File Title
1 Aggressive behavior brings emotional pain to the sadist
2 Exposure to cannabis alters the genetic profile of sperm
3 Disordered crystals are promising for future battery technology
4 3D-printed robot hand plays the piano
5 When 'alien' insects attack Antartica
6 Robots with sticky feet can climb up, down, and all around
7 Researchers develop a new houseplant that can clean your home's air
8 Targeted treatment slows progression of rare connective tissue tumor
9 Study shows huge armored dinosaurs battled overheating with nasal air-conditioning
10 The oldest large-sized predatory dinosaur comes from the Italian Alps
11 Rabbit gene helps houseplant detoxify indoor air
12 Stick insects: Egg-laying techniques reveal new evolutionary map
13 Loss of intertidal ecosystem exposes coastal communities
14 Scientists program proteins to pair exactly
15 How to spot every solar panel in the United States
16 Growing bio-inspired shapes with hundreds of tiny robots
17 High sodium intake may contribute to increased heart-disease deaths in China
18 Ankylosaurs likely regulated body temperature with elaborate nasal passages
19 Cost to walk away from Facebook for a year? More than $1,000, new study finds
20 Sleeping in contact lenses puts you at risk of dangerous infection
21 DNA 'webs' aid ovarian cancer metastasis, study reveals
22 Female penises evolved twice in bark lice
23 A subtle strategy to spend more responsibly
24 Heroes and villains influence what you buy
25 When a brand is like a secret lover
26 Wildlife struggle to cope with extreme weather
27 Is the US a tinderbox ready to ignite?
28 Elegant trick improves single-cell RNA sequencing
29 Beyond Einstein
30 Hold the fries! How calorie content makes you rethink food choices
31 NASA telescopes take a close look at the brightest comet of 2018
32 Cancer's metabolism subject of trailblazing study
33 The idiosyncratic mammalian diversification after extinction of the dinosaurs
34 Scientists uncover how protein clumps damage cells in Parkinson's
35 Urine drug testing may be important in early phases of addiction treatment
36 New pathways for implementing universal suicide risk screening in healthcare settings
37 Researchers make world's smallest tic-tac-toe game board with DNA
38 Novel imaging technique brings diagnostic potential into operating room
39 For gait transitions, stability often trumps energy savings
40 Stem cell-derived neurons stop seizures and improve cognitive function
41 AIDS--an approach for targeting HIV reservoirs
42 Health checkups for alpine lakes
43 Faint glow within galaxy clusters illuminates dark matter
44 Land motion drives varying rates of sea level along the US East Coast
45 Study from Indiana University aims to better understand repetitive head impacts in sports
46 How is big data impacting sports analytics?
47 Bacteria-based drug delivery system that outperforms conventional methods
48 Network orchestration: SLU researcher uses music to manage networks
49 Studies examine pediatric services in US emergency departments
50 Pay-it-forward model increases STD testing among gay men in China
51 Mighty morphing materials take complex shapes
52 Beyond the black hole singularity
53 Genome offers clues to esophageal cancer disparity
54 NIH-developed test detects protein associated with Alzheimer's and CTE
55 Faint starlight in Hubble images reveals distribution of dark matter
56 A mountain of evidence on air pollution's harms to children
57 Yale-led team examines impact of diet intervention on autoimmunity in mice
58 Blood editors announce top 10 manuscripts of 2018
59 Neural network taught to detect age and gender by video almost 20 percent more accurately
60 Parkinson's disease experts devise a roadmap
61 One of the world's fastest cameras films motion of electrons
62 Memory and cognition problems affect recovery in rehabilitation facilities
63 Lipid raft components offer potential cholesterol-lowering drug target
64 First detection of rain over the ocean by navigation satellites
65 Swedish research multiplies the life of rechargeable NiMH batteries
66 A major step closer to a viable recording material for future hard disk drives
67 Magnetoresistance ratio enhancement opens door to highly sensitive magnetic field sensors
68 Electrically charged higgs versus physicists: 1-0 until break
69 Discovery could lead to munitions that go further, much faster
70 Research reveals 'fundamental finding' about Earth's outer core
71 Paper sensors remove the sting of diabetic testing
72 Chemists discover new signatures to identify cystic fibrosis in infants sooner
73 Changing communities may affect the success of Iceland's evacuation guidelines
74 Major gaps remain in how traditional knowledge is used in salmon governance in Norway and Finland
75 How sperm stem cells maintain their number
76 New study first to predict which oil and gas wells are leaking methane
77 Antennal sensors allow hawkmoths to make quick moves
78 The production of Ac-225
79 Current concepts and perspectives on connexin43: A mini review
80 Central role of transforming growth factor type beta 1 in skeletal muscle dysfunctions
81 Improved stem cell approach could aid fight against Parkinson's
82 Chemotherapeutic drugs and plasma proteins: Exploring new dimensions
83 Better understanding of dog body language could make interactions safer
84 Scientists discover new brain changes in early Alzheimer's disease
85 Scientists find nanoparticles with peculiar chemical composition
86 NUS study: In response to heat, the more affluent use air-conditioners; low-income households use water
87 Quantum Maxwell's demon 'teleports' entropy out of a qubit
88 Enzyme's unfrozen adventure: In crystallo protein thermodynamics
89 Leuven scientists tackle one immune disease after the other
90 Spectacular flying reptiles soared over Britain's tropical Jurassic past
91 Researchers from the CNIO and the Hospital 12 de Octubre make sense out of the chaos of melanoma
92 Threat of 'nightmare bacteria' exhibiting resistance to last-resort antibiotic colistin
93 Madrid is the autonomous community that spends the most on the Spanish Christmas Lottery
94 Australian study into how seals react to boats prompts new ecotourism regulations
95 A new way to cut the power of tumors
96 Small family-run livestock farms stand out in Cordoba's dehesa
97 Researchers develop method to non-destructively measure the salt content of concrete structures
98 Why does nuclear fission produce pear-shaped nuclei?
99 Age is more than just a number: Machine learning may predict if you're in for a healthy old age
100 New research shows how a fatty diet can lead to life-threatening liver disease
101 Suboptimal, inconsistent treatment for anaphylaxis due to unknown cause
102 Chemical synthesis breakthrough holds promise for future antibiotics
103 The joy of giving lasts longer than the joy of getting
104 Genome published of the small hive beetle, a major honey bee parasite
105 Predicting the properties of a new class of glasses
106 Annual, biological rhythms govern milk production in dairy cows
107 Translating the 'language of behavior' with artificially intelligent motion capture
108 Micropores let oxygen and nutrients inside biofabricated tissues
109 Police interactions linked to increased risk of client violence for female sex workers
110 Nebraska virologists discover safer potential Zika vaccine