File Title
1 High waist circumference associated with elevated risk of obesity-related dementia
2 Study offers data-driven definition of unhealthy yet pervasive 'hyper-palatable' foods
3 Daylight Saving Time saves no one
4 Optimizing kidney donation and other markets without money
5 New assessment could identify risks of frailty
6 Zanzibar tests drones spraying rice fields to fight malaria
7 Use of antibiotics in newborns varies widely among California hospitals, study finds
8 Cancer risk drops in half with over 20% weight loss after bariatric surgery
9 New study challenges decades-old patient eligibility criteria for weight-loss surgery
10 Metabolic surgery cuts likelihood of recurrent and fatal heart attacks
11 Weight-loss surgery may counter genetic risk for developing breast cancer
12 Web-based calculator predicts risk of death, complications from diabetes and obesity
13 Cleveland Clinic develops calculator to estimate 10-year risk of diabetes complications
14 Wealth matters when it comes to obesity
15 Cervical pre-cancer can be detected in self-collected urine or vaginal sample
16 Uncontrolled asthma symptoms may start in the stomach
17 Lifetime effects of poverty take toll in older age
18 Writing and reading starts with children's hands-on play
19 Running may help you live longer but more isn't necessarily better
20 Dog ownership could reduce loneliness
21 Poo transplants beat antibiotics for treating C. diff superbug
22 Almost 30 percent of Cambodians borrow money for healthcare
23 Study reveals possible solution to elevated cancer risk from important anti-infection drug
24 Teen vapers prefer mint flavored e-cigarettes, study shows
25 Five reasons it can be hard to talk to your doctor--and four ways to do it better
26 Lack of awareness and treatment delays put people with wet macular degeneration at risk of avoidable sight loss
27 Videogames improve quality of life during dialysis
28 Regenerative medicine technology targets cause of low back pain
29 How to be fit in your 60s and beyond
30 Get healthier with a mental reset
31 Teen vaping numbers climb, fueled by Juul and mint flavor
32 Thrombosis: Anticoagulant Rivaroxaban soon also available for children
33 Neuroscientists reveal link between cell 'dark matter' and chronic nerve pain
34 Down syndrome carries raised risk of dementia by 55
35 Aiming to beat schizophrenia to the finish line
36 Novel technology allows more accurate measurement of brain activity
37 How to make a lighter layer cake
38 On the front lines of mental health care, emergency rooms are adapting
39 Birth control options out of reach for many low-income women
40 CBD, THC use during early pregnancy can disrupt fetal development
41 Scientists identify new puberty-promoting genes
42 Behavioral therapy for insomnia shows benefit for children with autism and their parents
43 Learning is optimized when we fail 15% of the time
44 New 'bike helmet' style brain scanner used with children for first time
45 Chromosomal aberrations created during in vitro fertilization do not endanger future babies
46 Low-intensity warfarin not noninferior in hip, knee surgery
47 Bariatric surgery in obese patients may lower cancer risk
48 Heart disease down over a generation among American Indians
49 New resource for dementia and firearm safety to prevent injuries
50 'Hey, what is this?': Social media, not docs, increasingly diagnosing STDs
51 First trial in US to use deep brain stimulation to fight opioid addiction
52 Study calculates links between prescription medications and risk for suicide
53 Cancer metastasis: Tumor plasticity counts
54 Potential drug targets for glioblastoma identified
55 Physical activity may protect against new episodes of depression
56 Zooming into cilia sheds light into blinding diseases
57 Childhood chores not related to self-control development
58 Q&A: Cigarettes vs. e-cigarettes is the 'wrong comparison,' inhalation researcher says
59 Researchers find human brain can rewire itself after a traumatic bodily injury
60 To monitor cancer therapy, researchers tag CAR T cells with imaging markers
61 Studies use biologic augmentation in ACL reconstruction surgery
62 Risk factors of MA in patients treated with therapeutic hyperthermia after cardiac arrest
63 New transmission model for Ebola predicted Uganda cases
64 ER focus on immediate medical issues can miss the bigger picture
65 Planning to avoid temptations helps in goal pursuit
66 School-based telehealth program reduces ED visits by pediatric asthma patients
67 Substance use, misuse and dependence: A PLOS Medicine special issue
68 Mind-body therapies alleviate pain in people prescribed opioids
69 Cannabis could help alleviate depression and suicidality among people with PTSD
70 Marker reveals if benign-appearing meningiomas are perilous
71 US health officials link childhood trauma to adult illness
72 Blood cancers: New generation stem cell transplant significantly reduces complications for patients
73 Differences in sensory brainwaves of autistic teenagers could assist in earlier diagnosis and support
74 Only-children more likely to be obese than children with siblings
75 Study shows bariatric surgery's impact on diabetic kidney disease in severely obese teens
76 Normal body weight can hide eating disorder in teens
77 Study questions video games' effects on violent behavior
78 Study examines depression in the last year of life
79 Factors during pregnancy may affect early childhood weight
80 Mutations linked to expression of genes associated with complex traits
81 Critical protein that could unlock West Nile/Zika virus treatments identified
82 Imaging test may help predict the success of labor induction
83 Determinants of employability of people living with HIV/AIDS
84 Medication use during pregnancy is common in women with preeclampsia
85 Analysis by surgical trainees examines recommendations for mastectomy across the UK
86 The reproductive function of the clitoris
87 Study examines theory on menopause age and symptom severity
88 The cost of waiting in emergency departments
89 Are oral medications for vaginal yeast infections safe during pregnancy?
90 Sleep deprivation linked to weaker bones
91 School-based sleep program may benefit adolescents
92 Women with HIV at increased risk of early onset menopause
93 Researchers develop novel method to identify patterns among patients with multiple chronic conditions
94 Quality of life changes after weight loss
95 Why myelinated mammalian nerves are fast and allow high frequency
96 Evidence that tobacco smoking increases risk of depression and schizophrenia
97 Australia's rural doctors speak up to boost regional health services
98 New clues found to help protect heart from damage after heart attack
99 Dogs are more than companions, they are great for our mental wellbeing
100 Vaccine candidate for gonorrhea shows preclinical effectiveness
101 Students engineer blood vessel receptors to signal life-threatening conditions
102 Unlocking happiness
103 Aussie women born overseas have higher rates of stillbirths
104 Dodgy diet affects daytime drowsiness
105 Study debunks hormonal misconception of exercise
106 Brain clue signals anxiety, depression in some kids
107 Research: It is more permissible to jokingly disparage a group if you belong to it
108 Researchers find link between eye disease and degeneration of the brain
109 One in four Australian adults take a food safety risk eating raw eggs