File Title
1 Study finds association between physical activity, lower risk of fracture
2 Earthquake impact can be affected by seasonal factors, historical study shows
3 Reassessing strategies to reduce phosphorus levels in the Detroit river watershed
4 Researchers link specific protein mutations to ataxia disease symptoms
5 Polyamide kitchen utensils: Keep contact with hot food as brief as possible
6 Vitamin D dials down the aggression in melanoma cells
7 Why did the turtles cross the highway? They didn't, but they still might be impacted
8 Showing robots 'tough love' helps them succeed, finds new USC study
9 'Vaping': The BfR advises against self-mixing e-liquids
10 VA investigates impact of opioids, sedatives on veterans
11 On the trail of pathogens in meat, eggs and raw milk
12 Electrochemistry amps up in pharma
13 How hot (and not-so-hot) compounds in chili peppers change during ripening
14 Solution of the high-resolution crystal structure of stress proteins from Staphylococcus
15 Higher earning 'elite' political lobbyists overstate their own achievements, study shows
16 Admitting patterns of junior doctors may be behind 'weekend effect' in hospitals, study suggests
17 Revealed a mechanism of beta-cells involved in the development of type-1 diabetes
18 Scientists can replace metal collimators with plastic analogs
19 The genetic imprint of Palaeolithic has been detected in North African populations
20 The first Cr-based nitrides superconductor Pr3Cr10-xN11
21 Lab in hollow MOF capsules beyond integration of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis
22 CoP-electrocatalytic reduction of nitroarenes: a controllable way to azoxy-, azo- and amino-aromatic
23 'Super-grafts' that could treat diabetes
24 Neuron circuitry from brain signals
25 Structural and biochemical studies clarify the methylation mechanism of anticodon in tRNA
26 Prenatal exposure to pollution linked to brain changes related to behavioral problems
27 Neuron circuitry from brain signals
28 Structural and biochemical studies clarify the methylation mechanism of anticodon in tRNA
29 Prenatal exposure to pollution linked to brain changes related to behavioral problems
30 Catholic Church in Cuba did not stay on the margins of the revolution
31 Genetically modified mice can show which functional foods can heal kidney disease
32 Membrane intercalation enhances photodynamic bacteria inactivation
33 Time in host country--a risk factor for substance abuse in migrants
34 A new CRISPR-Cas9 protein to increase precision of gene editing
35 A game-changing test for Prion, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases is on the horizon
36 A solution to a hairy problem in forensic science
37 Exceptional fossils may need a breath of air to form
38 Study finds most surfing injuries involve shoulder or knee, surgery usually not required
39 Preemies who develop chronic lung disease had more stem cells at birth
40 Head and neck cancer patients benefited from Affordable Care Act
41 Mount Sinai researchers develop novel method to identify patterns among patients with multiple chronic conditions
42 A novel method for analyzing marine sediments contributes to paleoclimate reconstitution
43 EduSense: Like a FitBit for your teaching skills
44 Pharmacy in the jungle study reveals indigenous people's choice of medicinal plants
45 The importance of Madagascar's lowland rainforest for lemur conservation
46 Quantitative biology opens trail to ecological exploration, evolutionary prediction
47 Study: Actually, potted plants don't improve indoor air quality
48 First-In-US trial of CRISPR-edited immune cells for cancer appears safe
49 Many insured Americans go out of network, pay more for behavioral health
50 Researchers discover new toxin that impedes bacterial growth
51 Many insured Americans go out of network, pay more for behavioral health
52 Researchers discover new toxin that impedes bacterial growth
53 Scientists should have sex and gender on the brain
54 Women with HIV at increased risk of early onset menopause
55 On the way to intelligent microrobots
56 Intelligent metasurface imager and recognizer
57 Breaking down controls to better control wind energy systems
58 Mailed self-sampling kits helped more women get screened for cervical cancer
59 A new machine learning approach detects esophageal cancer better than current methods
60 New measurement yields smaller proton radius
61 Solar and wind energy preserve groundwater for drought, agriculture
62 UK needs to act to prevent electric vehicle battery waste mountain--new study
63 Switching to solar and wind will reduce groundwater use
64 Extinct species rediscovered in Winterhoek mountains, South Africa, after 200 years
65 Scientists crack structure of a novel enzyme linked to cell growth and cancer
66 Helping quinoa brave the heat
67 Combatting air pollution with nature
68 PFASs from ski wax bioaccumulate at Nordic resort
69 Normal body weight can hide eating disorder in teens, study led by Stanford, UCSF finds
70 Typical olfactory bulbs might not be necessary for smell, case study suggests
71 Only-children more likely to be obese than children with siblings
72 UN, other experts, present prescription to avoid dangerous water shortfall for 70 million Central Asians
73 When managing a company, less is more
74 Critical protein that could unlock West Nile/Zika virus treatments identified
75 Scientists identify circuit responsible for building memories during sleep
76 Study shows invasive blue catfish can tolerate high salinities
77 Blocking cannabinoid receptors affects zebrafish development, study shows
78 An NJIT engineer proposes a new model for the way humans localize sounds
79 Persistent drizzle at sub-zero temps in Antarctica
80 Why myelinated mammalian nerves are fast and allow high frequency
81 Quality of life changes after weight loss
82 To save biodiversity, scientists suggest 'mega-conservation'
83 Study shows bariatric surgery's impact on diabetic kidney disease in severely obese teens
84 'Fake news' isn't easy to spot on Facebook, according to new study
85 Mutations linked to expression of genes associated with complex traits
86 Helpful insects and landscape changes
87 Are students getting enough air?
88 Conservatives more likely to support climate policy if they report harm due to extreme weather
89 Feast or famine: Scientists find key bio 'switch' that helps cells adapt
90 Cannabis could help alleviate depression and suicidality among people with PTSD
91 Your dog might be hiding its true colors
92 NASA's TESS presents panorama of southern sky
93 Marker reveals if benign-appearing meningiomas are perilous
94 Mind-body therapies alleviate pain in people prescribed opioids
95 Does climate change affect real estate prices? Only if you believe in it
96 School-based telehealth program reduces ED visits by pediatric asthma patients
97 ER focus on immediate medical issues can miss the bigger picture
98 New transmission model for Ebola predicted Uganda cases
99 Planning to avoid temptations helps in goal pursuit
100 Perovskite solar cells get an upgrade
101 To monitor cancer therapy, Penn researchers tag CAR T cells with imaging markers
102 Straight from the source
103 Secretome of pleural effusions associated with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and malignant meso
104 Zooming into cilia sheds light into blinding diseases
105 Potential drug targets for glioblastoma identified
106 NRRI scientist sheds light on complexity of biodiversity loss
107 Cancer metastasis: tumor plasticity counts
108 Study calculates links between prescription medications and risk for suicide
109 On the road to Paris: The shifting landscape of carbon dioxide reduction
110 Talk to the hand