File Title
1 NYC votes to set minimum pay for Uber, Lyft drivers
2 The Razer Blade Stealth gets an overhaul with a 4K display and better graphics
3 Players find secret emulation menu hidden in PlayStation Classic
4 Thousands of sensitive emails stolen in intrusion of Republican campaign arm
5 Microsoft continues its quest to embrace every developer with Visual Studio 2019
6 The old guard may be turning against the Russian space program
7 Medieval European plague genomes hint at Black Death's travels
8 Waymo One, the groundbreaking self-driving taxi service, explained
9 SpaceX launches 2.5 tons of cargo to the ISS, but...[Updated]
10 More than an auto-pilot, AI charts its course in aviation
11 Video: Why our rising oceans aren't causing problems everywhere
12 Samsung Galaxy S10 renders feature a big hole in the display
13 Tumblr's porn ban is going about as badly as expected
14 Why, in 2018, is Microsoft adding security questions to Windows 10?
15 Dozens of hidden game names found in PlayStation Classic source files
16 Tom Cruise finally takes a stand...on your parents' terrible TV settings
17 Bacteria engage in chemical warfare against viruses
18 Facebook also let dating apps have further access to Graph API back in 2015
19 Apple releases iOS 12.1.1, macOS Mojave 10.14.2, and tvOS 12.1.1
20 After 26 straight successes, SpaceX fails to land Falcon 9 it wanted back
21 Where we're going, we won't need windows: How autonomy will change cars
22 Giuliani can't figure out how URLs work, blames Twitter for liberal bias
23 Ajit Pai buries 2-year-old speed test data in appendix of 762-page report
24 Single-beam laser becomes multi-beam laser by kicking electrons
25 Iranians indicted in Atlanta city government ransomware attack
26 As US coal use drops to 1979 levels, EPA may ease rules on new coal plants
27 Bethesda's attempt to fix a Fallout 76 blunder leaks angry shoppers' PID [Updated]
28 Inflation theories must dig deeper to avoid collision with data
29 Artificial Intelligence and the coming of the self-designing machine
30 Medieval skeleton's boots reveal harsh realities of life on the Thames
31 Google to simplify messaging strategy, will support only five messaging apps
32 Ethereum falls below $100--down 93 percent from its January high
33 Researchers 3D print a wormhole...for sound waves
34 Geckos' new superpower is running on water; now we know how they do it
35 Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 is official, coming to Android flagships in 2019
36 Rapper sues Epic Games over "unauthorized" Fortnite dance use
37 Edge dies a death of a thousand cuts as Microsoft switches to Chromium
38 Apple's anticipated ECG app rolls out today in watchOS 5.1.2
39 AT&T/Verizon lobby misunderstands arrow of time, makes impossible claim
40 Move over AlphaGo: AlphaZero taught itself to play three different games
41 NASA's next Mars rover will use AI to be a better science partner
42 Amazon "automated machine" punctures bear spray can, 24 employees hospitalized
43 YouTube tells impersonation victim: No, you're not being impersonated
44 22 apps with 2 million+ Google Play downloads had a malicious backdoor
45 Wrong way: 2018 global CO2 emissions tick up again
46 Australia passes new law to thwart strong encryption
47 Counter-Strike GO becomes F2P, adds a shrunken battle royale mode
48 Epic Games Store launches with extremely limited selection of games
49 Rocket Report: Firefly to the Moon, SpaceX makes a splash, H3 nets a customer
50 All hail the AI overlord: Smart cities and the AI Internet of Things
51 Even self-driving leader Waymo is struggling to reach full autonomy
52 We've driven Audi's first proper electric car, the 2019 e-tron SUV
53 Why driving is hard--even for AIs
54 Bikini app maker draws another disgruntled developer to its Facebook fight
55 Eight great board games we played at PAX Unplugged
56 Greenland's melting snow makes new hockey stick (graph)
57 Eleven researchers publish sharp critique of EPA fuel economy logic
58 50 years on, we're living the reality first shown at the "Mother of All Demos"
