
52 Scientists first to develop rapid cell division in marine sponges
53 Researchers sequence genome of the 'devil worm'
54 China 'medicine' demand threatens world donkey population: report
55 Not so selfish after all: Key role of transposable elements in mammalian evolution
56 The antibiotic arms race moves at high speed
57 A new antibiotic has been hiding in the gut of a tiny worm. It may be our best weapon against drug-resistant bacteria.
58 For Chesapeake oysters, the way forward leads back--through the fossil record
59 Cells lose their ability to share resources as we get older
60 Tropical fish shredding kelp forests in temperate zones
61 Peptide in male fruit fly semen found to enhance memory in females after mating
62 Math reveals how diseases progress and bacteria develop drug resistance
63 From anomalure to zebra duiker: Spotlight on West Africa's mammals
64 Scientists develop new method to estimate seal breeding frequency
65 How to fight illegal cocoa farms in Ivory Coast
66 Structures near airports increase risk of airplane-goose collisions
67 Fish in California estuaries are evolving as climate change alters their habitat
68 Unraveling gene expression
69 Self-restrained genes enable evolutionary novelty
70 Back on all fours--Ronda the dog's pioneering prosthetic surgery
71 Building better bacteriophage to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria
72 Dung beetle discovery revises biologists' understanding of how nature innovates
73 Magnesium deprivation stops pathogen growth
74 Deep learning to analyze neurological problems
75 In the war on emerging crop diseases, scientists develop new 'War Room' simulations
76 Simple model explains why different four-legged animals adopt similar gaits
77 Pollinator friendliness can extend beyond early spring
78 New disease hits corals
79 Monsanto pleads guilty to using banned pesticide on research crop
80 Groundbreaking cohesin study describes the molecular motor that folds the genome
81 Motherly poison frogs shed light on maternal brain
82 How primordial germ cells commence sperm and egg production in the embryonic gonad
83 Scientists unravel mysteries of cells' whiplike extensions
84 Scientists find a place on Earth where there is no life
85 A deep learning-based model DeepSpCas9 to predict SpCas9 activity
86 The filaments that structure DNA
87 DNA repeats--the genome's dark matter
88 Dangerous bacteria communicate to avoid antibiotics
89 Interaction with fungus containing nitrogen-fixing endobacteria improves rice nitrogen nutrition
90 In a first for cell biology, scientists observe ribosome assembly in real time
91 First in vitro Puerto Rico crested toad gives scientists hope
92 Sumatran rhino is extinct in Malaysia as lone survivor dies
93 Enzyme toolkit makes biotechnology globally accessible
94 Understanding cell division
95 Tawny crazy ants' weird genetics may help them thrive in new environments
96 Keeping cats indoors: How to ensure your pet is happy, according to science
97 Bacteria-infecting viruses bind mucosal surface and protect from disease
98 People, climate, and water supply all played a role in the extinction of Australia's megafauna
99 Sexually dimorphic gene found to affect sexual receptivity for female fish
100 How species in the wild are managing the risks and rewards of sharing space with humans
101 New discovery in C. difficile biology could lead to treatments for dangerous infections
102 New flu drug drives drug resistance in influenza viruses
103 Babies in the womb may see more than we thought
104 Fish size affects Snake River salmon returns more than route through dams
105 Study tracks genomic changes that reinforce darter speciation
106 Aquatic microorganisms offer important window on the history of life
107 How diversity of respiratory quinones affects microbial physiology
108 Unravelling the venomous bite of an endangered mammal
109 A little prairie can rescue honey bees from famine on the farm, study finds
110 Coated seeds may enable agriculture on marginal lands
111 Researchers report first recording of a blue whale's heart rate
112 How plants adjust their body plan to cope with high temperature stress
113 Discovery increases chance of improving iron content in plants