File Title
1 NYU researchers pioneer machine learning to speed chemical discoveries, reduce waste
2 Nanoglue can make composites several times tougher during dynamic loading
3 Are amorphous solids elastic or plastic?
4 SUTD researchers discover new black silver nanomaterial
5 Borophene advances as 2D materials platform
6 What happens when materials take tiny hits
7 New technique to make objects invisible proposed
8 Researchers create new 'smart' material with potential biomedical, environmental uses
9 Quantum Maxwell's demon 'teleports' entropy out of a qubit
10 Studying how unconventional metals behave, with an eye on high-temperature superconductors
11 Harnessing the power of 'spin orbit' coupling in silicon: Scaling up quantum computation
12 Two-dimensional materials skip the energy barrier by growing one row at a time
13 Researchers develop method to transfer entire 2D circuits to any smooth surface
14 Reflecting antiferromagnetic arrangements
15 Colloidal quantum dots make LEDs shine bright in the infrared
16 Quantum computing at scale: Australian scientists achieve compact, sensitive qubit readout
17 Inkjet printers can produce cheap micro-waveguides for optical computers
18 Computational chemistry supports research on new semiconductor technologies
19 When electric fields make spins swirl
20 Bringing photonic signaling to digital microelectronics
21 US accuses China, Taiwan firms with stealing secrets from chip giant Micron
22 Researchers create scalable platform for on-chip quantum emitters
23 Shielded quantum bits
24 Artificial intelligence controls quantum computers
25 Announcing the discovery of an atomic electronic simulator
26 Inorganic metal halide perovskite-based photodetectors for optical communication applications
27 The future of electronic devices: Strong and self-healing ion gels
28 Precise electron spin control yields faster memory storage
29 Nanoscale pillars as a building block for future information technology
30 Defects promise quantum communication through standard optical fiber
31 A new way to count qubits
32 Smaller, faster and more efficient modulator sets to revolutionize optoelectronic industry
33 DARPA contracts USC for circuit development program
34 Copper nanoparticles, green laser light cost beneficial in circuitry printing
35 Graphene enables clock rates in the terahertz range
36 Yale researchers 'teleport' a quantum gate
37 Quantum gates between atoms and photons will scale up quantum computers
38 New molecular wires for single-molecule electronic devices
39 Physicists show first proof of Dicke cooperativity in a matter-matter system
40 New material could improve efficiency of computer processing and memory
41 Flipping the switch on supramolecular electronics
42 Another step forward on universal quantum computer
43 Memory-processing unit could bring memristors to the masses
44 China 'waterfall' skyscraper hit by torrent of ridicule
45 Reversing cause and effect is no trouble for quantum computers
46 Electrical contact to molecules in semiconductor structures established for the first time
47 China court 'bans sales' of chips from US firm Micron
48 Scientists pump up chances for quantum computing
49 Ultimate precision for sensor technology using qubits and machine learning
50 This is what a stretchy circuit looks like
51 Molecular switch will facilitate the development of pioneering electro-optical devices
52 MIT researchers develop novel 3D printing method for transparent glass
53 Droplet clustering inside clouds confirmed by airborne digital holography
54 A big step toward the practical application of 3D holography with powerful computers
55 Combination 3D Printer will recycle plastic in space
56 Space Tango unveils ST-42 for scalable manufacturing in space for Earth-based applications
57 3D Printing, Virtual Reality, Simulated Stardust and More Headed to Orbiting Lab
58 Origami, 3D printing merge to make complex structures in one shot
59 Russian firm mulls sending duplicate 3D Bioprinter to ISS after Soyuz failure
60 New 3D-printed cement paste gets stronger when it cracks
61 NTU Singapore scientists develop smart technology for synchronized 3D printing of concrete
62 Holography, light-field technology combo could deliver practical 3-D displays
63 At last, a simple 3D printer for metal
64 Access to 3D printing is changing the work in research labs
65 Two Soyuz Launches with UK Satellites Planned for 1st Quarter of 2019--Source
66 Women Will Make Up to Half of Russia-US Moon Flight Simulation Crew
67 Getting a glimpse inside the moon
68 Israeli spacecraft gets special passenger before moon journey
69 NASA seeks US partners to develop reusable systems to land astronauts on Moon
70 Over Six Months Without Word from Opportunity
71 Opportunity team performs more frequent communication attempts throughout each day
72 ExoMars Mission Has Good Odds of Finding Life on Red Planet, Scientist Claims
73 3D photogrammetric evidence for trace fossils at Vera Rubin Ridge, Gale Crater, Mars
74 Colonizing Mars means contaminating Mars
75 Naturally occurring 'batteries' fueled organic carbon synthesis on Mars
76 Mars likely to have enough oxygen to support life: study
77 Ancient Mars had right conditions for underground life
78 Candy-Pink lagoon serves up salt-rich diet for potential life on Mars
79 Russia Plans to Send Capsule with Microorganisms to Mars
80 Life on Mars: Japan astronaut dreams after lake discovery
81 NASA May Have Destroyed Evidence for Organics on Mars 40 Years Ago
82 The meteorite 'Black Beauty' expands the window for when life might have existed on Mars
83 More building blocks of life found on Mars
84 Scientists Shrink Chemistry Lab to Seek Evidence of Life on Mars
85 Mars 2020 rover to capture sound on the Red Planet
86 Mars 2020 rover mission camera system 'Mastcam-Z' testing begins at ASU
87 SpaceBok robotic hopper being tested at ESA's Mars Yard
88 InSight places its first instrument on Mars
89 InSight Engineers Have Made a Martian Rock Garden
90 NASA's InSight takes its first selfie
91 NASA's Mars InSight Flexes Its Arm
92 Safely on Mars, InSight unfolds its arrays and snaps some pics
93 SSTL releases first images from S-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar satellite, NovaSAR-1
94 Researchers present unique database on Earth's vegetation
95 Earth's magnetic field measured using artificial stars at 90 kilometers altitude
96 OpenForests launches the forest project platform
97 Year of many new beginnings for Indian space sector
98 Roscosmos Targeted by Info Attack to Hamper Revival of Space Industry in Russia
99 Predicting the properties of a new class of glasses
100 Baby Star's Fiery Tantrum Could Create Building Blocks of Planets
101 Planets with Oxygen Don't Necessarily Have Life
102 UNLV study unlocks clues to how planets form
103 Common ground discovered in planet-forming disks
104 Helium exoplanet inflated like a balloon, research shows
105 An exoplanet loses its atmosphere in the form of a tail
106 Telescopes Reveal More than 100 Exoplanets
107 Iran sees 'revival' of imperilled Lake Urmia
108 Collecting clean water from air, inspired by desert life
109 New management strategies may help Los Angeles avoid future water crises
110 Climate change leading to water shortage in Andes, Himalayas