File Title
1 'Astonishing' fossil ape discovery revealed
2 Boston Dynamics boss learned by unbalancing toddler
3 Confidence high in Bloodhound land speed record team
4 Boeing aims for Moon landing in 'fewer steps'
5 Nuclear fusion is 'a question of when, not if'
6 Extinction Rebellion: High Court rules London protest ban unlawful
7 General election 2019: Greens call for 100 billion pounds a year for climate action
8 'I do my engineering in high heels not a hard hat'
9 Could the world cope if GPS stopped working?
10 General election 2019: How big an issue is climate change for voters?
11 Behind the wheel of a hydrogen-powered car
12 Leonardo Di Caprio: 'Greta Thunberg a leader of our time'
13 Hawaii man dies after falling down lava tube in his garden
14 Cow put down after Tadnoll Heath reserve dog attack
15 Welsh farmers' anger over slurry pollution rule changes
16 Jersey gorilla statues raise 1.1 million pounds for new zoo enclosure
17 Scots tourist's hand and wedding ring found inside shark
18 Mexico mammoths: Human-built woolly mammoth traps found in Tultepec
19 Boston Dynamics boss learned by unbalancing toddler
20 Mystery of Napoleon's missing general solved in Russian discovery
21 Polar bears and the sudden appearance of cracks in the ice are just some of the perils encountered when studying how climate change is affecting the Arctic.
22 A British historian famously wrote that work expands to fill available time--but what was he actually saying about inefficiency?
23 The German village split by a wall
24 What is melancholy in the 21st Century?
25 We are often told to go with the first answer that pops into our head, but the evidence suggests we might want to be careful about which intuitions we trust.
26 When social media personality Kate Rumson decided to build a new home, she enlisted the help of millions of people: her followers on Instagram.
27 TikTok: Should we trust the Chinese social-media video app?
28 Ex-Twitter employees accused of spying for Saudi Arabia
29 Netflix to disappear on older Samsung smart TVs
30 Airbnb will verify listings, 11 years after launch
31 Alphabet investigates handling of harassment claims
32 Brittany Kaiser calls for Facebook political ad ban at Web Summit
33 Trend Micro rogue employee exposes customer data
34 Web Summit: Branded 720 pounds jumpers sell out at 'geek Glastonbury'
35 Facebook reveals privacy flaw in Groups
36 Uber in fatal crash had safety flaws say US investigators
37 Video game addiction: China imposes gaming curfew for minors
38 'Landlords treat us students like we're dumb kids'
39 Anglesey man jailed for petrol attack on girlfriend
40 University of Hertfordshire data breach reported to watchdog
41 BritBox: UK broadcasters enter the streaming wars as new service launches
42 Nativity play school polling stations row deepens
43 Students more likely to vote tactically on Brexit
44 More students apply to study medicine
45 Nativity play warning over school polling stations
46 University workers vote for eight-day strike
47 Universities 'undermined by overseas autocracies'
48 Food banks: 'I hung around outside, embarrassed to go in'
49 Losing sight not enough for special needs funding
50 Would student vote go missing in December election?
51 'Take in your grandchildren or you won't see them again'
52 Sperm donors should waive anonymity, fertility regulator says
53 Finland names three 'top dads'
54 Glasgow primary school closed after norovirus outbreak
55 Election 2019, Your Questions Answered: From what age can you campaign?
56 Allerdale taxi drivers must pass test or have licence suspended
57 Queen's and Ulster universities face eight-day strike
58 Students more likely to vote tactically on Brexit
59 Penzance residents welcome 1 million pounds estate facelift
60 Under-16s unregulated placements must be 'eliminated'
61 Does UK lag behind other rich nations on health and care?
62 Left-handed women's quirk over sense of smell
63 Fentanyl smugglers: Nine jailed in landmark US-China operation
64 Baby with rare skin condition abandoned at Italian hospital
65 Lead levels in Canadian water 'exceed safe limit' in a third of cases
66 Yoga teachers 'risking serious hip problems'
67 Cervical screening: DIY alternative to smear test 'promising'
68 Ending stigma and shame over sanitary pads
69 Pesticide poisoned French paradise islands in Caribbean
70 Butt lift surgery: 'Why I'm getting rid of my implants'
71 Periods: Can women sharing stories break down taboos?
72 Knife crime: Inside the London hospital treating the victims
73 Ryan Morse: GP admits not paying enough attention to mother's call
74 NI nurses vote to strike for first time over staffing and pay
75 General election 2019: Labour's 500 million pounds NHS claim fact-checked
76 Flu-vaccine nasal spray delayed for some schoolchildren
77 Children's flu vaccine: PHA downplays fears over delays
78 Lancashire Teaching Hospitals: Leadership praised in fresh report
79 NHS 111: Myla Deviren, 2, died despite 'blue lips' call
80 A machine learning-based algorithm to predict which cancer patients benefit from immunotherapy
81 Cryptocurrencies complicate effort to stop opioid dealers
82 In T2DM patients, anemia tied to diabetic retinopathy
83 CDC: U.S. life expectancy up slightly, mortality lower in 2017
84 Team publishes on highest resolution brain MRI scan
85 Avocados may help manage obesity, prevent diabetes
86 Patients with mood, anxiety disorders share abnormalities in brain's control circuit
87 Factors tied to pregnancy rates in women on dialysis explored
88 Number of Americans with dementia will double by 2040: Report
89 Report finds Americans' health is flagging
90 Cumulative environmental exposures increase diabetes risk in rural populations
91 2011 to 2017 saw increase in heart disease deaths in the U.S.
92 Wildfire smoke threatens health for miles around
93 Cannabis use disorder is declining among young adolescents and young adults
94 Protect your heart through the holiday season
95 Seizures in babies: Team sheds light on why they have lifelong effects
96 Study finds racial variation in post-op care after knee replacement surgery
97 Converging solutions: Artificial networks shed light on human face recognition
98 HIV drug stops Zika infection, strategy could halt infections caused by related viruses
99 Former Juul exec alleges company shipped tainted products
100 Common early sign of cardiovascular disease also may indicate cancer risk, study finds
101 Racial discrimination linked to suicidal thoughts in African American men
102 Try this healthy autumn apple dessert
103 Retina changes offer glimpse into body's heart health
104 Anti-immigrant rhetoric puts Latino patients' health at risk
105 Parental and peer input are linked to differing activity levels for boys and girls
106 A new high-resolution map of how the brain is wired
107 Predicting frailty, disability and death
108 Immune response against skin-dwelling viruses prevents cancer
109 Scientists reverse fibrosis in preclinical studies
110 Study suggests interventions against frailty