59 New study gives some handy tips on how to survive on Game of Thrones
60 New Stranger Things 3 teaser confirms 2019 release, reveals episode titles
61 Here's why China's launch to the far side of the Moon is a big deal
62 Elon Musk on 60 Minutes: "I do not respect the SEC"
63 At least one major carrier lied about its 4G coverage, FCC review finds
64 Cryptography failure leads to easy hacking for PlayStation Classic
65 Super-solid helium state confirmed in beautiful experiment
66 Doom's next expansion pack, made by John Romero, will be free--or cost up to $166
67 Google+ bug exposes non-public profile data for 52 million users
68 Report: FBI opens criminal investigation into net neutrality comment fraud
69 Qualcomm says a Chinese court has banned sales of older iPhones nationwide
70 Just pee in a cup for bladder cancer detection
71 Elon Musk promises big new Tesla Autopilot upgrade, but is it legal?
72 Electric car industry group says Californians have now purchased 500,000 EVs
73 Latest Windows Insider build makes a major upgrade to, uh...Notepad
74 Testing WireGuard with an early-adopter VPN service
75 Technical tour-de-force traps positrons
76 Uber manager in March: "We shouldn't be hitting things every 15,000 miles"
77 The Sun in its rearview mirror, Voyager 2 is in interstellar space
78 Comcast rejected by small town--residents vote for municipal fiber instead
79 Samsung embarrassingly partners with "counterfeit" version of Supreme
80 Getting Vulcan up to speed: Part one of our interview with Tory Bruno
81 What's eating this 400-year-old painting? A whole ecosystem of microbes
82 Net neutrality bill 38 votes short in Congress, and time has almost run out
83 Audit: No Chinese surveillance implants in Supermicro boards found
84 MacOS Mojave's dark mode is coming to Google Chrome
85 Bad news for the 1,000mph car as Bloodhound SSC is shut down
86 Doctor, once hired by clinic that sees Tesla workers, just lost his license
87 Not dusted for good? There's a sequel in the works for Doctor Strange
88 Republicans are mad at Google for search bias--will they do anything about it?
89 The 2018 XPS 13 Developer's Edition--Have it your way on a "just works" Linux laptop
90 Intel introduces Foveros: 3D die stacking for more than just memory
91 Intel unveils a new architecture for 2019: Sunny Cove
92 Intel promises big boost to integrated GPU, breaks teraflop barrier
93 New 17-inch LG Gram laptop weighs 2.9 pounds, has nearly 20-hour battery life
94 Russian cosmonauts spend nearly eight hours cutting into their spacecraft
95 Epic opens Fortnite's cross-platform services for free to other devs
96 Amazon Web Services aims to colonize your network with Outpost
97 12 cylinders, 11,000rpm: Aston Martin's new engine is a monster
98 Transparent solar cell turns edge on and generates its own light
99 FCC's robotext crackdown could block legal messages, critics say [Updated]
100 Uber was "hell-bent on stifling competition," new lawsuit alleges
101 FCC panel wants to tax Internet-using businesses and give the money to ISPs
102 Was your phone imaged by border agents? They may still have the data
103 Oakland official: "We want to get Americans out of their cars and solve racism"
104 A look at the Apple Watch's ECG, from someone who needs it
105 ULA chief Tory Bruno on competing with Blue Origin, SpaceX rocket landings
106 Microsoft adds Dark Mode support and more to Office 365 for Mac
107 Samsung teases new Notebook 9 Pen with 15-hour battery life before CES 2019
108 Love the hardware, hate the UI: The Acura MDX Sport Hybrid
109 Chromecasts are finally available from Amazon again
110 T-Mobile lied to the FCC about its 4G coverage, small carriers say
111 Virgin Galactic just flew to 82.68 kilometers--is this space?