File Title
1 Researchers detect age-related differences in DNA from blood
2 Higher radiation dose needed to X-ray obese patients increases cancer risk
3 Bidi smoking costs India annual INR 805.5 billion in ill health and early death
4 Responsible innovation key to smart farming
5 Newborn insects trapped in amber show first evidence of how to crack an egg
6 Development of MEMS sensor chip equipped with ultra-high quality diamond cantilevers
7 Certain moral values may lead to more prejudice, discrimination
8 Yale Cancer Center scientists advise caution in immunotherapy research
9 Genetic study reveals how citrus became the Med's favorite squeeze
10 NHS trusts struggling to produce Brexit plans amid continuing uncertainty
11 Chemists create new quasicrystal material from nanoparticle building blocks
12 Molecule discovery holds promise for gene therapies for psoriasis
13 Bacteria rely on classic business model
14 Parkinson's disease protein buys time for cell repair
15 Study finds elevated risk of rare blood cancers after chemotherapy for most solid tumors
16 Gut-brain connection signals worms to alter behavior while eating
17 The long-range ties that bind and the social wormholes that connect them
18 New optical memory cell achieves record data-storage density
19 Convincing evidence that type 2 diabetes is a cause of erectile dysfunction
20 New threat to ozone recovery
21 Giving birth associated with 14 percent higher risk of heart disease and stroke
22 Peritoneal dialysis trials often do not assess priorities most important to patients
23 Leprosy declines in Morocco after implementation of preventive drug
24 Researchers identify genes associated with polycystic ovary syndrome
25 A lung-inspired design turns water into fuel
26 Himalayan marmot genome offers clues to life at extremely high altitudes
27 Mount Sinai researchers discover new drug cocktail that increases human beta cell proliferation at rapid rates
28 Human mortality 'plateau' may be statistical error, not hint of immortality
29 Study examines primary drivers of increased hospitalizations of homeless individuals
30 Pediatric leukemia 'super drug' could be developed in the coming years
31 Study supports safety of overlapping surgery for outpatient orthopaedic procedures
32 Study finds Tropical Cyclone Winston damaged fisheries as well as homes in Fiji
33 Surfer's ear points to ancient pearl divers in Panama
34 Influences of maternal diabetes on fetal heart development
35 A safe, wearable soft sensor
36 Researchers explore genetics of California mountain lions to inform future conservation
37 300 blind mice uncover genetic causes of eye disease
38 Camera trap study reveals the hidden lives of island carnivores
39 Electric fish in augmented reality reveal how animals 'actively sense' world around them
40 People with schizophrenia experience emotion differently from others, 'body maps' show
41 Antibiotic overuse is high for common urology procedures
42 How kindergartens serve as 'gendergartens'
43 Large-scale study identifies shared genetic architecture for polycystic ovary syndrome diagnosis
44 Bees can count with just four nerve cells in their brains
45 Twisting light to enable high-capacity data transmission
46 Artificial intelligence system learns to diagnose, classify intracranial hemorrhage
47 Cholesterol-lowering drugs reduce brown adipose tissue
48 New findings reveal the behavior of turbulence in the exceptionally hot solar corona
49 Statins are more effective for those who follow the Mediterranean diet
50 Research highlights what helps people live well with dementia
51 Air pollution in Mexico City is associated with the development of Alzheimer disease
52 Forecasters may be looking in wrong place when predicting tornadoes, Ohio research shows
53 Getting the most out of spinach--maximizing the antioxidant lutein
54 The brain's support cells show defective development in Huntington's disease
55 Quantum tricks to unveil the secrets of topological materials
56 Predicting enhancers from multiple cell lines and tissues: Different developmental stages
57 What really happens at femtosecond junctions?
58 Laser diode combats counterfeit oil
59 Why Hong Kong, Japan and Iceland are the best countries for human development
