File Title
1 Astronomers Discover Helium Exoplanet in the Cygnus Constellation
2 Fast-Growing White Dwarf Surprises Astronomers
3 SPECULOOS Project Makes Its First Observations
4 Sun in a box Stores Renewable Energy & Delivers It on Demand
5 NELIOTA Project Views Flashes of Light Across the Surface of the Moon
6 Stunning Hubble Image of Spiral Galaxy Messier 100
7 NASA's OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Discovers Water on Asteroid Bennu
8 Stunning Juno Image of Jupiter's North Equatorial Belt
9 Voyager 2 Probe Enters Interstellar Space, Over 18 Billion Kilometers from Earth
10 Satellite Observations Provide Scientists with Unique Insights on Adelie Penguin
12 Google Algorithm--a New Tool for Understanding Enzymes
13 Physicists Create Tiny Droplets of Early Universe Matter
14 Juno Mission Hits Halfway Point in Data Collection
15 Scientists Discover Several Protein-Coding Genes that Were Misidentified
16 ALMA Provides Unprecedented Views of the Birth of Planets
17 HiRISE Views InSight Lander on the Martian Surface
18 Exploring the Ever-Changing Nature of R Aquarii
19 Hubble Discovers Fast Evaporating Warm Neptune Exoplanet GJ 3470b
20 View Passing Comet 46P/Wirtanen this Sunday
21 Chandra Reveals Cosmic Fountain Powered by Giant Black Hole
22 Genomic Analysis Reveals Roots of Neuropsychiatric Diseases
23 Scientists Develop Electronic Pill that Can Be Controlled Wirelessly
24 Astronomers Discover Unexpected Companion Around a Young Star
25 Scientists Use Photons to Engineering Interaction Between Qubits
26 Paleontologists Discover a New Giant Dinosaur, the Volgatitan
27 Researchers Use Gelatin to Make Powerful New Hydrogen Fuel Catalyst
28 Hubble Telescope Opens Its Eye Again
29 Rocket Lab's Electron Rocket Sends Series of New CubeSats to Space
30 Astronomers Discover Most-Distant Object Ever Observed in Our Solar System
31 NASA Reveals Saturn Is Losing Its Rings at Maximum Estimated Rate
32 Chandra X-Ray Observatory Serves Up Cosmic Holiday Assortment
33 Astronomers Discover a New Neptune-Size Exoplanet, K2-263 b
34 Neuroscientists Devise New Technique to Preserve Biological Tissue
35 New Research Suggests that Sugar Molecules Exist in Deep Space
36 Scientists View Adolescent Star Undergoing a 'Growth Spurt'
37 Astronomers Discover a New Class of Super-Earths
38 Hubble Images--a Step Toward Illuminating the Elusive Nature of Dark Matter
39 Small crustacean could help researchers turn wood into biofuel
40 Saturn's rings have Earth-like water, while moon Phoebe has totally different kind
41 SpaceX launch for ISS resupply mission delayed by one day
42 NASA's OSIRIS-REx arrives at asteroid target Bennu
43 Study quantifies the importance of team chemistry in sports
44 Volcanoes fueled by 'mush' reservoirs, not magma chambers
45 Human-altered environments benefit the same cosmopolitan species all over the world
46 After delay, SpaceX launches space station resupply mission
47 Fear study reveals brain's reaction to things that go bump in the night
48 Wildfire ash can bind to, trap mercury
49 Math models could help police thwart city burglars
50 Jurassic marine reptile was warm-blooded, had blubber, used camouflage
51 Scientists survey the microbes eating a 17th century painting
52 Jawless hagfish forces scientists to rewrite the story of inner ear evolution
53 Newly discovered plague strain may have decimated Stone Age settlements in Europe
54 Wintertime ice growth in the Arctic is accelerating, slowing historic decline
55 Biophysicists measure how geckos glide across water
56 InSight's robotic arm ready for some lifting on Mars
57 Bioplastics aren't all that great for the climate, either, study finds
58 ULA scrubs spy satellite launch scrubbed, to try again Saturday
59 Spy satellite launch canceled for second time 7 seconds before liftoff
60 Saturn builds a headless snowman with moons Dione, Rhea
61 Growing seal population isn't a threat to Baltic fish stocks, study finds
62 Scientists unsure if there is an upper limit to snowflake size
63 Voyager 2 exits the heliopshere, enters interstellar space
64 East Antarctica's glaciers are melting, survey shows
65 There's water on Bennu, OSIRIS-REx confirms
66 Study shows how catnip synthesizes chemical that drives cats wild
67 Study considers how climate change, shifting winds will impact migratory birds
68 NOAA: Arctic warming at twice the rate of the rest of the planet
69 Deep reef survey reveals 195 coral species
70 New foldable drone can navigate narrow holes
71 Google pays homage to the Geminid Meteor Shower with new Doodle
72 Dracula ant's snap-jaw is the fastest known animal appendage
73 The deep ocean spawned Earth's first complex organisms, now scientists know why
74 Climate change also wiped out life on Earth 252 million years ago
75 Virgin Galactic reaches edge of space in historic flight
76 Wetter and drier: Global warming drives weather extremes
77 Air pollution can chemically transform organic vapors in the atmosphere
78 Astronomers spot young star forming like a planet
79 InSight lander spotted from space
80 Comet 46P/Wirtanen to be visible in closest flyby in 70 years
81 NASA contemplates 'tunnelbot' to explore ocean on Jupiter's moon Europa
82 Study finds pedestrians need 30 inches of space to avoid collisions
83 Feathers originated 70 million years earlier than scientists thought
84 Saturn's rings disappearing at 'worst-case-scenario' rate
85 SpaceX again delays Falcon 9 rocket's first national security mission
86 ICESat-2 helps scientists measure ice thickness in the Weddell Sea
87 Brazil conservation plan could save three times the species for half the money
88 Salmon to lose sense of smell as CO2 levels rise
89 ULA scrubs spy satellite launch for 4th time
90 Dow Jones falls 508 points amid interest rate hike concerns
91 Flowers bloomed 50 million years earlier than previously thought
92 Oldest, large-bodied predatory dinosaur hails from the Italian Alps
93 NEOWISE satellite observes adolescent star going through a growth spurt
94 New management strategies may help Los Angeles avoid future water crises
95 Soyuz capsule returns to Earth from International Space Station
96 Climate change is increasing sea turtle feminization
97 Cosmic ray telescope launches from Antarctica
98 InSight lander places seismometer on the surface of Mars
99 Faint light in Hubble image helps astronomers map dark matter
100 Rivers can cause earthquakes, geologists claim
101 Extreme weather poses a serious threat to wildlife
102 Bees can count using only four brain cells
103 Hubble image offers holiday 'wreath' in the sky
104 Tel Aviv researchers develop biodegradable plastic from seawater algae
105 Etna volcano wakes up in Italy producing quakes, column of ash
106 Fetal kicks may help babies understand their bodies
107 Marijuana use doesn't increase conduct problems in teens
108 An abusive partner may worsen menopause symptoms
109 Tool quickly identifies risk for deadly COPD complications
110 Women reluctant to take preventive breast cancer drug, study says
111 Surgical adhesions are treatable, possibly can be prevented