File Title
1 A quarter of US parents are unmarried, and that changes how much they invest in their kids
2 A digital archaeologist helps inaccessible collections be seen
3 Pathological power: The danger of governments led by narcissists and psychopaths
4 First glimpse at what ancient Denisovans may have looked like, using DNA methylation data
5 Europeans trust the state and its institutions, but not politicians
6 Exclusive analysis: College student voting doubled in 2018
7 Decoding how kids get into hacking
8 Staying at elementary school for longer associated with higher student attainment
9 Where to park your car, according to math
10 Mathematician describes movement in a flat strip of plasma for first time
11 When natural disaster strikes, men and women respond differently
12 What is in people's minds when they buy stocks?
13 Ways to save the planet: Activating the states
14 Procurement's role in climate change: Putting government money where policy needs to go
15 To stock or not to stock? 3-D printing and the future of spare parts
16 Viral marketing: Message quality, trust, and consumer who share on social media
17 Social scientist questions methodology of climate services technology firms
18 Multicultural millennials respond positively to health 'edutainment'
19 It's high time someone studied marijuana taxes--so we did
20 'Always sticking to your convictions' sounds like a good thing, but it isn't
21 Making math relevant to the climate strikes
22 Oil futures volatility and the economy
23 Partisan divide creates different Americas, separate lives
24 Greek archaeologists uncover riches overlooked by robbers
25 Early Van Gogh works auctioned in Belgium
26 Content lacking in children's book-sharing experiences in low-income, ethnic-minority households
27 Study targets graduate student stress
28 6 percent of seminarians report sexual misconduct; 90 percent report none
29 Ancient humans may have made patterns and sculptures on South Africa's beaches
30 Studying ancient architectural artifacts in Greece
31 Understanding domestic violence against young rural women
32 Croc-like carnivores terrorized Triassic dinosaurs in southern Africa 210 million years ago
33 Daylight levels affect our thermal perception
34 New evidence shows that school poverty shapes racial achievement gaps
35 US universities see decline in students from China
36 New study on sharing shows social norms play a role in decision making
37 Study finds flaws in leading security lie detection training tool
38 Artificial intelligence can improve sales by four times compared to some human employees
39 What would Jesus do? Quite possibly, recycle
40 Did mosasaurs do the breast stroke?
41 Global liquidity shocks impact house prices
42 Impostor syndrome is more common than you think--study finds best way to cope with it
43 Study shows facial features track with intonation of words
44 Too many bank mergers can hurt small businesses
45 Researchers suggest better communication needed to convince public of findings
46 Reading's best language
47 Gesture as language: why we point with a finger
48 How raising tax for high-income earners would reduce inequality, improve social welfare in New Zealand
49 Palaeontologists evaluate fossil color reconstruction methods to propose new study framework
50 The impact of consumer finance reforms since the Great Recession
51 In a close race, the less popular candidate has a 45% chance of winning
52 Job sharing can boost number of women in senior higher education roles
53 Traditional fisherfolk help uncover ancient fish preservation methods
54 Shoe-mounted laser to 'unfreeze' people with Parkinson's scoops 1 million euro prize
55 MacArthur Foundation announces $625K genius grant recipients
56 High-powered computer sees red
57 School spending cuts triggered by Great Recession linked to sizable learning losses
58 Researcher uses music sampling to study cultural conformity bias
59 Earnings of private European firms are more reliable than those of public firms
60 Enhanced prediction for asset returns
61 Kids in poor, urban schools learn just as much as others
62 Could climate change fuel the rise of right-wing nationalism?
63 New species of crocodile discovered in museum collections
64 Research suggests there's a better way to teach physics to university students
65 First evidence for early baby bottles used to feed animal milk to prehistoric babies
66 T. rex used a stiff skull to eat its prey
67 Most Europeans want governments to help the homeless
68 Stressed out: Americans making themselves sick over politics
69 Tripolye 'mega-structures' were ancient community centers
70 Trump's Twitter communication style shifted over time based on varying communication goals
71 Dishing the dirt on an early man cave
72 Study suggests that many conflicts could be avoided with more deliberation
73 Discovery of prehistoric baby bottles shows infants were fed cow's milk 5,000 years ago
74 Political scientist asks: Is the United States on the brink of a revolution?
75 If a man gives birth, he's the father: The experiences of trans parents
76 Why food affordability should be a federal election issue
77 280-character limit makes Twitter more civil
78 Study: without the U.S., international climate change agreement could be reached with changes
79 Partner violence against migrant women
80 Looking confident is key to successfully raising money in initial coin offerings
81 Music is essential for the transmission of ethnobiological knowledge
82 Gendered play in hunter-gatherer children strongly influenced by community demographics
83 Turkey doctor gets 15 months for revealing pollution cancer risk
84 Pay, flexibility, advancement: They all matter for workers' health and safety, study shows
85 Scientists spot six near-extinct vaquita marinas
86 Bulgaria, Romania struggle with swine fever outbreaks
87 Buzzkill? Male honeybees inject queens with blinding toxins during sex
88 Ash tree species likely will survive emerald ash borer beetles, but just barely
89 Scientists find biology's optimal 'molecular alphabet' may be preordained
90 Date palms picky about bacterial partners
91 Effects of environmental changes in the Holocene on megaherbivores
92 Wild mountain gorillas found to play in water like humans
93 Rare pictures uncover diverse marine life at Ningaloo Reef
94 To save honey bees we need to design them new hives
95 Single-particle cryogenic electron microscopy used to study T cell receptor complex
96 Study explores role of mediator protein complex in transcription and gene expression
97 Breeders release new flaxseed cultivar with higher yield
98 Raising a glass to grapes' surprising genetic diversity
99 Global trade of tree seeds can introduce harmful pests
100 Warning signs in a poisonous Papuan songbird
101 A new species of electric eel produces the highest voltage discharge of any known animal
102 New insights help to explain why same-sex sexual interactions are so important for female bonobos
103 Chicken study reveals that environmental factors, not just chance, could drive species evolution
104 Study shows how salamanders harness limb regeneration to buffer selves from climate change
105 Mathematical model could help correct bias in measuring bacterial communities
106 US expands hunting and fishing at national wildlife refuges
107 Every time the small cabbage white butterfly flaps its wings it has us to thank
108 How long does a whale feed? New data gives insight into blue and fin whale behavior
109 EPA to scale back use of animals to test chemical toxicity
110 All of YouTube in a single teaspoon: Storing information in DNA