60 Strong interactions produce a dance between light and sound
61 Simple method rescues stressed liver cells
62 Researchers monitor electron behavior during chemical reactions for the first time
63 Liver disease could be picked up much sooner by nurse-led tests in GP surgeries
64 New T-wave detector uses waves of the electronic sea in graphene
65 Looking at molecules from two sides with table-top femtosecond soft-X-rays
66 Kidney patients are the most complex patients
67 Description of rotating molecules made easy
68 What do we see in a mirror?
69 Human blood cells can be directly reprogrammed into neural stem cells
70 Interpreting emotions: A matter of confidence
71 Huge reserves of iron in Western Siberia might originate from under an ancient sea
72 Baby star's fiery tantrum could create the building blocks of planets
73 A novel mechanism that regulates cellular injury by phagocytes during inflammation
74 Structure and function of photosynthesis protein explained in detail
75 PKU physicists bridge the equilibrium topological phases and non-equilibrium quantum dynamics
76 Preparation, characterization and in vitro biological activity of Soyasapogenol B
77 North-star perspectives for Actinium-225 production at commercial scale
78 Researchers suggest ways to reduce head impacts in youth football
79 Divining Roots: revealing how plants branch out to access water
80 Pollutants from wildfires affect crop and vegetation growth hundreds of kilometers from impact zone
81 Forget-me-not: Scientists pinpoint memory mechanism in plants
82 Readmissions reduction program may be associated with increase in patient-level mortality
83 Lean electrolyte design is a game-changer for magnesium batteries
84 Does alcohol on greeting cards undermine public health messages about harmful drinking?
85 University of Birmingham develops sight-saving treatment for eye infection or trauma
86 Fire air pollution weakens forest productivity
87 Dust threatens Utah's 'greatest snow on earth'
88 Two Type 2 diabetes drugs linked to higher risk of heart disease
89 College binge drinkers are posting while drunk, 'addicted' to social media
90 Study: Increased risk of heart attack, stroke in months leading up to a cancer diagnosis
91 Droughts boost emissions as hydropower dries up
92 More young and other traits help mammals adapt to urban environments
93 Stabilizing 2D layered perovskites for photovoltaics: setting up a defensive wall
94 'Frozen' copper behaves as noble metal in catalysis: study
95 New insight into what a mother gives to her baby in the womb besides genes
96 How dietary fiber and gut bacteria protect the cardiovascular system
97 The development of a hybrid micro mixer for biological and chemical experiments
98 New study shows how guinea pig fathers pass on adaptive responses to environmental changes
99 U-M howler monkey study examines mechanisms of new species formation
100 Pitt-led research describes how neurons could disconnect from each other in Huntington's disease
101 Sustainable 'plastics' are on the horizon
102 Muscle atrophy among critically ill kids occurs within one week of mechanical ventilation
103 Past and present of imaging modalities used for prostate cancer diagnosis
104 Regulation of feeding behavior and energy metabolism by galanin-like peptide (GALP)
105 Communication interception can be traced through meteor trails
106 Trees' enemies help tropical forests maintain their biodiversity
107 Researchers use 'blacklist' computing concept as novel way to streamline genetic analysis
108 Hotter days will boost Chinese residential electric use
109 New global migration estimates show rates steady since 1990, high return migration
110 Breast cancer drug impairs brain function
111 Annals of Internal Medicine embargoed news; Catheter ablation superior to standard drug [plus another topic]
112 Archaeologists Sift Through Soup of Human Remains in Waterlogged Mass Grave in Egypt
113 A Punch to the Face Left a Man Starry-Eyed--Literally
114 Long-Hidden 'Pyramid' Found in Indonesia Was Likely an Ancient Temple
115 Bizarre 'Dark Fluid' with Negative Mass Could Dominate the Universe
116 Scientists Proposed a Nuclear 'Tunnelbot' to Hunt Life in Europa's Hidden Ocean
117 It's Official: Those Flying Reptiles Called Pterosaurs Were Covered in Fluffy Feathers