File Title
1 Anti-arthritis drug also stops tuberculosis bacillus from multiplying in blood stem cells
2 Researchers study immune response to influenza
3 FDA wants stronger warning on breast implants about risks
4 Women scientists author fewer invited commentaries in medical journals than men
5 Stressing cancer with spice
6 Common chemical linked to rare birth defect in mice
7 Treatment for common vision disorder does not improve children's reading skills
8 A possible gut-brain connection to 'chemo brain'
9 Why, sometimes, we don't see what we actually saw
10 Q&A: Should you get vaccinations with a suppressed immune system?
11 A weapon to make a superbug become even more deadly
12 First use of flavored tobacco linked to subsequent use
13 Limited English proficiency may worsen chronic disease outcome
14 Pregnancy complications tied to higher risk of later hypertension
15 Disneyland visitor had measles, may have exposed others
16 Patients with diabetes still require more hospitalizations for infections
17 Lung transplant with ex vivo lung perfusion feasible
18 Accumulation of DNA mutations found in healthy liver leads to disease
19 High-salt diet promotes cognitive impairment through the Alzheimer-linked protein tau
20 Interest in CBD products keeps soaring, but health experts wary
21 Uncovering the pathway to colon cancer
22 Alcohol byproduct contributes to brain chemistry changes in specific brain regions
23 Antibiotics with novel mechanism of action discovered
24 A single, master switch for sugar levels?
25 Clues to improve cancer immunotherapy revealed
26 Scientists unveil the secret of cancer-associated Warburg effect
27 Outcomes across nonmelanoma skin cancer treatments similar
28 Vaping devices under scrutiny as lung illness outbreak continues to vex health officials
29 Caption glasses aid the deaf and hard of hearing
30 Zeroing in on how a tumor suppressor protein is cast away
31 Promising therapy for common form of eczema identified in early-stage trial
32 New blood test could be used to help millions of people infected with tuberculosis
33 Researchers identify new antiviral drug effectively treats influenza infection
34 Leading foods in the EU fall short of criteria for marketing to children
35 Medicaid expansion improved coverage more for married versus unmarried people
36 Even the fetus has gut bacteria, study shows
37 Young adult women abused as adolescents report higher levels of pain
38 Scientists discover reasons why targeted immuno-oncology drugs sometimes fail
39 Central Valley workplaces can be hostile for minority doctors
40 Too many older adults readmitted to hospitals with same infections they took home
41 Study fingers new player in cancer immunity
42 Study calls for forensic nursing exams to include concussion evaluation
43 Study looks at distribution of new cases of diabetes, density of specialists
44 As large chains grow to dominate dialysis, patient outcomes decline
45 Mapping international drug use by looking at wastewater
46 Lowest-paid workers have longest retirements
47 US and Gates Foundation plan $200 million for sickle cell, HIV cures
48 Brain studies show chronic fatigue syndrome and Gulf War illness are distinct conditions
49 Stress-related disorders linked to subsequent risk of severe infections
50 Ban filtered cigarettes to curb global plastic waste, say experts
51 Childhood obesity linked to structural differences in key brain regions
52 Where the sun doesn't shine? Skin UV exposure reflected in poop
53 Poverty may be more critical to cognitive function than trauma in adolescent refugees
54 A tale of two cities: Impact of reducing teens' access to flavored tobacco products
55 Researchers find risk factors for unemployment with multiple sclerosis vary by age
56 Sentinel lymph node biopsy has no benefits for stage zero breast cancer
57 Ending HIV will require optimizing treatment and prevention tools, say NIH experts
58 Chemicals in consumer products during early pregnancy related to lower IQ
59 Consensus report shows burnout prevalent in health care community
60 Gut instincts: Researchers discover first clues on how gut health influences brain health
61 Food markets near Ethiopia's poor provide fewer choices at high price, impacting child health
62 Strain of wild poliovirus eradicated: WHO
63 Babies understand counting years earlier than believed
64 Rare diseases: Over 300 million patients affected worldwide
65 Mindfulness meditation enhances positive effects of psilocybin: study
66 CRISPR-edited C. elegans identifies vulnerabilities in cancer
67 20th-century views and responses to drug use are no longer fit for purpose
68 How children influence the life expectancy of their parents
69 Smartphone study shows pain more likely on humid, windy days
70 Five tips for surviving in an increasingly uncertain world
71 Gentle exercise program improves outcomes among older home care clients
72 Influenza human challenge study begins at NIH-sponsored clinical trial units
73 Can Africa end the curse of sleeping sickness?
74 Flu shots benefit patients hospitalized with pneumonia
75 Serum elaidic acid levels tied to dementia, Alzheimer's disease
76 Video: Scientists visualize pain's pathway
77 First evidence of clinical stabilization in Tay-Sachs
78 Professor studies how jazz improvisation affects the brain
79 Alexithymia: Emotional blindness makes it difficult for some people to know how they feel
80 Researchers find four new strains of adenovirus
81 Scientists discover new survival strategy for oxygen-starved pancreatic cancer cells
82 Deleting a liver enzyme lowers the health risk of sweet treats (at least in mice)
83 Wellness strips with companion mobile app give users test results ASAP
84 Gene discovery solves 51-year-old mystery cause of inherited pancreatitis
85 New treatment for macular holes means some patients can avoid surgery
86 Young moms more likely to have kids with ADHD
87 Whole-genome study of metastatic tumors provides a catalog of genetic features of metastatic cancer
88 Lay health navigators key to cervical cancer prevention, study finds
89 Green tea used as control trigger for activating cell therapies remotely
90 Quad training for knee support
91 Don't forget these tips to boost your memory
92 Intermittent fasting: Foolproof or fad?
93 Over-the-top policing of bike helmet laws targets vulnerable riders
94 Nasal swab could help gauge smokers' odds for lung cancer
95 We have a vaccine for hepatitis B, but we still need a cure
96 Alzheimer's amyloid build-up affects certain parts of brain cells more than others in mice
97 Neurorehabilitation: Fighting strokes with robotics
98 More teens learning to drive in safer conditions
99 Safe injection rooms save lives--yet the UK government continues to oppose them
100 How forceps permanently changed the way humans are born
102 Researchers find cells linked to leading cause of blindness in elderly
103 The mystery of what makes a joke funny--but only to some people
104 When Halloween became America's most dangerous holiday
105 Breakthrough in understanding rare genetic skin condition
106 Exploring an unsung part of the brain: the choroid plexus
107 Researchers adapt CAR-T immunotherapy to target the HIV latent reservoir
108 Using artificial intelligence to predict risk of thyroid cancer on ultrasound
109 Scientists reveal novel oncogenic driver gene in human gastrointestinal stromal tumors
110 Mayo Clinic studies patient privacy in MRI research
111 Global Health Security Index finds gaps in preparedness for epidemics and pandemics