File Title
1 How oncologists can ethically navigate the 'Right-To-Try' drug law
2 Mending broken hearts with neural crest cells
3 Electrical pulse to the ear reduces risk of post-operative atrial fibrillation
4 Report underscores urgent need to maintain mobility in the world's older population
5 Changes in microglia impact neuroinflammation and disease pathology
6 Using the gut-brain connection to impact brain health and disease
7 Antiretroviral HIV medication attenuates liver fibrosis
8 Inequality now extends to people's DNA
9 Unanticipated national outbreak: Lung injury related to e-cigarette use
10 Research examines how mistakes can make people 'tune out'
11 Babies (and mobiles) can lead to 'daytime dysfunction'
12 Study shows smartphone app could be a 'green prescription' for mental health
13 Protein movement in cells hints at greater mysteries
14 Beta-blocker trial does not reduce risks for COPD patients
15 Recommendations updated for nonvariceal upper GI bleeding
16 A workout to protect your thumbs
17 Transient and long-term disruption of gut microbes after antibiotics
18 Study shows how circulating tumor cells target distant organs
19 Inflammation and autism--an important piece of the puzzle
20 Depression rates not budging for lesbian and gay teens
21 'Fear of falling': How hospitals do even more harm by keeping patients in bed
22 Central African countries in talks on boosting anti-Ebola fight
23 More choices and stable premiums for 'Obamacare' next year
24 Biogen reanalyzes studies, presses ahead on Alzheimer's drug
25 US highway deaths fall in 2018 for second straight year
26 Widespread use of antacids continues despite long-term health risks, education campaigns
27 Common brain disorders accelerate brain aging
28 Have we become too paranoid about mass shootings?
29 Lateral flow urine lipoarabinomannan assay for detecting active tuberculosis in people living with HIV
30 Moderate use of screen time can be good for your health, new study finds
31 Aged care overhaul needed for older adults living with extreme obesity
32 Intimate partner abuse can lead to depression, suicidal thoughts in old age
33 Cannabis dependency 'wrongly labeled as a male issue'
34 Women less likely to receive Canadian federal research funding
35 A blood factor involved in weight loss and aging
36 A 'shocking' new way to treat infections
37 Novel study documents marked slowdown of cell division rates in old age
38 Machine learning's next frontier: Epigenetic drug discovery
39 US endorses tobacco pouches as less risky than cigarettes
40 Study shows metformin offers no strength training benefits for seniors
41 Exposure to environmental PCBs impairs brain function in mice
42 Point-of-care diagnostic for detecting preterm birth on horizon
43 Q-suite motor assessment tool promising for evaluating Huntington's disease
44 Evolution of aesthetic dentistry
45 Research worth 'bragging' about
46 'Brain in a dish' models advance studies of neural development and disease
47 Men with breast cancer face high mortality rates: Study
48 Scientists discover link between unique brain cells and OCD and anxiety
49 Neural mechanism involved in the creation and consolidation of memories
50 Scientists unpack how taste neurons control food intake
51 VA hospitals have lower rates of adverse events in psychiatric units
52 In Alzheimer's research, scientists reveal brain rhythm role
53 More electronic device use tied to more sugar and caffeine in teens
54 Antidepressant doesn't ease obsessive behaviors of autism
55 FDA approves new drug for most common form of cystic fibrosis
56 Women with more aggressive breast cancer face higher risk of other cancers
57 Substance use disorder ups risk for death after IE valve surgery
58 Review links periodontitis to increased odds for hypertension
59 Good news for parents: Many preemie babies grow up fine
60 IQSEC1 gene mutations cause new intellectual disability syndrome
61 Escapism: A powerful predictor of internet gaming disorder among video gamers
62 Researchers use EHRs to identify cancer symptom clusters
63 Simple conversations can reduce opioid prescriptions after hysterectomy
64 Brain imaging reveals neural correlates of human social behavior
65 Combination of more hospitalizations and brain pathologies linked to faster cognitive decline
66 She thought her dizziness, exhaustion came from being a mom
67 Scientists find solution to Gulf War Illness in FDA-approved antiviral drugs
68 New insights into how the brain perceives and processes odors
69 Poor toilet hygiene, not food, spreads antibiotic-resistant E. coli superbugs
70 3+ hours daily social media use linked to poor sleep patterns in UK teens
71 Anorexia nervosa among young children in the UK and Ireland on the up
72 Prescribing rates for anxiety and sleeping drugs highest in deprived areas
73 Study identifies brain injury as a cause of dementia in some older adults
74 Dementia patients' adult kids diagnosed earlier than their parents
75 Researcher finds exercise can reduce artery stiffness associated with heart failure
76 When a freestanding emergency department comes to town, costs go up
77 Wake-up call: Cellular sleep isn't as harmless as once thought
78 Scientists identify what may be a key mechanism of opioid addiction
79 Heat-cam exhibit alerts tourist to breast cancer
80 Is the stethoscope dying? High-tech rivals pose a threat
81 Choosing the best embryos--researchers pave the way to successful pregnancies
82 Polymerized estrogen shown to protect nervous system cells
83 Novel agent flips on garbage disposal in neurons, eliminating toxic brain proteins in mice
84 Bed time is the best time to take blood pressure medication
85 UN says 1st local polio case found in Zambia since 1995
86 Unexpected role of mTORC2 protein in colorectal cancer
87 Chronic kidney disease patients at increased risk of adverse cardiovascular outcomes
88 New approach to shutting down breast cancer recurrence shows promise in mice
89 The breast cancer 'avatar' mice that could help personalise treatment
90 Expert: Opioid settlements come with limitations
91 Phone coaching prevents falls in older people
92 Your brain approaches tricky tasks in a surprisingly simple way
93 Study: How diet contributes to toxic exposure for pregnant women and children
94 Study pinpoints rare genetic change that may boost risk of warts in throat
95 New chemical weapon to combat cancer
96 Medical alarms may be inaudible to hospital staff
97 Half of all commonly used drugs profoundly affecting the gut microbiome, warn experts
98 Vitamin D deficiency and poor muscle function in the over-60s
99 Zebrafish discovery throws new light on human hearing disorders
100 Don't be fooled by foods that sound healthy but aren't
101 The exercise effect and prediabetes
102 Questionnaire helps terminal patients express needs and wishes to loved ones, caregivers
103 Snacking: the modern habit that could be putting your health and waistline at risk
104 The long arm of childhood conditions
105 The first drug in Hong Kong to be granted orphan drug designation by the US FDA
106 Scientists' discovery leads to greater understanding of Alzheimer's disease
107 Optoacoustic imaging shows potential for noninvasive diagnostics for thyroid disorders