File Title
1 Sounds of the past give new hope for coral reef restoration
2 Fine-tuning gene expression during stress recovery
3 Elizabeth I identified as author of Tacitus translation
4 Electro-optical device provides solution to faster computing memories and processors
5 Armored with plastic 'hair' and silica, new perovskite nanocrystals show more durability
6 Toward more efficient computing, with magnetic waves
7 Home urine test for prostate cancer could revolutionize diagnosis
8 The coldest reaction
9 Combine chemical probe resources to optimize biomedical research, scientists urge
10 Placenta changes could mean male offspring of older moms more likely to develop heart problems
11 Half of all women with HIV are diagnosed late in Europe
12 Pharmacist-led interventions may help prevent cardiovascular disease
13 Additive manufacturing and NI/TI metal bolster cooling technology
14 Informed consent for heart procedure: most patients overestimate benefits
15 Harvard Wyss Institute researchers demonstrate machine-guided engineering of AAV capsids
16 Climate science: Amazon fires may enhance Andean glacier melting
17 Research enables artificial intelligence approach to create AAV capsids for gene therapies
18 Underwater telecom cables make superb seismic network
19 A new theory for how black holes and neutron stars shine bright
20 Contagious cancer in shellfish is spreading across the Atlantic Ocean
21 Research affirms imaging technique's ability to characterize healthy and non-healthy tissue
22 Oyster deaths: American slipper limpet is innocent
23 Carbon intensity of power sector down in 2019
24 New method accelerates development of protein therapeutics
25 Physiotherapy 'postcode lottery' uncovered
26 National group publishes approach to improve pediatric sepsis surveillance
27 Scholars find that irregularly shaped parks reduce mortality risk
28 Scientists find new way to identify, manipulate topological metals for spintronics
29 Concordia researcher hopes to use big data to make pipelines safer
30 Most shoppers unaware of major risk factor for most common form of glaucoma in UK
31 Neonicotinoids: Despite EU moratorium, bees still at risk
32 Head-to-head comparison finds three anti-seizure drugs equally effective for severe form of epilepsy
33 The use of certain neonicotinoids could benefit bumblebees, new study finds
34 Puffins stay cool thanks to their large beak
35 Animals could help humans monitor oceans
36 Biodiversity and wind energy
37 Activation of opioid receptor uncovered
38 Black silicon can help detect explosives
39 Problems of homophobia and transphobia in sport
40 How do scars form? Fascia function as a repository of mobile scar tissue
41 New study shows a minimum dose of hydromethylthionine could slow cognitive decline
42 Researchers say animal-like embryos preceded animal appearance
43 A step forward in the struggle against neuroblastoma, a type of childhood cancer
44 Breast milk could help prevent heart disease caused by premature birth, RCSI study
45 Solving fossil mystery could aid quest for ancient life on Mars
46 Exploring drug repurposing to treat glioblastoma
47 Comprehensive reviews by leading experts focus on challenging areas of vitamin D research
48 Dance of the RNases: Coordinating the removal of RNA-DNA hybrids
49 Artificial intelligence: Towards a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms
50 Barbequed clams on the menu for ancient Puerto Ricans
51 Prostate cancer 'super responders' live for 2 years on immunotherapy
52 New vaccine will stop the spread of bovine TB
53 Scientists develop first implantable magnet resonance detector
54 Photosynthesis--living laboratories
55 Ultrahigh temperature superfluidity made possible in atomic gases via mixed dimensions
56 New Cretaceous mammal fossil sheds light on evolution of middle ear
57 Discovery by Hebrew University scientists could revolutionize chemotherapy
58 Impact crater data analysis of Ryugu asteroid illuminates complicated geological history
59 The molecule that can AUTAC bad proteins
60 Researchers finally grasp the work week of enzymes
61 Guidebooks or grandmas? Where most moms get their pregnancy advice
62 Glass from a 3D printer
63 Silencing retroviruses to awaken cell potential
64 Inadequacies in current early-stage lung cancer treatment revealed
65 UBC research highlights need to safeguard drones and robotic cars against cyber attacks
66 Patient's place of residence matters when choosing cost-effective anticoagulation therapy
67 Thermo-chemical power generation integrated with forced convection cooling
68 New study shows a carnivorous dinosaur species regrew all its teeth every few months
69 Unique sled dogs helped the inuit thrive in the North American Arctic
70 Study: Student attitudes toward cheating may spill over into their careers
71 A method with roots in AI uncovers how humans make choices in groups and social media
72 Scientists now know what DNA's chaperone looks like
73 Habitat restoration alone not enough to support threatened caribou: UBC study
74 Study finds three anti-seizure drugs equally effective for severe form of epilepsy
75 Researchers create 'smart' surfaces to help blood-vessel grafts knit better, more safely
76 Helper protein worsens diabetic eye disease
77 Adelphi, OHIO researchers determine dinosaur replaced teeth as fast as sharks
78 Bad news for Nemo
79 Animal embryos evolved before animals
80 Gene discovery in fruit flies could help search for new treatments for mitochondrial disease
81 Not seeing the trees for the wood
82 Artificial intelligence-based algorithm for intensive care of traumatic brain injury
83 Moliere most likely did write his own plays
84 Experts call for more active prevention of tooth decay for children's teeth
85 Chinese Academy of Sciences leads discovery of unpredicted stellar black hole
86 First measures of Earth's ionosphere found with the largest atmospheric radar in the Antarctic
87 Mental practice may improve golfers' putting performance
88 Can obesity limit antiarrhythmic drug effectiveness?
89 COP25 special collection: Keep climate change impacts under control by making biodiversity a focus
90 Air pollution linked with new causes of hospital admissions
91 Better way to interpret blood tests to diagnose pulmonary embolism
92 UK health service 'lagging behind' other high income countries
93 Air pollution linked to several new causes of hospital admissions
94 What protects killer immune cells from harming themselves?
95 Cutting nanoparticles down to size--new study
96 Shrewd savannah species choose friends with benefits on the African plains
97 Nine climate tipping points now 'active,' warn scientists
98 Beware of swimming if you use deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's
99 USC researchers show how feathers propel birds through air and history
100 Nearly 40% of species are very rare and are vulnerable to climate change
101 Cromolyn sodium delays disease onset and is neuroprotective in the SOD1G93A Mouse Model of ALS
102 CMU algorithm rapidly finds anomalies in gene expression data
103 Immediate treatment with antiretroviral therapy helps infants with HIV
104 New high-resolution images show how malaria parasites evade frontline drugs
105 Molecular eraser enables better data storage and computers for AI
106 Deportation worries may increase high blood pressure risk
107 Stem cell therapy helps broken hearts heal in unexpected way
108 On balance, some neonicotinoid pesticides could benefit bees
109 Atomic-scale manufacturing method could enable ultra-efficient computers
110 Researchers study chickens, ostriches, penguins to learn how flight feathers evolved
111 Material for safer football helmets may reduce head injuries
112 Why do we freeze when startled? New study in flies points to serotonin
113 Beads made from ostrich eggshell track cultural change in ancient Africa
114 Inbreeding and population/demographic shifts could have led to Neanderthal extinction
115 Laboratory-evolved bacteria switch to consuming CO2 for growth
116 Humans co-evolved with immune-related diseases--and it's still happening
117 Ostrich eggshell beads reveal 10,000 years of cultural interaction across Africa
118 Imaging uncovers secrets of medicine's mysterious ivory manikins
119 Gunshot injuries have long-term medical consequences
120 New pads absorb shock better than foam with air flow and easy manufacture