File Title
1 Male specimens preferred by animal collectors, study suggests
2 Doubt over future of Antarctic ocean sanctuary plans
3 Lots of good terns: Bird ready to fly off endangered list
4 Stingless bee species depend on a complex fungal community to survive
5 Chemical 'vaccine' helps plants repel pathogens
6 Marine pathogenic bacterium forms specialized cells for dissemination
7 Growth Arrest Specific 7 protein allows cells to eat
8 New field test detects banana fungus faster than ever
9 New insect database to help with forensic investigations
10 Noise pollution hurts wildlife, but states have trouble turning down the volume
11 Keep quiet or be eliminated: How cell competition modulates morphogen gradients
12 Protecting species on the move
13 Fish pass 'hot genes' onto their grandchildren
14 Underwater grandmothers reveal big population of lethal sea snakes
15 Yeast study reveals how multiple genes interact to influence a surprising cellular outcome
16 Researchers discover the 'KARAPPO' gene and illuminate vegetative reproduction
17 Study provides framework for one billion years of green plant evolution
18 Evolving alongside other bacteria keeps hospital bug potent
19 Marmoset monkeys can learn a new dialect
20 Understanding local attitudes to snow leopards vital for their ongoing protection
21 Why are bald eagles such great gliders? It's all in the wrist
22 Bringing policy and law into fight against buffelgrass
23 Biologists build proteins that avoid crosstalk with existing molecules
24 Official: Solving wild horse problem will take $5 billion, 15 years
25 Male spiders show their sensitive side
26 Newly discovered protein is the permit to the powerhouse of cells
27 Fungi could reduce reliance on fertilizers
28 Swarm of sea urchins wreaks destruction on US West Coast
29 Rats trained to drive tiny cars find it relaxing, scientists report
30 Scientists identify British butterflies most threatened by climate change
31 Special cells contribute to regenerate the heart in zebrafish
32 Rescuing the world's endangered river dolphins takes cutting edge science and community
33 Gray wolves are protected in Washington. So why does the state keep killing them?
34 Dried-out tardigrades could point way to drug preservation, resilient crops
35 Study uncovers a plant barrier against toxic aluminum
36 The benefits that carnivorous animals bring to society are under-studied
37 Evolution is resetting the annual clock in migratory birds
38 Plant microbes suppress costly root immune responses to boost plant growth
39 Australian honey abuzz with high-value antibacterial activity
40 120-year-old extinct lizard specimen revealed by mitochondrial DNA
41 Iron availability in seawater, key to explaining the amount and distribution of fish
42 81% of tuna catch comes from stocks at healthy levels, 15% require stronger management
43 Higher local earthworm diversity in temperate regions than in the tropics
44 Genetic risk factor for laryngeal paralysis in miniature bull terriers identified
45 Deformed wing virus genetic diversity in US honey bees complicates search for remedies
46 Warming waters, local differences in oceanography affect Gulf of Maine lobster population
47 From death strip to 'Green Belt' of life
48 Game changer: New chemical keeps plants plump
49 New research finds ocean warming forces reefs into cool-water refuges
50 The salamander that eats its siblings' arms could one day help you grow a new one
51 Study shows how vital coral algae adapts to warming seas
52 Tourism zones in Pirin National Park threaten chamois population
53 Tracking down the functions of the microbiome
54 Yeast experiments show fit lineages are less tolerant to deleterious mutations
55 Ultrastructure of focal adhesion scaffold unveiled in human pluripotent stem cells
56 Roaming Russian eagles leave scientists broke
57 Online trade poses new threat for wild orchids
58 Messages in amber envelopes
59 Fire-spawned forest fungi hide out in other organisms, study finds
60 Tiny beetle named after climate activist Greta Thunberg
61 First in-depth study of marine fungi and their cell-division cycles emerges
62 Rare Bangladesh crocodile lays eggs in new hope for species
63 Oil spill threatens rare Bangladesh dolphin breeding zone
64 New species found in whale shark mouth
65 How new plant species get their names
66 Completing DNA synthesis
67 Trout habitat improvements also benefit nongame native fish
68 Argonaute proteins help fine-tune gene expression
69 Key role for calcium release in root development
70 Helpful insects and landscape change
71 Scientists call for improved approach to biodiversity targets on invasive species
72 Testing a new therapy for horses struggling to breathe
73 A step towards greater biomass uptake in Europe
74 Not all genes are necessary for survival: These species dropped extra genetic baggage
75 Complex potato genome further unveiled
76 Scientists develop efficient methods to turn woody biomass into fuels
77 New study reveals important yet unprotected global ocean areas
78 Preserved pollen tells the history of floodplains
79 Student maps Niagara's invasive species
80 The Blinky Bill effect: When gum trees are cut down, where do the koalas go?
81 Transforming DNA repair errors into assets
82 Lend me a flipper: Dolphins and cooperation
83 Make fungi think they're starving to stop them having sex, say scientists
84 Researchers find 'protein-scaffolding' for repairing DNA damage
85 Yersinia: A novel genomic tool for identifying strains
86 Signaling waves determine embryonic fates
87 Study tracks evolutionary history of metabolic networks
88 Research team wants to eliminate dangerous plant diseases in rice
89 Great Barrier Reef island coral decline
90 Genetics reveal Pacific subspecies of fin whale
91 Drug overdose treatment for humans can detox turtles poisoned by red tide, study shows
92 Theory explains biological reasons that force fish to move poleward
93 The frostier the flower, the more potent the cannabis
94 Extent of human encroachment into world's protected areas revealed
95 Consumer markets, companies linked to habitat loss for rare species in Brazil's savannah
96 Satellite, drone photos could help predict infections of a widespread tropical disease
97 Underground fungal relationships key to thriving plants
98 Chicks born with ability to distinguish and avoid different dangers
99 New clues as to why mutations in the MYH9 gene cause broad spectrum of disorders in humans
100 UK vets need special training to report suspected animal abuse
101 Intense monitoring and care lift mountain gorilla numbers
102 Fishing plastic 'ghost nets' out of the Baltic
103 Severe drought shuts down reproduction in copperhead snakes, study finds
104 Red algae thrive despite ancestor's massive loss of genes
105 Sewage, rivers and soils provide missing link in antibiotic resistance story
106 Hot as shell: birds in cooler climates lay darker eggs to keep their embryos warm
107 Why plants panic when it rains
108 Stripes can help prey stay hidden on the move, our new research reveals
109 Migratory birds are worse off in West Africa
110 Bird bacteria is key to communication and mating