File Title
1 Need to balance guides development of limb-body coordination
2 Study reveals limitations of method for determining protein structure
3 Four Loko continues to wreak havoc among young drinkers
4 Cheap as chips: identifying plant genes to ensure food security
5 Sweet corn growers, processors could dramatically increase yield, profit
6 Study of past California wildfire activity suggest climate change will worsen future fires
7 Unlocking the secrets of gallstones
8 New large-sized insect species discovered in tropical forest
9 Melanoma variability at the single-cell level predicts treatment responses
10 Relatively unhappy
11 Using machine learning to understand climate change
12 Creating a single phonon in ambient conditions
13 Forward or backward? New pathways for protons in water or methanol
14 New addiction treatments hold promise for stemming the opioid crisis, scientists say
15 WVU-led study reveals uptick in suicide and fatal drug overdoses among blacks, Hispanics, women
16 Believing in climate change doesn't mean you are preparing for climate change, study finds
17 Identifying a cyanobacterial gene family that helps control photosynthesis
18 A cool alternative to air conditioning
19 Maternal obesity hastens offspring aging, increasing diabetes & heart disease likelihood
20 Cooling nanotube resonators with electrons
21 Children's language skills may be harmed by social hardship
22 When laying their eggs, tobacco hawkmoths avoid plants that smell of caterpillar feces
23 Rice irrigation worsened landslides in deadliest earthquake of 2018 finds NTU study
24 Modern family roles improve life satisfaction for parents
25 A simple way to control swarming molecular machines
26 Smaller than a coin
27 The science of Breaking Bad: Would you know if meth was cooked inside your house?
28 New study challenges our understanding of premature aging
29 A close up on the real world--atomic migration under ambient conditions
30 A close up on the real world--atomic migration under ambient conditions
31 New approach for modern power grids that increases efficiency, reduces cost
32 How to keep cool in a blackout during a heatwave
33 Tau-mediated RNA splicing errors linked to Alzheimer's disease
34 Thin to win
35 Experimental growth factor shows promise for treating knee osteoarthritis
36 Severe allergic reactions identified with peripherally inserted central catheters
37 Weight stigma affects gay men on dating apps
38 Patented concept from Halle: novel, high-performance diodes and transistors
39 UMD discovers new mechanism in the liver that helps prevent invasive fungal infections
40 Accidental discovery of strong and unbreakable molecular switch
41 Prenatal stress could affect baby's brain, say researchers
42 Scientists discover new antibiotic in tropical forest
43 Developing electrically active materials to repair damaged hearts
44 Stabilizing multilayer flows may improve transportation of heavy oils
45 Fish in early childhood reduces risk of disease
46 Dog ownership associated with longer life, especially among heart attack and stroke survivors
47 Mapping normal breast development to better understand cancer
48 Regular exercise is good for your heart, no matter how old you are!
49 In 2 states, legalization of recreational marijuana found to have little effect on crime
50 How can ultrasonic brain stimulation cure brain diseases?
51 The effectiveness of electrical stimulation in producing spinal fusion
52 SwRI hypersonic research spotlights future flight challenges
53 Future intent: Would you let an automated car do the driving?
54 Scientists have identified the presence of cancer-suppressing cells in pancreatic cancer
55 Heat waves could increase substantially in size by mid-century, says new study
56 Drops in income may not only hurt the wallet, they may harm the brain
57 Urban, home gardens could help curb food insecurity, health problems
58 Meningioma molecular profile reliably predicts tumor recurrence
59 Modified quantum dots capture more energy from light and lose less to heat
60 Initiating breastfeeding in vulnerable infants
61 Machine learning helps plant science turn over a new leaf
62 Study shows Housing First program significantly reduces homelessness over long term
63 Dual approach needed to save sinking cities and bleaching corals
64 Mason scientists invent new technology to streamline drug discovery
65 Analysis of US labor data suggests 'reskilling' workers for a 'feeling economy'
66 New research furthers understanding about what shapes human gut microbiome
67 How bike sharing in Seattle rose from the ashes of Pronto's failure
68 Violence linked to social isolation, hypervigilance and chronic health problems
69 Community responders more likely to seek help during overdose when naloxone does not work
70 Traffic experts, parents don't always see eye to eye on safe cycling routes for children
71 Coordinated care model leads to decreases in unscheduled, preventable hospitalizations
72 Revamped crew scheduling model cuts airline delays by as much as 30%
73 Axion particle spotted in solid-state crystal
74 Electrode-fitted microscope points to better designed devices that make fuel from sunlight
75 Costs of natural disasters are increasing at the high end
76 A study on tropical fish helps us to understand species invasions
77 US firearm death rate rose sharply in recent years across most states & demographic groups
78 Scientists observe year-long plateaus in decline of type Ia supernova light curves
79 Early hunter-gatherers interacted much sooner than previously believed
80 Novel compound interrupts malaria parasite's lifecycle
81 Researchers discover critical process for how breast cancer spreads in bones
82 Nodulation connected to higher resistance against powdery mildew in legumes
83 Saturn surpasses Jupiter after the discovery of 20 new moons
84 UVA discovers surprise contributor to multiple sclerosis
85 Navigating 'Neuralville': Virtual town helps map brain functions
86 Groundbreaking method detects defective computer chips
87 Dog owners often inaccurately measure out kibble, study finds
88 Was early stick insect evolution triggered by birds and mammals?
89 Bacteria trapped--and terminated--by graphene filter
90 How plants react to fungi
91 New method delivers first global picture of mutual predictability of atmosphere and ocean
92 Soft robot programmed to move like an inchworm
93 Pressure may be key to fighting climate change with thermoelectric generators
94 Young infants with fever may be more likely to develop infections
95 CTE risk, severity increases with years playing American football
96 Large genome-wide association study illuminates genetic risk factors for gout
97 Early breeding season for some Arctic seabirds due to global warming
98 Cesium vapor aids in the search for dark matter
99 The cholera bacterium can steal up to 150 genes in one go
100 Another casualty of climate change? Recreational fishing
101 Icaros: Flight simulator home trainer
102 How the colon prioritizes gas detox over energy use
103 Particles emitted by consumer 3D printers could hurt indoor air quality
104 The story of thalidomide continues
105 A timekeeper for siesta
106 Ethiopian parents can't make up for effects of life shocks on children by spending more on education
107 From sleeping cell to assassin--how immune cells work
108 SUTD physicists unlock the mystery of thermionic emission in graphene
109 Models designed to predict when and how the roads of Bizkaia will deteriorate
110 Atopic dermatitis: How allergens get on our nerves