File Title
1 Patients now living a median 6.8 years after stage IV ALK+ lung cancer diagnosis
2 Unmuting large silent genes lets bacteria produce new molecules, potential drug candidates
3 NYUAD study suggests that 'Actin' is critical in genome regulation during nerve cell formation
4 Scientists: 'Time is ripe' to use big data for planet-sized plant questions
5 The immune system's fountain of youth
6 Some tensions are good for life
7 Thriving on teamwork: new research shows how brain cells filter information in groups
8 Study points to increased risk of harm from cannabis across Europe
9 Scientists produce 'designer triacylglycerols' in industrial microalgae
10 Researchers discover a metamaterial with inherently robust sound transport
11 Community-based HIV testing effective in reaching undiagnosed populations, new study finds
12 Physicists record 'lifetime' of graphene qubits
13 Early protostar already has a warped disk
14 Wireless 'pacemaker for the brain' could offer new treatment for neurological disorders
15 From a molecule of natural origin new therapeutic opportunities against hypertension
16 Tumors backfire on chemotherapy
17 Canagliflozin not associated with increased risk for fracture [plus other topics]
18 Don't go breaking my heart
19 Smelling in tiny houses: how ciliary electric currents keep olfaction reliable
20 A new 'atlas' of genetic influences on osteoporosis
21 Editorial: A proposal to correct minority underrepresentation in clinical trials
22 Study: modern masters like Jackson Pollock were "intuitive physicists"
23 Ars Christmas downtime special: four movies retold as medieval tales
24 Japan restarting commercial whaling, ignoring global moratorium
25 Ars enters VR and destroys multiple starships in Star Trek: Bridge Crew
26 Musk says Tesla will cover tax credit difference on missed 2018 deliveries
27 Samsung x Ars Technica is not happening
28 War Stories: Lord British created an ecology for Ultima Online but no one saw it
29 Evidence continues to mount about how bad Denuvo is for PC gaming performance
30 EPA to keep Obama-era mercury rules, but make it harder to tighten them
31 Films for the discerning nerd: Ars picks the best of 2018
32 Economists calculate the true value of Facebook to its users in new study
33 DNA may reconnect Aboriginal Australian remains with modern communities
34 Urban farms could be incredibly efficient--but aren't yet
35 AI invents New Year fireworks names that sound more like the end of humanity
36 Musk lawyers move to dismiss cave explorer lawsuit over "pedo guy" tweets
37 Change your future tomorrow with choice-filled Black Mirror film on Netflix
38 Science says your cat's tongue is ideally suited for grooming fur
39 A tour of elementary OS, perhaps the Linux world's best hope for the mainstream
40 Pilot project demos credit cards with shifting CVV codes to stop fraud
41 The skulls of ancient pearl divers come with abnormal ear canal bone growths
42 Why does flat Earth belief still exist?
43 People adopt made-up social rules to be part of a group
44 New Horizons set for humanity's first-ever Kuiper Belt rendezvous
45 Video: Astronaut Scott Kelly teaches orbital mechanics with Kerbal Space Program
46 Madagascar pochard: World's rarest bird gets new home
47 Anak Krakatau: How a tsunami could wipe out the last Javan rhinos
48 Climate change: Huge costs of warming impacts in 2018
49 Fireworks banned on the Galapagos to protect wildlife
50 Are we going to get a 'pudding tax'?
51 Children 'exceed recommended sugar limit by age 10'
52 The challenges facing the NHS in 2019
53 Book tells the inside story of how Reddit came to be the Internet's "id"
54 Offshore, Act Two: New owner repowers 20-year-old wind farm off Swedish coast
55 Bikes, bowling balls, and the delicate balancing act that is modern recycling
56 The secret to champagne's universal appeal is the physics of bubbles
57 Report: Tesla has more than 3,300 Model 3s remaining in US inventory
58 June postscript: 5 unusual things you can make in an Internet-connected oven
59 NASA's New Horizons: 'Snowman' shape of distant Ultima Thule revealed
60 Warming seas linked to bluefin tuna surge in UK waters
61 Chang'e-4: China mission primed for landing on Moon's far side
62 Recycling: Where is the plastic waste mountain?
63 Mother of the Hubble: Tributes paid to NASA scientist
64 How ancient DNA may rewrite prehistory in India
65 Pete Tong NYE 'balloon drop' cancelled after protests
66 Anak Krakatau: Indonesian volcano's dramatic collapse
67 Under current policies, residential batteries increase emissions in most cases
68 Caltech scientists use DNA tiles to play tic-tac-toe at the nanoscale
69 Without question, these are 2018's best space books for kids
70 The Orville blends science fiction and science fact into a winning mix
71 EPA says regulation of mercury emissions not "appropriate and necessary"
72 The hype around driverless cars came crashing down in 2018
73 Mining co. says first autonomous freight train network fully operational
74 A bewildered, far-from-conclusive look at the state of public gaming in Tokyo
75 What could have wiped 3km of rock off the entire Earth?
76 Let's kick off 2019 by pondering the dismal future prospects for humanity
77 Killing in the name of: The US Army and video games
78 New Horizons has a successful flyby of the Kuiper Belt's bowling pin
79 The 2018 Cars Technica cars and SUVs of the year
80 Mickey Mouse and Batman will be public domain soon--here's what that means
81 Woman Develops Donor's Peanut Allergy After Lung Transplant
82 Archaeology Discoveries to Watch for in 2019
83 4 Dark Matter Searches to Watch in 2019
84 2018's privatized space race reached for asteroids, Mars
85 Researchers find alternative to pure platinum catalyst for hydrogen fuel cells
86 NASA's New Horizons poised for New Year's Kuiper Belt flyby
87 Scientists devise method to gather water from fog, condensation
88 Tree rings help researchers understand drought intolerance
89 Study reveals how the brain helps humans focus
90 Scientists discover how and when DNA replicates
91 Genomic analysis details eastern gorilla's declining genetic health
92 Scientists consider strategies for collecting water from the desert air
93 Earliest evidence of three plant groups unearthed in Jordan
94 Researchers model glaciation on Mercury's poles
95 Sound influences the way mice and rats sense touch
96 New strategies for distinguishing between students who know and students who guess
97 Storms, fires, heat waves: Year's disasters linked to climate change
98 Improved migration algorithm shows 45 percent of migrants return home
99 Survey finds Texas' Gulf of Mexico shoreline has most trash
100 Cosmologists claim universe is riding on an expanding bubble in an extra dimension
101 Nine forest vital signs reveal the impacts of the climate
102 New Horizons travels 4 billion miles from Earth in farthest flyby ever
103 Anxiety, depression derail adults from meeting New Year's resolution, study says
104 Alcohol can sabotage diet
105 EU study finds potency of cannabis has increased
106 Ancient Aztec 'superfood' could lower blood pressure, study says
107 Cancer drug extends life expectancy in clinical trials for patients with lung cancer
108 Report: College students at highest risk for developing meningitis B infection
109 Community-based HIV testing shows promise in Vietnam
110 Missed GP appointments 'cost NHS England 216 million pounds'
111 Diabulimia: 'I've got my life and I've got my feet'
112 Minority take up 'life-saving' free health check
113 Child health record 'red book' to go online
114 The breakthroughs that could save our lives
115 The simple tips to improve your health
116 New Year Honours 2019: Sepsis campaigner appointed MBE
117 Couple have baby after Facebook group pays for IVF
118 Why cheese is no longer my friend
119 Why are more boys than girls born every single year?
120 The firm whose staff are all autistic
121 How to resist 'drink pushers' during the festive season