File Title
1 The long dry: why the world's water supply is shrinking
2 Trump administration rolls back clean water protections
3 Flint, Michigan lead crisis should have buried the city in water bottles. So, why didn't it?
4 US groundwater in peril: Potable supply less than thought
5 Scientists reveal substantial water loss in global landlocked regions
6 UK will have 'completely safe' water after Brexit
7 Drinking water sucked from the dusty desert air
8 Escaping death and rebirth on Varanasi's sacred riverbanks
9 Real-time feedback makes hotel guests slash shower power
10 Overlooked trends in annual precipitation reveal underestimated risks worldwide
11 Shrinking Sea of Galilee has some hoping for a miracle
12 Holiday Asteroid Imaged with NASA Radar
13 Navigating NASA's first mission to the Trojan asteroids
14 Space telescope detects water in a number of asteroids
15 Instrument on NASA probe finds hydrated minerals on Asteroid Bennu
16 First Images from OSIRIS-REx Have Scientists Buzzing with Excitement
17 Evidence for carbon-rich surface on Ceres
18 Planetary Defense: The Bennu Experiment
19 Israeli researchers develop revolutionary space imaging system
20 First detection of rain over the ocean by navigation satellites
21 HyperScout demonstrates that satellite imagery can be processed in space
22 Brazil keeps eye on Amazon deforestation with satellites
23 First Radar Image from ICEYE-X2 Published Only a Week After Launch
24 New ammonia emission sources detected from space
25 Earth needs climate 'reality check,' space pioneer warns
26 Webb Telescope wrapped in a mobile clean room
27 Key milestone for Euclid Mission, now ready for final assembly
28 The data revolution in the night sky
29 Webb Telescope will provide census of fledgling stars in stellar nursery
30 Russian-German Astrophysics Observatory launch now scheduled for April 2019
31 Australia Leads Project to Revolutionize Astronomy
32 Topping Off a Telescope with New Tools to Explore Dark Energy
33 IAU astronomers show exceptional involvement in outreach activities
34 NASA's Webb Takes a Carriage Ride to Testing Chambers
35 Kepler Space Telescope bid 'goodnight' with final commands
36 Webb Telescope will investigate cosmic jets from young stars
37 Giant mirror-coating chamber arrives on Cerro Pachon
38 Multimessenger links to NASA's Fermi Mission show how luck favors the prepared
39 Synchronized telescope dance puts limits on mysterious flashes in the sky
40 Our universe: An expanding bubble in an extra dimension
41 Researchers create tiny droplets of early universe matter
42 Bizarre 'dark fluid' with negative mass could dominate the universe--what my research suggests
43 Galileo satellites prove Einstein's Relativity Theory to highest accuracy yet
44 Clemson scientists measure all of the starlight ever produced by the observable universe
45 The quest for galactic relics from the primordial universe
46 A new way to measure nearly nothing
47 The state of the early universe: The beginning was fluid
48 Journey to the Beginning of Time
49 Observations challenge cosmological theories
50 A universe aglow: lyman-alpha emission across the entire sky
51 Prime numbers, crystals share similar structural patterns
52 What actually is nothing
53 Light from ancient quasars helps confirm quantum entanglement
54 Astronomers identify some of the oldest galaxies in the universe
55 Early opaque universe linked to galaxy scarcity
56 Possible death of the Universe scenario proposed
57 From an almost perfect Universe to the best of both worlds
58 Centenary of cosmological constant lambda
59 Ancient Egyptians wore socks, arm warmers and even underwear!
60 More light on the Saite Period
61 Rethinking the history related to indigenous sites in northeast North America
62 Skeletons found in London archaeology dig reveal noxious environs
63 Clay pagoda work featuring nymph found at Ishikawa ruins
64 Medieval Skeleton Found Face-Down in Thames...Still Wearing Boots
65 New Light on the Ancient Human Populations of Patagonia
66 Nation's botanical treasure troves 'under huge threat'
67 Cache of gold coins and 900-year-old gold earring found in Caesarea
68 New study upends timeline of Iroquoian history
69 Ancient, Unknown Strain of Plague Found in 5,000-Year-Old Tomb in Sweden
70 50,000 year old tiara made of woolly mammoth ivory found in world famous Denisova Cave...
71 Oldest ever traces of the plague found in Falkoping
72 Burial well dating back to Middle Kingdom uncovered
73 Study upends timeline for Iroquoian history
74 Chinese archaeologists unveil deluxe carriage from 2,500 years ago
75 Castle was used in time of Wallace and Bruce, excavations reveal
76 Gladiator and animal "prisons" found intact at the Roman amphitheatre of Cartagena
77 Late Roman tomb found after landslide in Turkey's Bodrum
78 Recently Deciphered 4,500-Year-Old Pillar Shows First Known Record of a Border Dispute
79 Researchers suggest ritual finger amputation may explain missing fingers in Upper Paleolithic people
80 4,000-Year-Old Game Board Carved into the Earth Shows How Nomads Had Fun
81 Lubuskie/ Archaeologists discovered nearly 2000 years old Germanic cemetery
82 Ancient coloured 'pencil' up to 50,000 years old found in Siberia
84 Swedish mission discovers 18th Dynasty tomb in Upper Egypt's Aswan
85 Roof-tile flower patterns connect ruins in Shiga to Horyuji temple
86 Tiny 1,500-year-old flax lamp wick illuminates ancient Jewish law
87 3D-printed reconstructions provide clues to ancient site
88 1st stage of restoration works in Madi village begins
89 Wimpole archaeological dig uncovers Celtic goddess figurine and 2,000-year-old settlement
90 Bronze Age regicide? German forensics team say prince of Helmsdorf was murdered
91 Archaeology: Excavations uncover ancient street in centre of Bulgaria's Plovdiv
92 Archaeologists reconstruct pre-Columbian temple with 3D-printed blocks
93 Egypt shows off stunning newly discovered 4,000-year-old tomb in Saqqara
94 Surfer's ear points to ancient pearl divers in Panama
95 Important Christian Monument Discovered in Cyprus
96 Archeologists find remains of baby born 5,700 years ago in Argentina's Mendoza
97 A crown or a bucket? When archaeologists make mistakes
98 Chinese university applies VR in archaeology courses
99 Archaeologists find human sacrificial pit in Inner Mongolia
100 2,000-year-old ring discovered in Jerusalem's City of David
101 Dig reveals some of Quebec City's archaeological secrets, but location of Champlain's tomb remains a mystery
102 British archaeologists explore hidden world of Roman ruins beneath the world's first cathedral
103 Astonishing discoveries in 2018
104 Human remains and ancient central heating discovered at building site