File Title
1 Basic research to world-changing applications can take 6 months--or 50 years
2 Fish story for the ages: High schooler unearths rare fossil
3 Study identifies psychology of attraction to religious deities and superheroes
4 Anti-rape devices may have their uses, but they don't address the ultimate problem
5 University student mental health care is at the tipping point
6 Expanding the scale of dangerous weather prediction
7 Insight into competitive advantage of modern humans over Neanderthals
8 Disability and single parenthood still loom large in inherited poverty
9 High wealth inequality linked with greater support for populist leaders
10 Mathematicians help improve efficiency of data centers using Markov chains
11 German fishermen's scepticism towards EU impedes compliance with its regulations
12 Does being a 'superwoman' protect African American women's health?
13 What did ancient crocodiles eat? Study says as much as a snout can grab
14 Arrows and smartphones: daily life of Amazon Tembe tribe
15 Study reveals falsification issues in higher education hiring processes
16 The rise of deal collectives that punish profits
17 Better sleep habits lead to better college grades: study
18 Science proves that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger
19 Ready student one? Universities launch degrees in esports
20 How artificial intelligence will impact self-employment
21 Advanced imaging reveals ancient inscriptions on 2,000-year-old pottery
22 Ancient artifacts returned to Iran from US university
23 Egypt displays looted coffin returned from New York's Met
24 Study exposes insider trading on Australian stock market
25 Fatal flaws in UK Government's price of a life
26 Two thirds of academics think that training on collaboration will benefit their career
27 Can a donor voucher program broaden representation in local campaign financing?
28 Study: Most-watched television shows oversimplify, stereotype issues of homelessness
29 Manchester produces indie music fans just by being Manchester
30 Catch-22--stricter border enforcement may increase agent corruption
31 More discipline can lead kids to prison, new study finds
32 Why having both male and female teachers is a good idea for schools
33 New research supports hypothesis that asteroid contributed to mass extinction
34 Unshackle schools from test results to give children the chance to form opinions
35 A new act for opera
36 Fossil fish provides new insights into their evolution
37 Oldest miniaturized stone toolkits in Eurasia
38 Rewarding teamwork is key to improving primary children's spelling, says study
39 New guide offers support and advice to researchers experiencing online harassment
40 The right carbon tax to reduce the impact of transport in Switzerland
41 Colleges got millions from opioid maker owners
42 People are increasingly interrupted at work, but it's not all bad
43 A study of educational sabotage
44 UK particle accelerator to reveal secrets of 2,000-year-old papyrus
45 Science needs myths to thrive
46 Promotional games at retail stores increase consumer spending
47 L-chondrite breakup might have contributed to Ordovician biodiversification
48 New Australian pterosaur may have survived the longest
49 New ideal housewife image being created by social media influencers and bloggers
50 US government research in 'crisis,' warns think tank
51 Professor investigates gender-inclusive housing and friendships
52 Team studies 2000-year-old Herculaneum Scrolls
53 Britain is a nation of pet lovers--and it has the Victorians to thank
54 Intimate partner violence against women creates economic hardship, study finds
55 Report examines state efforts to address intersection of climate policy and equity goals
56 Museum of the Bible quietly replaces questioned artifact
57 How a tension sensor plays integral role in aligned chromosome partitioning
58 Researchers experiment with tools to 'maneuver' medicine-carrying red blood cells
59 A new mechanism linked to premature aging in mother cells
60 Helping tobacco plants save water
61 The flagellar hook: Making sense of bacterial motility
62 Scientists shed light on microbial 'dark matter' with new approach
63 Delivery system can make RNA vaccines more powerful
64 Raw vs. cooked diets have distinct effects on both mouse and human gut microbes
65 A new method is designed to stop the growth of a fungus that affects over a hundred crops
66 Fish fathers exhibit signatures of 'baby brain' that may facilitate parental care behavior
67 Purple martin migration behavior perplexes researchers
68 Underwater manatee chatter may aid in their conservation
69 Multifactor models reveal worse picture of climate change impact on marine life
70 Pineapple genome sequences hint at plant domestication in a single step
71 Cuba battles plague of giant snails
72 Bateman's cowbirds: A closer look at monogamy and polygamy in brood parasitic birds
73 Brave new world: Simple changes in intensity of weather events 'could be lethal'
74 Apes are shown to rely on self-experience to anticipate others' actions
75 Fruit flies live longer with combination drug treatment
76 Collapse of desert bird populations likely due to heat stress from climate change
77 New CRISPR-Cas9 variant may boost precision in gene editing
78 Microbes in warm soils released more carbon than those in cooler soils
79 Biologists track the invasion of herbicide-resistant weeds into southwestern Ontario
80 Cracking how 'water bears' survive the extremes
81 Climate change could pit species against one another as they shift ranges
82 Could the female orgasm be a happy remnant of evolution?
83 250-million-year-old evolutionary remnants seen in muscles of human embryos
84 The hidden ark: How a grassroots initiative can help save fish from extinction
85 Jellyfish's 'superpowers' gained through cellular mechanism
86 Coral bleaching is caused by more than just heat
87 Baby sharks know when to run away from hurricanes
88 Fish may be key to controlling growth of reef bacteria
89 A step toward controlling soybean rust
90 Protozoans and pathogens make for an infectious mix
91 Crocodile-killing bacteria identified by researchers
92 Did long ago tsunamis lead to mysterious, tropical fungal outbreak in Pacific northwest?
93 Indonesia scraps plans to close komodo dragon island
94 Bacteria bullets target toxic algae
95 Tougher penalties to protect Sri Lanka elephants after mass deaths
96 Surrogacy advance could aid rare chicken breeds
97 Species could buffer reproduction against climate change through sperm and egg plasticity
98 High-resolution RNA-sequencing enables detection of disease at its earliest stages
99 Researchers open a new path to end citric fruit alternate bearing
100 Lab-made blood vessels: Mechanics matters
101 New method improves measurement of animal behavior using deep learning
102 'Poisoned arrowhead' used by warring bacteria could lead to new antibiotics
103 Glowing bacteria in anglerfish 'lamp' come from the water
104 Horse nutrition: Prebiotics do more harm than good
105 An 'earthquake' in the cell: Scientists discover how a modification of the nuclear lamina maintains nuclear shape
106 How sustainable is tuna? New global catch database exposes dangerous fishing trends
107 Gene responsible for lutein esterification in bread wheat identified
108 Collagen fibers encourage cell streaming through balancing act
109 Predators and hidey-holes are good for reef fish populations
110 Condor chick makes 1st flight attempt from Utah cliff
111 Lop-eared rabbits more likely to have tooth/ear problems than erect eared cousins
112 Mob mentality rules jackdaw flocks